Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Chapter 53 Honesty

With what she said, it clearly indicated that Mo Fei just wanted to learn some information about the general operation team, not to lay off anyone.

However, I simply ignored that and said sincerely, "I said that I am a selfish person. What will happen to the general operation team will not be important to me, and I am not worrying about these things. Feifei, what I can't accept is that you don't trust me. If you want to know about the general operation team, why don't you ask me?"

This is a very unreasonable question, and I also know it clearly. Business is business, it shouldn't be mixed together with personal things. After all, she is still a manager, and I am just a small office worker.

Sure enough, Mo Fei was silent for a few seconds, and the panic expression on her face was gradually replaced by confusion, "I really just want to know something about the general operation team through this survey. As a friend, I did ignore you. I'm sorry. But don't you think that it is a bit too much that you want to leave the company because of that?"

I... Damnit! Haven't I made myself clear enough? It looks like I need to be a little more direct...

After summoning up my courage, I got up and walked towards her. Pressing my hands on the desktop, I gazed at Mo Fei's panic eyes, and said with a slightly trembling voice, "Feifei, you still don't understand? I don't like being ignored by you!"

Mo Fei was dazed. Then she quickly stood up and bowed to me and said, "I'm sorry, I'll never do that again."

Oh my god, she still does not understand!

I quickly went over to stop her from bowing and said anxiously, "I don't want you to apologize, why don't you understand? I... I was hoping you could count on me, and if there is anything I can do to help, I hope you can always ask for help from me..."

"Chu Nan, you..." Mo Fei looked at me with a surprise on her face. My heart was jumping rapidly, "thank you, you are really a good friend!"

I was completely speechless... Why is this woman so dense?

The courage that I had taken so long to gather, fell apart, and I gave up completely, and it seemed to her that I had always been, and could only be, a friend.

I would have said it more bluntly, but I was afraid that she would have no room to politely refuse me, and we would feel uncomfortable working in the same office in the future. However, I believed that the message just now was clear enough. But she still did not think that I was talking about relationships, which was already a clear answer to me.

It seemed that I finally had no reason not to give up. I sighed helplessly, not knowing the feeling I had in my heart at the moment was bitterness or relief.

Sitting back in her chair, Mo Fei suddenly asked me, "Chu Nan, if I had to pick someone from the general operation team to be my assistant, who would you recommend?"

"Pick an assistant?" Thinking Song Jia's ambiguous expression just now, I suddenly realized why she would have that kind of expression, "the purpose of the survey you gave us is..."

"Yes, just a reference, but that's only secondary," said Mo Fei, while frowning and looking at the pile of surveys at hand, "you can see that, can't you? Although I am the general manager of the investment department, there are quite a few parties in the department. For example Li Qi from the project team."

I smiled sympathetically and helplessly. The executives of the company vie for power. Everyone is trying to gather more support in the company. Although there aren't many benefits involved in the investment department, compared to the other department, it has more power in the decision making level. Coupled with the fact that Mo Fei is the niece of Mo Yizhi, so other executives treat her like a thorn in their side. Therefore, placing their people in the investment department or buying people's support in the investment department is not something unusual.

"Setting up a general operation team was my idea. Although it was jokingly called the team of unskilled workers, everyone was carefully selected by me. It can be said that it is the team that I built for the future. I always thought that no one would be interested in getting support from this kind of team, but..." Mo Fei's voice suddenly became deep and her face also fell, "when you had an argument with Li Qi yesterday, I saw everyone was looking at you coldly, which made me feel a little suspicious. I want to make sure that if someone in the general operation team has joined Li Qi or Zhang Mingjie."

The team of unskilled workers... When she said those words, it sounded very harsh. But from these words, I have sensed that Mo Fei had big ambitions.

In the younger executives of the company, almost no one has the abilities that are comparable to Mo Fei's, but because of their family background, it is still a threat to her. Zhang Mingjie is one of them. Of course, Zhang Mingjie himself is not a competent man. It is just that his father, Zhang Li, the vice-chairman of the company secretly paves the road for him.

"You can confirm that just from those papers?" Too much confidence is arrogance. I couldn't help but think to myself that Mo Fei was too naive, or impatient.

"No, but at least I know who I should pay attention to, or who I can trust," Mo Fei smiled calmly, looking like a competent military adviser, "you offended Zhang Mingjie and Li Qi yesterday, guess how many people fill in your name on the last question of the survey?"

If it was in the past, I would definitely and proudly say that, there was definitely just one person and that one person was myself. However, Mo Fei's expression clearly told me that it was definitely more than one.

However, I still could not help but ask, "Ms. Mo, the reason why you suddenly gave out this survey was because of the fight I had in the company's canteen yesterday, right? If that is the case, this is more than enough reason to fire me. So..."

Mo Fei did not confirm nor deny it, she just smiled and said, "there are three people, hoping that they can stay. At the same time, they all chose to have you fired, and the most interesting thing is that the three people wrote the same name in the second question. Do you want to know who they wrote down?"

I thought Mo Fei had asked three boring questions, but now it seemed that I was wrong. Although it could offend people, I had to admit that now, it seemed like those three were not ordinary questions.

"Cheng Liusu..."

"Correct," Mo Fei was surprised. Probably she did not expect that I would get the correct name at the first try. Then she frowned and said in confusion, "Chu Nan, in addition to these three people, there are also three other people hoping you to leave the company and team leader Liu to stay at the company, do you want to know who they are?"

I was dazed for a second and then shook my head with a wry smile, "no, since it is business, you shouldn't reveal it to me. Besides... I know who they are."


It was understandable that Mo Fei didn't understand it, but I was sure that the other three people, who filled in my name, didn't have any malice. They were just being honest with themselves or treating me, this friend, sincerely. For example, Gao Dahai, Yang Wei, and... Liusu.

There are twelve people in the general operation team, but unexpectedly, I had won the votes from more than half of them on one of the most annoying questions. It was really a strange feeling.

Seeing I did not want to explain anything, Mo Fei also did not carry on asking this question. She just smiled, and returned to the previous question, "you haven't told me that if I need an assistant right now. Who would you recommend?"

Without thinking, I blurted out, "Liusu."

Mo Fei's smiles suddenly froze, "her? She is quite competent, but... Can she drive? You know that I'm not very familiar with the roads in Bei Tian city..."

I wasn't an idiot, and I knew what Mo Fei was trying to tell me. But I still answered, "yes, we learned how to drive together."

"Oh..." Mo Fei was a smart woman, so she knew that I had politely rejected her offer, "if that's the case, I'll think about it. You can leave now."


"Chu Nan!" I was about to open the door, but Mo Fei suddenly called me. I turned around, seeing Mo Fei take off her glasses and asked, "why don't you volunteer this time?"

Don't you think it is a bit cruel to work all day with a woman, who I like, but have no intention to go out with me? The higher you climb, the more painful it will be when you fall. Even a three-year-old child also knows about this. I wanted to say this to Mo Fei, but eventually, I did not say it, "it is much more convenient for her to be an assistant. After all, your previous assistants were all women."

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