Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Chapter 54 Daddy, She Is Going To Eat Me!

"But..." a faint urge in Mo Fei's eyes was suppressed by her. She blushed and looked away and said in a low voice, "but I still want you to be my assistant."

"I'm sorry Feifei, I like my current position much better." In the past, I would have fought tooth and nail for the assistant's position to get close to Mo Fei, but now that I understood that chasing her was just an extravagant dream, I've lost interest in the position.

"It's okay, I respect your choice," Mo Fei said with a smile, picking up the survey I filled out again, and said, "by the way, you said that there are two possibilities that I want you all to fill out this form. You have said the first one, what about the second one?"

"The second possibility is that you are forced to fire someone from this team. If that is the case, I will volunteer to leave the company."

Mo Fei was surprised. "why?!"

"Because..." Seeing Mo Fei's puzzled look, I could not help but feel sad. The words I originally wanted to say was swallowed back into my stomach again, "when you figure out the first question, you will understand the second one."

In Mo Fei's daze, I sauntered out of the office.

I did not think Mo Fei would find out the answer anytime soon, and I was not looking forward to it. But I felt very relaxed. Who says a loser can't be cool? The key was whether you could let go of that heavyweight in your heart.


In fact, to make friends with Mo Fei, such an excellent woman, was already a luxury for me. The excessive pursuit was demanding, and I have never been a greedy person. At the moment I closed the door, I told myself, Chu Nan, do you still remember the promise you made that night? The night you became friends with Mo Fei, you promised to make her happy.

So I would not put Mo Fei on the spot. I firmly wanted to keep that promise. Even if it was just an excuse.

Then the whole morning passed without any big layoff announcement. The tension in the general operation team also gradually became relaxed. People started to joke around that they were thinking too much. At lunchtime, Liusu, I and the rest of the people took cute Kangkang to the company's canteen.

"Nannan, do you know why Ms. Mo was doing this survey?" As soon as Liusu sat down, she looked at me with strange eyes, as if I definitely knew the inside story, or maybe she was worried that Mo Fei had shown me the form she filled.

No wonder she and Yang Wei would be very nervous when they came out of Mo Fei's office, they clearly felt guilty.

"How would I know," I am not a nosy person. I have no obligation to reveal what Mo Fei was thinking, and I would not ask Liusu why she wanted to fill my name. It was at this moment, Liu Xinlei came over with two lunch boxes.

I quickly got up and took over the boxes from her and placed them on the table, "elder sister Liu, do you have a shift tomorrow? What about kangkang? It is a national holiday tomorrow, children are looking forward to going out to play, do you want me to take over your shift?"

"What a surprise, I thought you didn't know anything about the holidays?" Elder sister Liu gave Liusu an ambiguous look and said, "Kangkang is still small, there will be a lot of chances for her to play in the future. But some people are not young anymore, they should hurry up. If they have kids in the future, they will not be able to have fun anymore."

There was no way Liusu could not understand the meaning of elder sister Liu, "Elder sister Liu, what are you talking about..."

I felt embarrassed, too. However, thinking about the gradually changing relationship between Liusu and me, I still jokingly said, "that's fine, we will have fun for a few years before we have a kid."

"I..." originally, I thought Liusu would kick me, but I did not expect that she just glared at me and soon, her face gradually became red. I was dazed for a second, a strange sad feeling appeared in my heart.

Elder sister Liu did not notice Liusu's unusual reactions, or maybe she noticed it, but she just ignored it. She just smiled at me and said, "it is fine, you have already helped me a lot in the past. It is a rare holiday, don't waste your time on her. Otherwise, I would've not requested the weekend shift myself. Hehe..."

"If that's the case... Elder sister Liu, how about let me take Kangkang out to play tomorrow? " Thinking that I had nothing better to do, I just said this to Elder sister Liu.

"Are you sure?" Elder sister Liu could not help but look at Liusu.

Liusu was dazed for a second and then took a secret glance and me. After a faint shyness flashed past her eyes, she said excitedly, "elder sister Liu, don't worry, we will help you to take care of Kangkang."

Clearly, she was trying to show that my tease earlier would not work on her. Finally, she returned to normal. I let out a sigh of relief.

"I am worried that Kangkang will disturb you..." elder sister Liu still felt that it was not appropriate.

"It will not disturb us, right, Nanan?" unexpectedly, Liusu looked at me with a kind of provocative expression, as if she wanted to prove to me that she did not mind what happened last night at all.

Seeing this, my heart was burning with unyielding pride. Do you think that I will be scared of you, little woman?

"Yes, this is a great chance for us to experience what it is like to have a kid in the future. Please allow us to take Kangkang out to play!" I stood up and bowed solemnly, and did not forget to look sideways at Liusu. The smelly girl's face and ears were both red with embarrassment. She was glaring at me as if he wanted to kill me, but at the same time, her eyes also contained an indescribable charm.

Elder sister Liu looked at me and then looked at Liusu, and as if she suddenly realized something, she said, "oh, so you are preparing for this... Great, great, great."

She was constantly saying great. I did not know if she was talking about us taking Kangkang out to play, was great, or she was talking about the relationship between me and Liusu. Or maybe... She mistakenly thought that the joke I made was real.

"Chu Nan?"

As soon as I sat down, I heard someone calling my name. I quickly stood up again, and then both Liusu and elder sister Liu were also surprised, "Ms. Mo?"

The people that came to us were Ms. Mo and her little secretary Song Jia.

Mo Fei waved her hand to signal us not to be so nervous. But as she glanced over Liusu, a strange look flashed in her eye. Apparently, as my friend, she was still concerned about the form Liusu filled. Then she said to me, "come to the office after the meal. I need to go out."

Why did she need to come to the canteen to look for me personally just for this simple thing? I thought for a second and said, "okay."

"Mhm," Mo Fei simply said, turned around and was ready to leave, leaving people a quick, resolute, and also an unfathomable mysterious feeling.

"Daddy, elder brother is bullying me... ouch!"

I was shocked. Because the person that rushed over was Kangkang. However, she bumped right into Mo Fei, who had just turned around and was about to leave. What was more shocking was that when she looked up and saw a cold-faced beauty in a black suit, she suddenly blurted out, "Witch!"

"Wit... Witch?" I clearly saw that the brows of Mo Fei's twitched a few times.

Kangkang has given everyone in the generation operation team a nickname. Of course, this also included Mo Fei. Although Witch did not sound nice, you have to know that before, she always called Mo Fei "hag" secretly. Only after I repeatedly asked Kangkang to change her nickname did she finally change it? And the reason why she called her that way was Mo Fei's aloof and serious work attitude, which made her look terrifying to kids.

Elder sister Liu was so scared that she stammered, "Ms... Ms. Mo. I'm sorry, she is just a kid, she did not mean..."

Song Jia also said, "yes, Ms. Mo, Elder sister is still small... I mean Kangkang is young, she just likes to play around...

Actually, on the surface, Mo Fei looked cold, but inside, she was not as heartless as everyone thought was. I was not worried that she would do something to Kangkang, but I was worried that Kangkang did not know about it. And as I expected, seeing Mo Fei crouched down with a stiff smile, she let out a little cry and ran behind me. "daddy, she's going to eat me!"

Elder sister Liu almost passed out, and the stiff smile on Mo Fei's face was completely frozen. The embarrassing and stiff expression on her face made the originally stiff smile even scarier, even Liusu also could not help moving two steps behind me. Elder brother Wei, who was opposite us, was trying to hide underneath the table with a plate in his hand.

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