Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chapter 42 Pinky Swear

"Pinkie swear?" I stared at my sister's little trembling finger in bewilderment.

"I... I don't believe you, I want you to pinky swear," Chu Yuan bowed her head down, and stared at her feet. The expression on her face was covered by her bangs, and she said quietly as if the sound of mosquitoes, "in case you had a girlfriend, and she wanted to move in, who knows if you would still keep your words? Maybe you would kick me out."

"There is no need for pinky swear, I mean what I say..."

"You are lying!" Chu Yuan raised her head, pouted out her small mouth and said, "you have said that you will not tell my secret to mom and dad, but the last time you used that to threaten me!"

Er... This girl is really petty-minded!

"Pinky, pinky, bow-bell," I locked Chu Yuan's thin little finger, shaking up and down, and read aloud, "whoever tells a lie will..."

Chu Yuan suddenly said, "will be a virgin forever!"

Damn girl, that's too vicious. Why do I feel that Chu Yuan is certain I'll change?

"Fine, if I lie, I shall never marry; I'll just be your servant forever."

Chu Yuan's eyes instantly glowed with happiness, and then hurriedly said, "now, seal!"

"Seal?" I asked in bewilderment.

"You are so dumb, how can you not know this?" Chu Yuan pressed her thumb very hard on my thumb, and smiled happily, "now after this, the swear is complete."

Watching this bratty girl hopping out of the room, I stared at my thumb, dazed for a few seconds. Then I scratched my muddy head with a wry smile. Did she intend to stay with me until she got married?...

This older brother, I did something guilty and felt sorry for it, plus it was my little sister, who prepared dinner recently, so as soon as I left my parent's place, I ran to the market to buy some fresh fish and fresh meat. I wanted to make a good meal to compensate my little sister for what I did.

The words 'remarried', 'married' and 'adopted' lingered in my mind all afternoon. I hesitated for a long time, and in the end, I still restrained my curiosity and decided not to ask my old man and the stepmother. I was very satisfied with how it was now. I didn't want my curiosity to ruin it.

Perhaps Chu Yuan's past was not as simple as I imagined, perhaps my stepmother had a bitter past experience, but those already became the past. As long as people are alive, today and tomorrow are the most important. I didn't know whether Chu Yuan knew this thing or not, but in any case, I did not want to take the initiative to talk about it.

Waving kitchen knives and sticks, I used all my strength to prepare a good meal, my intention was worthy of praise, but my ability wasn't so much. The food I prepared wasn't that great at all.

It was all my stepmother's fault. She, who was good at cooking, always spoiled me with delicious food. Apart from making one thousand different flavored instant noodles, I was not good at any other type of cooking.

But Chu Yuan this little darling seemed to be in a very good mood. Apart from frowning her eyebrows slightly, she didn't mock me, who almost crouched in the corner in shame. In fact, she ate quite a lot. And even more surprisingly, this little granny even took the initiative to help me to clear the table today.

Just as I turned on the TV and lay on the sofa, the phone I put on the tea table suddenly rang. Chu Yuan reached out her hand, wanting to get it. But I got it before her. I raised my index finger and waved it to her, "peeking at other people's mobile phone is not right."

This little granny was both embarrassed and a little bit disappointed. She rolled her eyes and said with disdain, "huh! Who wants to peek at your phone, I just wanted to hand it to you."

You have a record. It would be a wonder if I believe you!

Lowered my eyes to have a look. I was so shocked that my eyeballs almost fell out. On the screen, it was displaying - Beauty Keke!

Shit! It is that gal!

In Chu Yuan's suspicious stare, I went back to my room and answered the phone call.

"Hi, is this my dear good guy uncle."

The intimate title and the baby-like voice, apart from Xiao Yike that delinquent gal, who else could it be? I couldn't help but shiver, "what do you want?"

"OMG, so cold." Xiao Yike could recognize my voice. She pretended to be sad and said, "Are you no longer interested in me after you tasted my mature body? Oh, heartbroken..."

"Don't make it sound so indecent. I didn't do anything to you, it is you, who insisted me to carry you," as if that pair of ample bosoms were pressed against my back again, I suddenly felt my face was very hot.

However, thinking about what she did after that, I gritted my teeth and said fiercely, "moreover, care to explain to me why were you doing that to me after I sent you home!"

"Doing what?"

Not knowing whether this delinquent gal really forgot about the text message or she deliberately pretended that she could not remember, I gnashed my teeth and said, "the text message!"

Xiao Yike suddenly became very interested and said excitedly, "your girlfriend misunderstood it? Congratulations, uncle, if a girl lost her faith in you just because of this, she is not worthy of you. I'll introduce you to a better one someday."

"Get lost! Say one more word like that I'll whip you!" I was speechless. This girl really wanted revenge.

"Come on baby," unexpectedly, Xiao Yike was even more excited, "I am at Blue Internet cafe on the fifth avenue. Come and whip me. Haha, I'm currently alone. It is very boring."

I have seen thick-skinned people before, but I have never seen a person this shameless before, "I don't have time to play with you. If I have time, I'd rather watch anime with my little sister. If you don't have anything important I am hanging up now."

"Wait! Wait!" Xiao Yike said hurriedly, "of course I have something important, Uncle, don't you want your clothes anymore? How about I buy you a meal, I still need to thank you for helping me that day."

"I appreciate your kindness. I have just eaten. As for clothes, you can have it." I would rather waste a few hundred Chinese Yuan than meet with this delinquent gal again.

Xiao Yike's contradicted personalities always made me feel slightly uneasy. Normally, I did not believe in feeling this kind of thing, but I did not want to have any accidents.

"Hello! Uncle, am I really that annoying? Why don't you like me?!"

Xiao Yike's question made me feel embarrassed, "It is not that I did not like you..."

"Then come out and meet me! I'm very sad now you know. Can't you come out and stay with me?" Xiao Yike's angry response suddenly had a faint sob. Only until this moment, did it dawn on me that she might not have called just to play a game with me.

"What happened?"

"Nothing! Just not happy," I faintly heard the girl blow her nose. But when she spoke again, her voice returned to normal. Then she said with a seemingly cheerful voice, "Sorry for bothering you, uncle, since you are busy, we can meet another time. Bye."

"Wait..." I felt like my head started to ache. The way she suddenly acted as if it was nothing only made me even more worried. Knowing clearly that she was trouble, but I still sighed helplessly, "tell me again, where are you exactly?"


"It is very late now, and you are still going out?" Seeing me coming out of my room wearing a coat, Chu Yuan asked. Surprisingly, it was the first time I heard her asking about where I was going. Perhaps, this was what happened after living together for some time. I felt like the relationship between us was getting much closer.

"One of my friends is having a bit of trouble and is currently drinking alone." I did not dare to say that it was "beauty Keke". I just did not want her to think too much.

Chu Yuan frowned her beautiful brows and said, "Cheng Liusu?"

"No," I said and also frowned, "how many times have I said that you should not call her by name. You need to call her older sister Liusu!"

"All right, all right, I know it." Chu Yuan waved her hand impatiently, continued to lay prone on the sofa in a very alluring posture while watching anime, and from time to time, she would let out sweet and charming giggles.

As I just went out, I saw the tightly closed door of Zhou Tian's flat. I could not help but return to the living room and reminded Chu Yuan, "Yuanyuan, make sure all the windows and the door are locked properly. If anything happens, remember to call me immediately."

Chu Yuan sat up and looked at me with a strange expression for a while and then said softly, "okay."

. . .

The fifth avenue was a commercial street dominated by entertainment venues. With many two-story buildings on both sides of the street, it made people, who were not used to climbing stairs, feel less stressful.

The colorful neon lights of shops made the hundred-meters long street gorgeous and charming. The night scene would have been pleasant had it not been for the occasional drunk people throwing up near the utility poles or garbage bins.

Xiao Yike said that as long as I went to the Blue Internet Cafe I would be able to find her. She was right. Covering in a big man's suit jacket, this girl's petite and dainty figure was very conspicuous no matter where she stood, not to mention her unique bright wine-red ponytail.

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