Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Chapter 56 Mo Fei and Liusu

"And you are off today as well, right?" Mo Fei said another useless sentence.

She clearly knew it, but she had to prevent that she did not know. This made me feel even more nervous. It even made my laugh become very awkward, too, "Feifei, what are you trying to say?"

"I mean, we're friends, aren't we?"

Goddammit, can you stop beating around the bush? I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to make some final adjustments to my outfit, "yeah, we're friends, so can you stop beating around the bush? Feifei, I need to go out soon."

"Where to? The amusement park?"

"Yes, I told you yesterday that I want to take Kangkang out to play..." I could help but wonder if the reason she called me was... No, that can't be right. She clearly doesn't have feelings for me.

Though Mo Fei tried to sound casual, her tremulous voice betrayed her, "wouldn't it be inconvenient for just one man to look after a little girl?"

I was useless, and my voice also started to tremble as well, "Feifei, you... you want to go come as well?"

"You want me to go?" Mo Fei pretended to be surprised, then said casually, "if it's not convenient for you to look after Kangkang alone, I can help you. We're friends, and I just happen to be free today."

This is odd. But why do I feel that Mo Fei's response was very hypocritical? What was even odder was that I seemed to like this response.

Kangkang was clearly just an excuse. She wanted to be with me. Apart from this, I couldn't think of any other explanation! But... The thought of Liusu instantly calmed my restless mind. "thank you, Feifei, but I..."

"You're welcome. That's the deal. I'll see you at the gate of the amusement park. Du...Du... Du...."

In the mirror, there was a guy who opened his mouth wide like an idiot. On his forehead, a sweatdrop appeared and slid along his face to his chin...

Shit, I haven't even finished talking, but she has already hung up!

. . .

"Beautiful witch sister!"

Kangkang's word finally broke the tension between the three people. Liusu, Mo Fei, and I were looking at each other with an awkward smile on our faces.

"Hello, Ms. Mo."

"This isn't a company, just call me by my name, Cheng... cough... Liusu." Mo Fei's cool and elegant manner and Liusu's shy and nervous manner made me feel like I was watching a polar bear shaking hands with an Antarctic penguin.

"That's right, Liusu, you can just call her Feifei," I quickly said, "don't be so nervous, Feifei is not going to eat you."

As soon as I said it, four hungry eyes instantly glared at me at the same time, making my hairs stand on end. Oh no, they are going to eat me! My back started to have cold sweat. I could not help but think that I need to stay away from them later.

"Chu Nan, why didn't you tell me that Cheng Liusu would also come?" While Liusu took Kangkang to buy tickets, Mo Fei approached me and pinched my arms and said with embarrassment, "I think I'd better go back, otherwise, I will be the third wheel for the whole day."

Mo Fei was now certain that I was dating Liusu. The guilty and embarrassed look of her was very cute. However, I felt bad asking her to leave, so I smiled, "if you think you are the third wheel, then what about Kangkang that little girl? Should I ask her to leave as well?"

Mo Fei was dazed by my response, "but..."

"There is no but, I can tell you very seriously that this is not a date. Whether it is you, Liusu, or me, we are all here for Kangkang, aren't we?" I did not want Mo Fei to leave. This was a very strange mindset. On one hand, I wanted to show Liusu that, Mo Fei and I were really just friends. On the other hand... I had a vague longing to be with Mo Fei. It was a deep-rooted desire.

Who do I like more? Maybe I want to find an answer for myself.

"Daddy, ice cream~"

The little princess held up her half - licked ice cream and handed it to me. I smiled, picked her up, took a bite and said, "thank you."

Liusu first rolled my eyes speechlessly, and then looked at Mo Fei, who was facing the other direction and asked in confusion, "Ms... Feifei, what are you..." Liusu was still not used to calling Mo Fei, who looked aloof and cold normally, by her name, so when she said it, her tone was a bit stiff.

Mo Fei looked at Kangkang with a complicated expression in her eyes, then turned around and smiled at Liusu, "oh, nothing, I was thinking about buying the tickets."

"Oh, we got the tickets already. Let's go in." Liusu looked at Mo Fei in confusion, because the direction she was looking at earlier seemed to be a parking lot...

After we got into the park, my eyes did not stay idle for a single second, I let Kangkang sit on my shoulder, and then deliberately walked slower than the other two. From behind, I began to compare them.

Mo Fei was noble and elegant, Liusu was playful and energetic. You can tell by the way they dress.

Mo Fei was wearing her hair in a high-twisted bun, and there was a pair of big sunglasses on her head. With a water-blue scarf tied around her neck, a white shirt with a small lace round collar, and a black short jacket, the color of her outfit was monotonous but it gave people a bright-colored feeling, but it was not very intense. It was simple and comfortable, clean and neat. Under a pair of high waist slacks was a pair of bow-tied high heels. While she gave people a feeling of cold and aloof, her dress made her a little cute and lovely.

Liusu on the other hand dressed like a girl who lived next door, giving people a feeling casual and friendly. Below a pair of ripped shoulder-strap jeans was a pair of fake Nike-branded casual white shoes that were made of artificial leather. Although it was worth only 145 Chinese Yuan, Goddammit for this pair of shoes, she once dragged me across two streets.

Mo Fei was like Plum blossom, arrogant and solitary, cold and aloof. Liusu was like bamboo, young and cute, teeming with joy.

Two women of two temperaments, but with the same breathtaking beauty. I could not help but think that even having one of them, I would have no regret in my life, however, after thinking about it, I scolded myself for having such a shameless thought, because that thought implied that I wanted to have both of them.

"Chu Nan, I am a little thirsty, can you help us to buy some drinks." Liusu and Mo Fei normally didn't communicate with each other, so it was understandable that they could not find any topic to talk about, and because of that, it was inevitable that she would feel bored and look back at me from time to time. Seeing I still did not want to break the ice, she finally could not help but ask.

"What do you want to drink? Is iced tea all right?"

"Mhm," Mo Fei said, and seeing I wanted to leave, she suddenly said to Liusu nervously, "Kangkang can stay with me, you can go with Chu Nan. It will be quicker."

She is not that thirsty, is she? I think she was probably afraid to stay with Liusu alone.

Liusu only said, "okay, I will go with him."

. . .

"Boss, three bottles of iced tea, thank you."

"Damn you Nanan, what do you mean?" As I expected, the reason why she was coming with me was to question me, "Why didn't you tell me that Mo Fei was coming? If I had known, I wouldn't have come. It's really awkward to be the third wheel."

This was exactly what Mo Fei said. I smiled bitterly and said, "come on, I told you that Mo Fei and I are not in that kind of relationship."

"Not that kind of relationship?" Liusu squinted her eyes and said, "Feifei~, Feifei~, you have already started to call her in such an intimate way. Do you think I am stupid? Nannan, are you trying to make fun of me?"

In this girl's dubious look, there was a faint of sadness, I am not stupid, how could I not know what she was thinking in her mind. Taking over the cold bottle, I pressed it on her forehead gently, and then quickly jumped away while she suddenly screamed.

Then I laughed and said, "If I was really on a date with Feifei, why would I ask you to come as well? Wouldn't that be very inconvenient to keep the third wheel around?"

"Who knows, maybe you want me to give up... give up..."

"Give up what?" while asking it, I secretly prayed. Please don't say it out. Otherwise, this best buddy relationship would end.

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