Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35 This Old Woman Hasn't Taken Any Pills Yet.

Lin Zhi walked to Chu Yuan's room's door, then looked at the cartoon poster and the fluffy decorations hanging on it, and suddenly stopped walking. Just when he was about to open the door, I jumped up to stand in front of him without thinking, held his wrist, and said, "You can't go into this room!" I reacted so suspiciously that even I myself found it strange, let alone him.

My suspicious behavior was also noticed by Dong Xiaoye, and there was no way that she would want to miss the opportunity to get even with me, and as expected, she quickly got up with one of her hands on her waist, and sharply shouted, "What are you doing?!"

Lin Zhi, on the other hand, was just dazed for a second and then smiled, "Young man, is this your younger sister's room...?" He truly was an experienced police officer, the way he reacted was much calmer than Dong Xiaoye.

"Yes, my little sister is home right now, she is changing her clothes at the moment," I glared back at Dong Xiaoye, and then suddenly remembered one thing, "Oh right, officer Lin, my little sister's residence document is at my parent's house, do you want me to go get it?..."

"Is it far from here?"

"Not really..."

Officer Lin seemed to be very strict about his job. He squinted his eyes and then said in an apologetic tone, "Then I'm sorry to trouble you, but can you get it for her? It will make our job a lot easier, so please cooperate with us. Thanks."

I wanted to refuse, but he was much faster than me. Turning his head, he spoke to Dong Xiaoye, "Xiaoye, you must be very tired after the morning check, you may take a break here while you wait for this young man to come back."

After he finished, he took a quick glance at Chu Yuan's door from the corner of his eye. Originally, Dong Xiaoye's face was filled with unwillingness, but when she saw this, she immediately nodded.

Fuck, they all said that police are much more astute than thieves. In his eyes, there were no good people at all.

Then Lin Zhi left my flat and went straight to knock on the door of my neighbor, but there was no response. Then I remembered and quickly responded, "I saw the person who lives there when I came back just now. He went downstairs to eat something."

"Oh, thanks." Lin Zhi said with a smile, "In that case, Xiaoye, I'll go to Unit 3, and you can check this flat after your break."


I didn't know whether it was because there was one person less in the room or not, when we got back to the living room to sit down again, Dong Xiaoye's movement seemed a little bit stiff.

Reluctantly, I made her a cup of tea. But when she took the tea, she unexpectedly said "Thank you", which was extremely shocking...

She held the hot teacup and then looked at me with her big monolid eyes from time to time, and suddenly said, "I'm sorry for what I did last time, I was in a bad mood, maybe I was a little impulsive."

You even drew your gun out, and you called that "Maybe a little bit impulsive"? But since she took the initiative to apologize, as a big man I would not be petty-minded, "Actually I was a bit rude, too, so not exactly all your fault."

Dong Xiaoye smiled softly. Having this expression appear on her heroic face, it really felt much warmer and more gentle than the sun outside the window. However, there was clearly a dagger hidden behind the smile, and the coldness it leaked was comparable to the cold wind in the winter, "A bit rude? It was more than a bit, don't you think so? What did you call me again? Right, you called me auntie, do I look old?"

I was dazed for a second and realized that her apology wasn't sincere. She still held a grudge over what happened that day, and this was just a different approach after she failed to win the argument using force that day.

"You must have heard it wrong, even if someone was blind, as long as they were not deaf, once they heard your beautiful voice, they would also be able to tell that you are a beautiful girl. To be honest, when I first saw you, I was simply stunned by your beauty. I have heard that there is a term called the 'Police Flower' which is used to describe the most beautiful policewoman, I have always thought that people were just making shit up. How can there be any beautiful woman in the police force? But everything changed after I saw you that day. If you didn't mention that you were the police, I would have thought that you were a beautiful actress, who was simply playing a police role in a movie."

Dong Xiaoye obviously didn't expect that I would compliment her so straightforwardly. She didn't dare to look into my eyes that were filled with the unconcealed appreciation for her beauty. She just lowered her head to blow the floating tea leaves on the surface of the tea. "Then why did you say those things to me?" She pretended to be calm, but her tone exposed her true feelings.

It's women's nature that they like to be complimented. Even the manly woman Dong Xiaoye was no exception. Curious yet reserved, she behaved like a shy little girl, which showed that she obviously very enjoyed the compliment.

There was only a sofa in the living room, so I took the opportunity and sat beside her. Dong Xiaoye frowned, and her mature body trembled a bit, but unexpectedly she did not dodge or push me away. Her tolerance fed my courage even more.

I sat with one leg crossed over the other, slightly turned around to face her, while placing my right arm on the back of the sofa behind her back, and then acted like those domineering bosses, I leaned in closer to her and suddenly blew air gently at her ear.

Seeing her shiver suddenly, I almost burst out laughing, but I had to hold it and said affectionately, "I didn't say that you are old, I meant your mental age is not young, auntie, have you taken any pills today?"

Dong Xiaoye felt like I had just splashed cold water on her, and she was instantly frozen into a popsicle. After a long time, she slowly turned her head and looked at me. Her eyes were filled with fierce coldness, her lips were twitching, she was gnashing her teeth, and her red face was like a red balloon, "Chu! You, asshole! I'll kill you!"

I had already prepared myself when this smelly woman was cracking her knuckles, but I didn't expect her to be so fast. Like a hungry snow leopard, she suddenly pounced on me, this delicious little lamb. When I just wanted to dodge her, I felt my shoulders suddenly become very heavy, then I was pushed down on the sofa!

"What are you doing?" I panicked. Holy shit, she's heavy. I put my hands on her stomach and tried to push her up. However, it felt like I was lying on the bottom of a car trying to lift the car. I had already used all my strength but still couldn't move her inch.

"Is there a need to ask? Killing you, of course, you asshole!"

Auntie Xiaoye was very angry, and it looked like the consequence would be very severe. My forehead started to sweat, "I was joking, okay?" I said, letting out a few dry laughs.

Dong Xiaoye gnashed her teeth and said with a sneer, "But I don't think it's funny at all!"

"Funny or not, that's just your opinion. I didn't-"

"Do you think I'll believe you?" She was very angry.

I tried to use my left leg to push her away, but, and I don't know how she did it, her two slender legs easily locked my left leg, and she ruthlessly hissed, "Don't worry, I will be very gentle."

This line... Cough... My life is at stake. This is no time to think about other things.

"You are a police officer!" I finally understood why I couldn't push her away, this smelly woman must know some restraining techniques. While she was grasping my shoulders, both of her thumbs were jabbed into my flesh, the pain it caused was sent directly to my brain, no wonder I felt so weak.

"So what? Can't a police officer be a woman? Let me tell you one thing, this old woman hasn't taken any pills yet, and I'm now in a very bad mood!" Dong Xiaoye's eyes were revealing a green glint, and two rows of white fangs instantly reminded me of the painful teeth marks on my shoulders, "This old woman doesn't care anymore! I'll break your arms first and then tell my captain that you wanted to molest me!"

"Molesting you? I'd rather molest other people than you. You need to stop dreaming! I think it is you who wants to molest me!" Being restrained by this woman, I couldn't move my body at all. I felt like my pride was being humiliated and it enraged me, "You think I'm handsome, so you want to molest me, don't you?"


"I am a very reasonable and generous person. I know when women reach forty, their sexual desire would become very strong, although you are very ugly, as long as you beg me, I'll have no problem to make do with it and satisfy your urges once."

What Dong Xiaoye said reminded me of a method to get rid of her. We both were fighting each other using words most of the time. Although my legs were locked and my shoulders were pinned down by her, I could still move my hands.

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