Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Chapter 44 I Like To Drink Milk!

"Sorry, little girl, we don't allow minors in here." The security guard in a suit and tie bowed his body slightly and apologized. While refusing Xiao Yike to enter, he also looked at me with admiration and envy, making me completely speechless. This girl was born with a babyface, and after a large suit jacket wrapped her curvaceous body, she completely looked like a loli!

"A little... Girl? !" Xiao Yike's body suddenly unleashed an aura that was beyond her age. The anger erupted from her eyes even made the security guard involuntarily retreat half a step. Her voice was very cold as if it could leave a bright icy trial when it passed through the air, "you got problems with your eyes?"

Aura was not something that could be inherited, it was honed by the growing environment, raised by the surrounding things. If she could easily manipulate her aura like that, there was no way she was an ordinary girl. This was also the reason why I always felt that it was dangerous to stay with her. Even the security guard didn't dare to say anything, let alone me. To be honest, I have already broken into a cold sweat.

As Xiao Yike turned her cold face and looked at me, her cold face instantly changed to a smile, like flowers blooming in spring. She lowered her head sheepishly, bit her nails, stroked her belly, and said with her baby voice happily, "I'm going to be a mom in a few months. Am I right, honey?"

More and more cold sweat started to appear and it almost soaked my clothes...


"Ah..." Xiao Yike put the empty glass on the counter and let out a satisfied sigh. She then extended out her tender tongue and licked the milk on her lips, while blinking her big eyes, staring greedily at the beer glass in my hand.

I unconsciously grasped the handle of the glass and pushed a small plate of potato chips in front of her, "can you tell me now? Why did you come out to play alone so late?"

There were so many people in the bar, and with the colorful lights flickering everywhere, it made me feel very dizzy. The loud and wild music left me with no choice but to shout loudly.

At the same time, my temples were constantly twitching in terrible pain. There were all kinds of people dancing in the crowd, they were either not scared to reveal their sexy bodies, or kissing wildly on the dance floor, or touching their own bodies lecherously while dancing. Most people indulged themselves in the unrestrained debauchery.

But I was not used to such a wild place at all.

I had been to quite a few bars with Liusu, but mostly quiet and elegant, and sometimes cozy. Compared to this, I suddenly felt like Liusu and I seemed to be out of touch with the younger generations. Do young people like such a place now?

Xiao Yike stuffed a potato chip into her mouth reluctantly and then said sulkily, "I had an argument with my father, so I ran out."

"Then why did you pull me out?" While I said that, I secretly prayed that she would not tell me that she did not want to go home and she had nowhere to stay.

Although I have read a lot of web novels, it did not mean that I was looking forward to this kind of thing. In a way, she was much more difficult to deal with than Chu Yuan.

"I want to find someone that I can have a conversation with. But after thinking for a while, I can only think of you, uncle..." her pink baby face was a lot gloomier than before. The forced smile on the corners of her mouth had a faint of bitterness, "uncle, I have no friends..."

Probably because of her babyface, I could not help but always treat her like a kid. Taking out a paper tissue, I cleaned the corner of her mouth and said with a straight face, "are those three little girls you were with that day, not your friends?"

"Yes, but not..." Xiao Yike also did not seem to be very clear about their relationships, she shook her head irritably and said, "you just need to know that I can't tell them what's on my mind. Otherwise, they will definitely be laughing at me."

"Oh?" I jokingly said, "you are not afraid that I will be laughing at you?"

"No," Xiao Yike looked at me with her big eyes and said affectionately, "uncle, what kind of girl do you think I am?"

"A sly girl!"

"Ouch~" the finger that Xiao Yike sneaked along the counter was pressed by me with the beer glass, "uncle, it hurts... Why can't you let me take a sip?!"

I was speechless, "haven't you drunk enough at the internet cafe? Bartender, give her two more glasses of milk please!"

"But uncle... I'm in a bad mood. Can't I drink to drown my sorrows?"

Xiao Yike looked at me pitifully like an abandoned kitten, I simply refused again, "you are just looking for someone you can talk to, right? If you want to drown your sorrows in alcohol, I will leave."

"No, no, no!" Xiao Yike stopped me, who was about to get up and begged, "uncle, please don't go, I will drink milk, I like to drink milk!"

Xiao Yike once again drank a full glass of milk, which she called a glass of loneliness, patted her belly and then suddenly asked me, "Uncle, do you think Emma was happy?"

Emma? After I dazed for a second, I realized that she was talking about the film. "to love someone and to be loved by someone are both happy things."

"But why can't I feel happy?" Xiao Yike slowly spun the glass with both hands and said. "Uncle, do you know that every time after I had a big argument with my father, I would go to see that film? I think I am Emma, and my father is Aurora..."

Your dad is Aurora? Aurora should be a woman right?...

I was speechless, but I still carried on listening to her, "my mother died when I was very small, I was raised by my father alone. I know he loves me, and I also love him. But it is just that... I just can't stand the way he cares about me. You know, he sneaked into my room today to look through my diary..."

What kind of father is this? I smiled wryly. In a way, he was just like the mother Aurora in that film. Probably he was also a little bit too protective.

"I am a girl, okay, and I am a nineteen years old college student. How can he read my diary? And he even wants to know who my friends are and what kind of people I hang out with. I'm an adult. I can judge for myself!" the more she said the angrier she was, her big eyes were glaring at me as if I was her dad and she was arguing with me.

I began to understand a little why Xiao Yike's personality was so strange. This girl loved to rebel, especially that she was currently at the most rebellious age.

"You think that your father cares too much about you and you have too little control over your own life? But you have to understand him as well."

What happened to Xiao Yike reminded me about my past, I let out a sigh and said, "not only does he love you, but he also loves your mother. You are still young, you will understand it one day. The reason why he cares so much about you is that he is afraid that you will feel lonely, he is afraid that you will be sad because you have an incomplete family. He hopes you can learn well in school, hopes you will have a good future, because you are not only his daughter, but also the most important treasure that the woman he loved left to him. Since your mother could not stay with you, he wants to love you for her, that is a man's responsibility, but also his promise to your mother, do you understand?"

Xiao Yike became silent. She quietly thought about the words I said, and soon her slightly angry little face gradually eased. And after a while, she raised another glass of milk and smiled at me happily, "Uncle, thank you! I feel much better after listening to what you said. I did not expect that you are so good at comforting people."

Comforting people? She got it all wrong. This was something that I personally experienced. Because my old man did exactly the same thing to me. But this girl was much luckier than me. When my old man tried to steal my diary, he accidentally found out the pornographic DVDs and magazines I hid under my bed. The way he expressed his "love" at that time, I still could not forget to this day.

I touched Xiao Yike's glass with my glass and smiled, "although your father indeed should not read your diary, I did not think that he is wrong about the friends you made. You indeed need some guidance on what kind of friends you should be making."

Thinking of the spring-roll-headed girl, the fat girl, the tall and skinny girl, three people bullying an old man and a kid, I still felt quite angry.

"Uncle, are you a good man?"

I dazed for a second and then asked, "Is there even a need to ask? How am I not good?"

"That means I can judge for myself," Xiao Yike giggled and said, "cheers!"


Just when I was drinking the beer in bewilderment, I suddenly heard the bartender exclaim, "Sir, be careful!"

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