Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43 Love Is Just A Word, Simple But Complicated

With a big headset on her head, Xiao Yike did not notice me at all. As I slowly walked up to her, I could not help but frown my eyebrows. On this girl's table, there were a few bags of open snacks and a few cans of beer!

At this time, she was staring at the screen, drinking beer, and wiping her tears. The tissues she used were tossed all over the places. The corners of her eyes were red from rubbing, two little lines of snots were hanging on her lips, making me worried if she was going to eat the snacks with it.

What was she watching that made her react that way?

"Didn't your teacher teach you that minors are not allowed to drink alcohol?"

Only after I took away the beer can from Xiao Yike's hand did she just notice me, and the small face that was covered with tears immediately revealed the surprised and delighted smile, "uncle, you really came out!"

I blushed a little. Because earlier on I was thinking that it could be her prank. It seemed like it was being too petty-minded.

"Originally, I didn't want to come, but I suddenly remembered that this suit jacket is the most expensive one I have. So I don't want to lose it." I put the beer can on the table, pulled a tissue out of the tissue bag, and helped her to wipe off her tears and the two lines of snots.

Xiao Yike's little red face revealed a faint of coyness, as she pursed her lips and said embarrassedly, "I'm already nineteen. Not a little kid anymore!"

Although she said it, she didn't stop me from cleaning her face. Instead, she closed her eyes and moved her face closer to me as if she was very enjoying it. I flicked her forehead and said, "look at yourself, If you are really not a kid anymore, you would not be dressing like this. Let's go, I'll send you home!"

"Wait! Wait!" Xiao Yike said hurriedly, "just a little bit longer, the film is almost finished."

Her large watery eyes rippled with entreaty and a little sadness that I could not understand, tender, delicate and lovely, and I could not help feeling pity for her. Unable to bring myself to refuse her request, I nodded and agreed.

This girl was watching an American film, I vaguely remembered that I seemed to have seen it before. It seemed to be called "Terms Of Endearment". It was a story focused on a mother-daughter relationship.

Aurora Greenway was an incredibly protective mother whose whole existence seemed to center around making sure her daughter Emma had what was best for her, whether she liked it or not. This led her daughter to resent her sometimes, but on the whole, it just resulted in Aurora always being just a little bit disappointed in her choices, especially the choice to marry her high school sweetheart Flap Horton.

He moved them all to Iowa, and Aurora hated him even more. Emma kept getting pregnant to the horror of her mother, who did not think she should tie herself to the unmotivated Flap any more than she already had.

Meanwhile, Aurora tried to improve her own life by taking up with the former astronaut/womanizer next door, Garrett Breedlove. When Emma suddenly got cancer, Flap and Aurora had to reconcile their feelings to make things easier on Emma.

Even though the story was about how different people show their love in very different ways and it was moving, it was not the type of movie that I liked.

I've always thought that the reason why the movie could strike a chord with people was largely that some touching scenes were the simple feelings or expectations that were close to our real life. I sighed and sympathized with the relationship between the mother and the daughter, but I felt that it was a type of feeling that was far away from me.

Love is just a word, is it really that hard to understand?

Thinking about how my stepmother spoiled me, I could not help but smile happily. But when I thought about Chu Yuan's indifferent look, and her nervous expression when she was actually worried about me. Those two types of contradicted attitudes made me smile helplessly. Then unexpectedly, Mo Fei's cold beautiful face and Liusu's exaggerated laughter suddenly flashed by in my mind, and my smile instantly froze.

Damn it, although love is just one word, it seems like it is really complicated...

After leaving the internet cafe, Xiao Yike was still immersed in the grief feeling. Whilst bowing her head down, she walked quietly while kicking the small rocks on the road. I could not help but ask, "what? Had an argument with your mom?" If it was not this, I really could not figure out why this cheerful little girl would run to the Internet cafe to watch this kind of movie alone at night, and she even cried while watching it.

The body of Xiao Yike, who was walking in front of me, suddenly shuddered a little, then she said in a low voice, "I don't have a mother..."

I was dazed for a second and then immediately apologized, "I'm sorry..."

"Yes, you should be, now I'm very unhappy," what Xiao Yike said made me feel guilty. Then I saw this little girl hopping around in the loose suit jacket like a black butterfly dancing in the wind, "uncle, in order to make up for your fault, you should make me happy, right?"

I was not a fool. There was no way that I would be fooled by a little girl. The sadness that disappeared from the corner of her eyes was just hidden by her. The reason why she forced her to smile was that she didn't want me to feel bad. I once again felt that this little girl was more mature than her look.

After taking a deep breath, I said, "all right, you win, how do you want me to make you happy?"

Xiao Yike probably didn't expect that I would say this. She was dazed for a second and then said happily, "uncle, are you not joking?"

I nodded my head and said, "not joking."

"Uncle, I love you! You are the best!" Xiao Yike suddenly jumped towards me, hugged my arm and said excitedly, "let's have a drink!"

"No," I said grimly, "you are not old enough..."

"Would you please stop treating me like a child?" Xiao Yike intentionally rubbed my arm with her bosoms, and said with a smile, "I just look young, but my body... can you feel it? Does it feel like a child's body to you? Maybe I am a better drinker than you."

"Even if what you said is true, it is still no," probably I was also as old-fashioned and stubborn as my old man, I simply said, "if you want to drink, I'll send you home right away."

Xiao Yike stomped her small feet in frustration. Fortunately, she was wearing a pair of sneakers today. Otherwise, she would probably sprain her ankle again, "are you serious? If I stand in the middle of the street, many people will invite me for a drink. But you want to refuse me? Are you really a man!"

I sneered. Just from the desire that I wanted to grab her boobs, it was more than enough to prove that I'm a man... Fuck! This bratty girl is too close!

"Not only do I know that I am a man, but I also know that those who want to invite you for a drink, are not good men. If you dressed up a little bit more decently, who would take the initiative to chat you up?"

"How am I not dressing up decently?" Xiao Yike suddenly stopped in front of me, unbuttoned the suit jacket, and then spread her arms wide to reveal the school-uniform-like white shirt. Those two gravity-defying hills looked as if they were about to pop open the shirt, it was very breathtaking, "today I dress like a lady okay!"

Which lady would unbutton her cloth on the street?

I hurriedly wrapped her up in the suit jacket again and scolded, "what's wrong with you? If you want to take off your clothes and do it at home!"

Xiao Yike suddenly giggled. She once again held my arm, stood on her tiptoe and whispered into my ear, "yes, clothes must be taken off at home. Uncle, a heartbroken man, and a heartbroken woman would often have some interesting story together. Especially after they were drunk. He he... think about it, if you can make me drunk..."

My heart was pounding, my eyes involuntarily drifted toward the pair of bosoms that were holding my arms, and the alluring look of Mo Fei when she was drunk suddenly flashed in my mind, and, of course, the unspeakable things that had happened in her house...

"Not a chance, even if you are old enough, in my eyes, you are still a little kid. Heartbroken? Just look at yourself, do you look like you are heartbroken? I am sending you home." I didn't know why she thought that I was heartbroken, but I did not bother to ask her anymore.

This brother, I deeply detested those acts. The forbidden music that Mo Fei made when she was peeing, the lingering fragrance on Chu Yuan's underwear... the mistakes I made, I should not repeat them again. From now on, I swear to be a noble person, a pure person, a person full of vulgar thoughts...

Shit, not that. It should be a person that is free of vulgar thoughts.

While we were talking to each other, we walked past a bar called "Psychedelic COCO". Xiao Yike quickly pulled me, wanting to drag me inside, "my god, I have not seen any men like you. Fine! I will drink milk, okay?!"

Do they even sell milk in the bar? Besides... Looking at the two big, soft, and tender meatballs close to my arm, I could not help but swallow my saliva, and think, 'are you not worried that drinking milk will only make them become bigger!?'

Although I knew it was impossible, I still could not help but think that if I tried to squeeze them, would there be some liquid coming out...

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