Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Do I deserve her?

Seeing I didn't respond to her, Wu Xueqing mistakenly thought that I still had concerns, so she smiled at me, "This thing, if we both don't talk about it, who will know?"

Shameless! Despicable! The filth of this bitch made all the vicious words so feeble!

I stood up, put the small bottle in the pocket of my trousers, and then reached out my right hand to this devil.

Wu Xueqing was exhilarated. She walked towards me elegantly, her perfume was as malodorous as money, making me feel very sick. When we were just about to have a handshake, the anger I repressed earlier instantly exploded.

My right hand suddenly lifted up and covered her mouth. Then my left hand clenched into a fist and punched her stomach with full strength. This bitch was like a cooked shrimp as she instantly bent over and covered her stomach with both of her hands and then fell onto the sofa. Her mouth was wide open, but she couldn't let out a scream. It overflowed with saliva and already dampened her collars.

Still not satisfied, I wiped my hand on my trousers and grabbed a glass to knock off two of her teeth. But then I hesitated, I thought that it would be too obvious if her face had bruises. Also, it would be very hard to explain to Mo Fei, so I just poured a glass of half-filled hot tea on her face and then spat on her face.

"How dare you hit me?!" Wu Xueqing's face was twisted in pain and anger. She wiped her mouth and glared at me.

It's not the first time that I hit you. Do you think I am scared?

"If it wasn't for Feifei's sake, I'd fucking kill you already!" I picked up the phone from the table and waved it in front of her and then simply said, "Wu Xueqing, I have recorded everything..."


After I left Mo Fei's home, I felt that my spine was still very chilly. I had no idea that the lie I made up revealed a huge scheme!

The so-called recording was just a lie. I was just worried that Wu Xueqing would tell her daughter that I hit her, so I made up a lie to keep her mouth shut. But I didn't expect that this bitch really hid a recorder underneath the table!

If I had really accepted her so-called cooperation offer, then the consequence would be unimaginable... That bitch really wanted to set me up!

After I threatened Wu Xueqing, she finally confessed everything. It turns out that she owed three hundred thousand Chinese Yuan to a gang, and reached a point where if she didn't pay back soon, her life would be in danger. So she came up with a plan to extort money from me.

Motherfucker! Does she think I'm an idiot or something?

Anyways, later on, I confiscated the recorder and the bottle of G water that was covered with Wu Xueqing fingerprints as evidence. Then as the winner of this meeting, I just let her go mercifully. However, before I left, I asked her to promise me three things. If she couldn't do it, then I would either go to the police station or report it to Mo Yizhi.

Firstly, in the future, apart from the basic living expenses, she cannot ask a penny more from Mo Fei.

Secondly, she should pay more attention to Mo Fei's life and be a good mother, even if she has to pretend to be one.

Lastly, in the future, she can only say good things about me in front of Mo Fei, and never say a single bad word... *Cough* oh well, I never said that I am a gentleman. Now that this is a great opportunity, of course, I'll not waste it.

Wu Xueqing thought that I was naive because I was young, so she underestimated me and dug her own grave. She could only blame herself for making a plan that was full of flaws. If she would help me get Mo Fei, would she really stop asking for more after she got two million yuan? Moreover, a cruel mother, who would sell her own daughter for money, who would trust a person like that?

I did not dare to tell these things to Mo Fei, who was now next to me. Looking at her happy smile, I felt sorry for her. She was such an unfortunate girl. She used a cold look to disguise and protect herself, but she still couldn't change the fact that she was deceived by the people around her. This included both her mother and me.

At this moment, I suddenly couldn't help but feel ashamed. Mo Fei was such a simple and innocent girl. But... Do I deserve her? Even if it is just a friend. Do I really deserve her?

But this idea was quickly thrown out of my mind. When Mo Fei smiled at me, I lost myself immediately. Men are the most shameless animals in the world.

"Chu Nan, you don't need to go back to the company. You can have a half-day off. I will explain to your team leader."

"Half-day off? Why?" I couldn't help but slow down the car.

Mo Fei was in a good mood. She jokingly said, "Are you not afraid of Zhang Mingjie's revenge? Even if it is like what you said, that they will not do anything to you inside the company, but what about after you leave the company? That Hong Tao knows some ruffians outside the company. He has a record of beating up his colleagues before. If it weren't for Li Qi, I would have already fired him. I will give them a warning this afternoon. You need to stay away from them for a while."

We were in the same department, so we were bound to see each other every day. I could not completely stay away from them. Besides, If I had been afraid of them, I wouldn't have fought with them.

"Don't get me wrong, I did not mean that you are scared of them!" Seeing that my expression was not happy, a light layer of red clouds appeared on her pretty face, and her brows were knitted in annoyance, "ugh, you are so dumb, can't you understand what I am trying to say?"

I was dazed for a second. Apart from Chu Yuan, Mo Fei was the first woman who said that I was dumb, "If you don't say it, how am I supposed to understand it?"

"You... Are all men like this? Some things don't have to be solved by brute force." Mo Fei rolled her eyes and said. There was a faint of frustration and a faint of coyness on her face, it was extremely alluring. Seeing her like this, all my little dissatisfaction instantly disappeared. Then I heard her carried on,

"If you left the company with me but did not follow me back to the company, Zhang Mingjie and other people definitely would have some suspicions about this. Then if I give them a warning again, they would definitely think that I wanted to protect you... and Cheng Liusu and Yang Wei. So if they dare to cause you trouble again, it means that they are openly telling everyone that they want to cause trouble to me, do you understand it now?"

She truly deserved to be the general manager. She is so clever! I immediately understood what she tried to say. Indeed, Zhang Mingjie and others did not say it out loud that they were going to take revenge, and with Mo Fei's position in the company, of course, it would be inappropriate to point that out. Otherwise, it would become a false accusation. What she suggested was a very clever trick.

No matter how audacious they were, they would not dare to cause troubles to the niece of the Chairman in private.

"Mo... Feifei, why are you helping me?" a small fire once again lit up in my heart, "as a general manager, you should not show partiality to employees, right?"

"What happened in the canteen, although I did not see the whole thing, what I saw was more than enough to make me understand that it was not your fault, so I did not show partiality to anyone. Besides..." Mo Fei looked at me calmly and said, "We are friends, and friends need to help each other, right?"


"We are friends." This sentence made me feel depressed for a long time. After I arrived at the gate of my housing estate, Mo Fei hurried back to the company. As I slowly walked upstairs in disappointment, I bumped into my neighbor who I rarely saw. We were both very surprised to see each other at this time.

"Huh? Brother, you finished your work so early today?"

"Oh, yes, I have the afternoon off. What are you doing with..." I was surprised because he was still in his pajamas in the middle of the day. His hair was so messy that it looked like he was wearing a bird's nest.

"Haha, I stayed up very late last night. I just got up, and I was preparing to get something to eat downstairs." This person was very friendly toward strangers, and I could easily tell from just a few words he said, "Oh right, we have been neighbors for almost half a year, but I still do not know your name. My name is Zhou Tian."

"Chu Nan." I shook hands with him politely, and then I was shocked to find out that there were two long bloody marks on the back of his hand. From both sides of the middle finger all the way to the cuff, although the wounds were not deep, with blood on it, it was still a quite shocking scene.

Seeing my confused face, Zhou Tian looked down. Then he quickly took back his hand and gave me an embarrassed smile, "I had an argument with my girl last night and scratched my hand. This is embarrassing... If it weren't for the argument, I would not have to get up to get my own lunch... oh shit, my stomach is growling again, I gotta go now. Oh right, since we are neighbors, if you have time, do you want to come over to my house to drink tea?"

"Okay." I'm not a talkative person, so I'm a little uncomfortable with Zhou Tian's enthusiasm, but I'm not averse to it.

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