Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Chapter 46 I Am Scared To Go Home Alone!

Zhang Peiwen was afraid of Xiao Yike, but he did not treat me seriously, "yes, I said that. What? Is there anything wrong with sending someone home?! Besides, just who the hell you think you are that you can talk to me like that?!"

Xiao Yike suddenly moved forward, stopped in front of me, and said, "watch your mouth, he is my boyfriend!"

"Yike!" I said sharply to stop her. This girl only snorted at Zhang Peiwen coldly and then stepped back and stood beside me as if I was really her boyfriend. However, at this time there was no need to explain our relationship, I simply pushed Wu Xueqing to Xiao Yike and said sternly, "check her pocket and see if there are that kind of thing."

"Oh." Xiao Yike responded. Seeing Xiao Yike start to check Wu Xueqing's pocket, Zhang Peiwen's face was very pale.

"Unc... Honey, there is nothing." After checking everywhere and finding nothing. Xiao Yike said disappointedly.

Nothing? I was very surprised. I looked at Zhang Peiwen, and asked coldly, "since you are going to send her home, then you must know where she lives, right?"

"She lives... What, are you fucking police now? Why the fuck do I..." Zhang Peiwen was swearing constantly, I simply threw a punch at his handsome face, making him hold his nose and move back a few steps. While his hand was covered with blood, he looked at me in disbelief, "how dare you hit me?!"

"Hit you?" I said in a disdainful tone, "motherfucker, I'll kill you!"

"Do you know who I am?!"

All rich young people were like him, if they couldn't win the fight, they would use their families to threaten other people. I simply grabbed his hair and smashed his head onto the trunk of the car a dozen times.

Not only Xiao Yike was shocked, even the security guard, who came over to stop the fight, was also stunned, "even if your father is here, I'll also still do the same thing! Do you think you can scare me? Let me tell you, I don't know what scare is!"

Soon, a dent appeared on the beautiful and curvy 'buttock' of the Audi, and like Zhang Peiwen's handsome face, it was no longer attractive.

The reason why I came out was that I had noticed something strange, and I just wanted to confirm if it was normal. If she knew what she was doing, of course, I would not bother to do anything. But she had clearly been drugged. Moreover, the reason why she was at this bar was probably to vent the anger, which was caused by me during this noon. So if anything happened to her, I would also need to take part in the responsibilities.

Wiping a handful of hair from my palm, I then tried to drag out Zhang PeiWen, who was trying to crawl underneath the car. This guy had already lost his arrogance, at the moment, he was constantly begging me to let him go. Plus I was taking his clothes off and touching every part of his body, it instantly attracted the attention of the people outside the bar.

"Uncle, what are you doing?" If it weren't for the fact that Xiao Yike had to hold Wu Xueqing, she would have definitely covered her face and dragged me away from this place in embarrassment.

"Looking for something!" While speaking, I just touched a hard little thing in the pocket of Zhang Peiwen's suit jacket. "Yike, do you have a bag?"


Xiao Yike passed me the plastic bag that she originally used to keep her snacks. I conveniently filled the bag with a small white bottle that I had taken from Zhang Peiwen's pocket and several bags of pills and powder from his wallet. Then I grabbed his collar and lifted his bruised face and said with a sneer, "I have heard that there is a pervert, who likes to drug-rape and blackmail middle-aged women, I don't suppose that person is you, right?"

Zhang Peiwen seemed to have realized what I was going to do with the things that I had taken from him, he was shaking uncontrollably and begged in panic with his bruised face, "no, it's not me!"

To be honest, I also did not believe that he would be that pervert. After all, he did not look like someone who would lack money. But I still said with a sneer, "tell me, if I call the police now, do you think the police will believe you?"

"Big brother, please forgive me, I will give you anything you want! Money? Or a car?" With that, Zhang Peiwen took out the car key and stuffed it into my hand.

"Fuck off!" I kicked him over and threw the wallet back to him and said, "not everything in this world can be bought with money!"

"Please forgive me, big brother. I won't do it again. Please give me a chance!" Zhang Peiwen was scared into crying.

The victim Wu Xueqing was here, and the witness and the evidence were also here, even if he really was not that pervert, the police would still take him away.

Dressing the expensive clothes, wearing an expensive watch, and driving an expensive car, he was clearly someone from a rich family, and if he was really arrested because of this, his entire family would lose face. In extreme panic, he quickly got up from the ground and kneel before me.

From this reaction, I could clearly tell that he had not experienced many things in society. All he knew at the moment was just being arrogant in front of other people.

"Get out of my sight, and don't ever let me see you again." Since he had already got the punishment he deserved, I also stopped. I was not stupid, I know when to stop. If I really called the police, his family might lose face, but causing problems to a rich family was not wise at all. Besides, he hasn't done anything to Wu Xueqing, she did not lose anything. So there was no need to call the police.

Zhang Peiwen was a little surprised. He quickly stood up and thanked me repeatedly, "thank you, thank you, big brother!"

"Wow, so cool!"

Hearing the voice, I turned around. Then I noticed that Xiao Yike had already taken out her phone and filmed everything. What the hell... Did she just record Zhang Peiwen begging forgiveness on his knees?

Zhang Peiwen was terrified, but because he was really afraid of me now, he did not dare to do anything but glare at Xiao Yike with resentment.

But I no longer looked at Zhang Peiwen. I simply took over Wu Xueqing from Xiao Yike and said, "Yike, you can go back by yourself, right? I will send this woma... I will need to send auntie home."

"No!" Xiao Yike put away the phone, and said in a coquettish manner, "uncle, it is very late, I am scared to go home alone!"

I was too lazy to spend more time changing her mind. Glancing at Zhang Peiwen, who was beside me, I nodded and said, "Okay, then you go with me first. I will send you home later."

She quickly nodded. But when I was helping Wu Xueqing to walk to the main road to get a taxi, she did not follow me immediately. Instead, she was whispering something to Zhang Pei, and when I finally got a taxi and wanted to call her, I saw she was waving at Zhang Peiwen, who got into his car nervously and drove the car away in panic. The smug smile on her face even made my hair stand on end...

"What did you say to that young man?"

"Nothing." Clearly, there was an empty seat at the front, but Xiao Yike still wanted to squeeze in and sit next to me in the backseat.

"You think I will believe that?" I moved Wu Xueqing near the other door to stop her from moving constantly and frowned, "Yike, what exactly happened between you two?"

"Nothing, I just don't like him," Xiao Yike seemed to have forgotten about the unpleasant quarrel with her father. She leaned onto me intimately while her face was filled with a sweet smile, "uncle, I really need to thank you for letting me capture this interesting video today. Haha, now I can have a lot of fun with it. Let me see if he dares to act inappropriately before older sister Xingyu again in the future!"

"Older sister Xingyu? Is she the big boss of you delinquent girls?"

"Uncle! Older sister Xingyu is not a delinquent girl... Wait, neither am I!" she said coyly, "besides, is your impression of me really that bad?"

I just gave her a smile without saying anything. Xiao Yike probably also knew that she indeed looked like a bad girl, so she did not carry on with this topic, instead, she casually replied, "older sister Xingyu is Zhang Peiwen that bastard's fiancee."

From Xiao Yike's totally different attitudes towards Zhang Peiwen and that older sister Xingyu, it was not hard to tell that their relationship was very complicated. But since it was none of my business, I did not bother to carry on asking.

At the same time, I secretly reminded myself that I should keep my distance away from Xiao Yike. Just looking at the people she knew, I felt that she was very dangerous even more.

If Zhang Peiwen's background was not simple, then did it mean that Xiao Yike's background was not as simple as well?


"Chu Nan?"

"Ms... Feifei, you are still awake?" My eyes were instantly lit up. The exhaustion caused by carrying Wu Xueqing suddenly disappeared 70%.

Under the straight casual white trousers was a pair of cartoon slippers that shaped like dogs with big ears. The top was a beige-colored knitted shirt. There was also a fur shawl made of rabbit and mink fur on her shoulders. Not only did the natural color of adornments and silk flower foil the mature temperament that gave a natural and graceful feeling, but it also added some cuteness to her.

"Mhm, I was looking something up on the Internet... Ah, mom?!" Only after Mo Fei pushed the small radiant-proof glasses on the bridge of her nose did she notice the woman hanging from my shoulder, who had already fallen asleep like a dead pig.

"Chu Nan, why are you with my mom? What happened to her? Mom, mom? Mom!"

"There is no need to scream. She's not dead." Before I even said anything, Xiao Yike said first. And what she said was not pleasant to hear at all.

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