Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Chapter 49 The Song Of Best Buddies.

The intoxicated look of Liusu suddenly cleared up, "why? Because I threatened you?"

My heart suddenly tightened, and I gritted my teeth and said, "yes."

Liusu's mouth, however, curved up into a mischievously smirk and said, "are you jealous!"

I didn't dare to look her in the eye, "no," I denied.

"Look at me and say it," drunk people were always very stubborn. Liusu held my face and repeated earnestly, "Nannan, look at me and say it again."

Does she think that I'm scared of her?

Looking at Liusu, who acted very unusually today, I said with a stern face, "no, I am not jealous."

"You are so boring," Liusu suddenly giggled, hugged my arm, and said, "okay, okay, I won't tease you anymore. Let's go home."

Women are the most hypocritical animals, but they are also the most honest animals. When their hypocrisy couldn't cover their honesty, it would reveal their true feelings. And this was what Liusu was like right now.

Liusu liked me. I was finally sure at this moment.

But did I like her? I wasn't sure, but I knew that it was just a thin layer of the veil, like what was between me and Mo Fei...

When I finally came to myself, I noticed that the uncle and the two waitresses, who were standing side by side behind the bar, were resting their heads on their palms on the counter while staring at me and Liusu. Their eyes were wide open with curiosity, making me blushed instantly.

What are you guys looking at? You think this is a third-rate romantic drama?

A cold night breeze blew past, Liusu couldn't help but drew back her fine-skinned neck. As alcohol started to rush towards her head, her face became even redder and she began to stagger. Although she was holding my arm, she was still walking clumsily like a little duck.

She was quite tall and strong, so I started to sway with her as she dragged me along while walking. Taking off my coat, and covering her with it, I said helplessly, "hop up, I'll carry you."

"No, I want to walk by myself like this." Liusu closed her eyes slightly, pouted her lips, and hugged my arm tightly again.

Seeing her behaving like this, I felt like my head was about to explode, "if you carry on walking like this when can we get home?"

Liusu suddenly pulled my arm, stopped me, and shouted, "then let's just walk like this forever!"

I was dazed, and so was Liusu. A car roared past us, its lights flashing across our shocked faces, and the night seemed to turn strangely quiet.

Liusu lowered her head, looked at her toe, lowered her voice, and said, "I... I'm sorry."

I raised my head, looking at the sky as if I was counting stars. I was trying to smile at her naturally, however, the corner of my mouth was so stiff as if it was glued by something, "it's okay, you are drunk."

"Yeah, hehe, I am drunk... Nannan, you can carry me."

"Let's just walk home while getting some fresh air."

Awkward, this is so awkward. Fortunately, the dim street covered everything. Soon, Liusu also returned to normal, and the proof was that she began to sing loudly like a crazy woman.

"Friend, alas, friend, did you ever remember me -- if you are enjoying happiness -- please forget about me..."

No matter the meaning or the tone, this song was supposed to be sung by a male singer. However, when it was sung by Liusu's mountain springs-like charming voice, it gave an entirely different feeling. However, within my heart, there was also another kind of different feeling...

She didn't mean to sing it to me, did she? Is this some kind of innuendo?

Just when I had this doubt, she became more and more excited, and her singing got louder and louder. In the beginning, she was just humming, but now she was howling. We have already gotten into the building, is she not worried that someone would come out to curse her?

Embarrassed by her singing, I couldn't help but want to reach out my hand to block her mouth. It was just at this moment, the elevator door opened, and she suddenly pushed me in, and carried on, "friend, alas friend, did you ever remember me..."

My head had almost bumped into the wall, "what's wrong with you?!"

"If you have a new... new shore... Huh? It doesn't sound right..."

Seeing her confused expression, although I was angry, I couldn't help but burst out laughing, "you forgot two words!"

"I know, I don't need you to remind me," the light in the elevator was bright, it made Liusu unable to open her eyes. She retorted and continued to sing at the top of her lungs, "if you have a new... you have a new shore... cough, cough... the pitch is too high... Please leave me... leave me!!!"

It was at this moment, an elegant middle-aged woman appeared and was about to get into the elevator. Hearing Liusu's ghost cry like howling, she covered her mouth with a delicate handbag, and her eyes were filled with shock.

I was so embarrassed that I lowered my head immediately and walked out while saying, "I don't know her..."

"Come back here!" Liusu quickly hooked around my neck with her right arm, pulling me back, then pressed the sixth floor's button and said in a sulkily, "where are you going?!"

Seeing the woman's shocked face slowly disappeared with the elevator's door closed, I didn't even know what to say anymore, "didn't you tell me to leave?"

"So you have a new shore?"

I couldn't help but tremble all of sudden, and somehow I also felt pained in my heart. But I didn't expect that this little distraction made me forget to struggle. I was pulled into Liusu's arms, and she fell backwards into the elevator wall, causing her to let out a painful grunt. Although her chest was pitiful, it was much better than the elevator wall. I just didn't expect that they would be that soft.

However, Liusu did not seem to want to let go of me. She put her other arm around my neck also and said with an alluring smile, "so, you are finally willing to admit? You and Ms. Mo formally started a relationship this morning, right?"

"Who said that? Mo Fei and I are just friends." I said with a clear voice, but there was a sense of sadness in my heart.

"You still want to lie to me? You probably don't know, Ms. Mo called me, brother Wei, and Li Qi and Hong Tao those two assholes into the office in the afternoon. Even a fool can see that she was trying to protect you," Liusu leaned over, resting her head on my shoulder, said while giggling, "Nannan, what kind of person do you think Ms. Mo is? By agreeing to be your friend, it means that she's interested in being your girlfriend."

"She is the niece of the chairman of Fengchang Corporate Group, the future chairman of the company, she wants to be my girlfriend? Liusu, do you think that's realistic?" while asking Liusu, I asked myself the same question as well.

Liusu frowned, then looked away from my face and whispered, "why not? There are so many Cinderella stories these days..."

I could not help but chuckle, "I'm a man."

"So what?" Liusu pursed her lips and said, "if she took a fancy to you, she wouldn't care about those. At worst, you can just marry into his family. It is not that big of a deal."

There are always some things that are more important than anything in every man's heart, life, love, career, family... If you had to give these things a priority, every man's might be different, but I bet most men would put the thing called dignity above everything, and so would I!

"Let me tell you that she's not interested in being my girlfriend, and there is no way that she will ever be interested. And then..." I reached out my hand and pinched the Liusu's nose, and said with a serious expression, "the surname of the mother of my son does not have to be Mo, but the surname of my son must be Chu!"

Cosmic energy? Chakra? Or is it the legendary manly aura? I didn't know what was burning inside me, I felt that my morale was inexplicably high as if I wanted to fight with someone. But who? I didn't know. Why? I also didn't know... There was just suddenly a line flashed in my mind: There are plenty of fishes in the sea.

There was no need to give up a forest for a single tree.

Mo Fei did not want to be my girlfriend, and she simply treated me as a friend. Having an unrealistic expectations would not only torture me, but it would also cause troubles to Mo Fei.

"Haha, as your best buddy, I still hope that the surname of your future wife is Mo and the surname of your son is Chu."

Liusu's words surprised me. The sincerity in her eyes made it impossible for me to suspect that she was duplicitous. I wanted to say "thank you", however, I did not know why I could not bring myself to say it.

The elevator door opened, Liusu waved at me and said, "thank you, here is fine, Nannan, sorry for causing so many troubles for you. See you tomorrow." After she finished, she quickly turned and ran out of the elevator.

I hesitated but eventually did not chase after her. Even now, I still did not know why she went out to drink, and why she called me out. Was it because she was scared to go home alone?


I had a vague feeling from her evasiveness when she left that she had something that she did not say.

Sigh, forget about it.

I shook my head with a wry smile. Knowing her personality, I know that even if she indeed had worries, if she did not want to talk about it, it would be useless to ask her.

While I was thinking, and while the elevator door was slowly closing, Liusu, who had just left, suddenly ran back into my arms, and before I even realized what happened, her soft lips were already pressed onto mine!

The bitterness of the beer mixed with a trace of sweetness poured into my mouth, I looked at Liusu's beautiful face, which was very close to me at the moment, in disbelief, however, my hands unconsciously wrapped around her slender waist.

Oh, my god! Liusu kissed me!

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