Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Chapter 6 My Beautiful Best Buddy

Chapter 6 My Beautiful Best Buddy

"Disappear from my sight at once, or this granny will use the newly learned skill - the Shadowless Neutering Kick to help society eliminate you; so that you won't harm other girls anymore..."

"Oh, please don't, granny, I'll leave, leave, at once." Fearing the kick, Yang Wei left quickly. Liusu was one of the few beautiful women in the company, who he didn't dare to play around with.

Yang Wei liked to pursue a romantic bourgeois feel. But Liusu was obviously not within his target range. This girl belonged to the type that would bring her own alcohol into a French restaurant, and regardless of what type of wines she was drinking, she would guzzle them in one go. Then the steak must be very well done, and she must have it with the scallion rolls. When she was tipsy, she would stand up on the table howling, "we will rock you..."

I had already lost count how many men were scared away by her behavior. But I had to admit that there were still many people in the company, who wanted to go out with her. However, she was the type of girl, who only wanted to have fun. She had no concept of love in her mind. So far, she was still hanging out with me and adhering to the steel-like title of "single alliance".

"I haven't seen you for two days. When did I learn a new ultimate skill?"

"Yesterday. There was a Chinese Super League. Didn't you watch it?" Liusu quickly turned to me, while her long ponytail did a beautiful swing in the air. In a second, she changed from a martial arts master to an elegant lady.

"Watching Chinese football you will learn traditional martial arts, you want to try it?"

"No, thanks." I quickly declined this master's invitation. This girl was a crazy sports fan. Football was the first, basketball was the second. But in the last two years, she was too disappointed with the national team, so her love for the national team turned into hate.

"By the way, the thing that I told you the last time, have you decided?" Liusu sat down beside me, bending her slender body down, rubbing her ankles and muttered, "Ouch, who stipulated that female employees must wear high-heeled shoes..."

She was already a tall girl. With the high-heeled shoes, she was nearly 1.8 meters tall. Besides, she was not the type of girl who liked to wear this kind of shoes. "Chu babe, how about massaging my feet for me? Please~"

"Get lost," I pinched the legs, which she had lifted and rested on my thighs, gently. The elasticity of her skin reminded me of my little sister Chu Yuan. I shook my head quickly to get rid of that thought and said. "Which thing you said?"

"Granny, let this servant serve you..."

"Get lost!" Liusu used the words that I had just said, and said sharply at the handsome but sad Brother Yang. Then she turned around with a dissatisfied expression and said, "The thing about buying a car to save the pain of walking to work every day."

"Oh, that thing. I don't think I'll buy it. I don't have much savings. Now the price of gasoline is also very high. I can't afford to maintain it."

Because it was very troublesome to take buses to go to work every day, so a few days ago, I had a whim to buy a car, but I didn't expect that Liusu would still remember it.

Especially recently, she had been constantly reminding me to take action. However, ultimately she just wanted to get a free ride every day, since we lived quite close to each other. If I got a car, I would eventually become her free chauffeur. What a cunning girl.

"Buy it through a mortgage," Liusu shook my arm in a coquettish way and said, "Didn't I say that if you were short of money I could lend some to you?"

"Then it means that I'll have two debts?" I firmly denied. "You know, the place that I am living in now is rented, if I spend too much, I will not be able to save enough money to get married."

"Tch! Miser, this girl is very disappointed in you." Liusu knew me very well. She knew that once I made up my mind, I wouldn't change it.

Yang Wei, who was sitting farther away, heard our conversation and laughed. "Brother Nan is indeed Brother Nan. You have already started thinking about buying a car, even though you just started working one year ago. Unlike me, I almost starve to death at the end of every month."

'You went out with so many girls, of course, it cost you a lot!' I cursed secretly. But then again, apart from clothes, rent, transportation, and food, the only spending I had was to pay Liusu's drinks, which made me feel very sad.

"By the way, have you heard about it? Last week, the general manager Mo fired her assistant. It is said that she is going to promote someone from our team. If I were selected, then not only would I be rich, but I would also have a beautiful girlfriend as well. Muahaha..." Yang Wei had a smirk face while he laughed.

"From our team?" My heart was beating fast. Not because of the temptation of the higher position, but because of the beautiful image of her in my mind.

"What are you excited about?" Liusu squinted her eyes and looked at me. "Do you think the chance to approach your dream girl has finally come?"

This sentence directly pointed out what I was thinking, it instantly made me blush. But soon, it was cooled down by the cold bucket of water that was poured by Liusu. "You two should stop dreaming. It's just a rumor to choose an assistant from our team. Besides, even if it's really from our team, would you two have a chance?"

She was actually right, Ms. Mo's former assistants were all women. I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. Objectively speaking, Ms. Mo had no reason to choose assistants from our team.

There were six teams under the department of investment, including financing, crediting, investment operation, project preparation, and asset management, while we were the sixth team - the general operation team.

To put it nicely, we were responsible for data storage and document receiving, issuing and archiving management. To put it less nicely, we were a group of manual labor who had a less tiring job, but were getting paid quite a lot.

Even if we had abilities, we couldn't find the opportunity to show it. Therefore, we would inevitably become the representative of the four words: "high salary, low ability". Why would manager Mo be interested in us?

"Good morning, Ms. Mo."

"Morning, Ms..."


With a clatter of footsteps, the relaxed atmosphere in the office area became more and more serious. As I looked up at the direction of the noises, as I expected, it was Mo Fei - the general manager of the investment department, the woman of my dreams.

The black suit was beautiful but not garish; the walking pace was quick but not rush; the dark long hair was rolled, revealing her snow-white neck; the face was cool and elegant; behind the compact black-frame glasses, her big bright eyes were shining; and her nobleness could always make people feel inferior.

She was 1.72 meters tall and had a sexy body that would make countless men crazy. Her three measurements were 88 - 62 - 89. I secretly got it from her little secretary. Because of this, I spent more than 500 yuan on chocolate alone.

It was said that she, who was twenty-five years old, was still single at the moment. So although the possibility only existed in theory, I still had an extravagant hope, and I think I was not the only one who thought that way.

At such a young age, she could sit on the throne of the general manager of the investment department. Although her ability was worthy of affirmation, her family background could not be ignored. The chairman of Fengchang corporation - Mo Yizhi, was her uncle.

Mo Yizhi was unable to have children because of his health condition. Therefore, he regarded his niece Mo Fei as his own daughter and doted on her. This was not a secret in Fengchang corporation.

I liked Mo Fei, not only because of the way she was, although I couldn't say exactly what I liked about her, since the moment she interviewed me and hired me, the shadow of this woman had been always staying in my mind.

"Hey, did she make your mind go blank again?" Liusu slapped me on the shoulder and winked her eyes in ridicule.

"Who?" I said and shifted my sight that was blocked by the door panels. And then I asked something else to cover my embarrassment up slightly, "By the way, you said that you were going to give me a surprise the day before yesterday. What was it?"

I just said it casually. But I didn't expect that Liusu was already prepared. While searching something inside her pink bag, she was smiling at me, "haha, I am surprised that you still remember it, be careful, don't be scared by it... Behold..."

Originally, I thought it was something special, but I didn't expect that she would pull out a black-framed glasses without lenses and put them on; and then she kept a straight face and mimicked Mo Fei's tone, and said, "Nannan, I'm the girl of your dreams - Feifei. Do you still have a headache?"

"Are you looking for a beating?" I raised a finger, wanting to flick her forehead.

"Wait, wait, I am joking. Actually, I have a gift to give you," Liusu was scared of me doing this to her, so she quickly begged for forgiveness. And then from the bag, she took out of a box, "Well, here you are. Sorry that I made you drunk that day."

Liusu covered her forehead and looked at me with anticipation as I opened the box.

"Still a pair of glasses? Are you playing with me again!" Inside the box was a pair of glasses that were almost the same style as Liusu's; and of course, it was also the same style as Mo Fei's.

"Haha..." Liusu knew that I would beat her, so she had already run away. While she was running, she still laughed at me, "You lovesick fool. Giving you a pair of glasses to solve your lovesickness. Haha..."

In a series of wild laughs, she ran out of the door. It was the working time already, she probably went to other teams to get documents.

"This bratty girl! Always likes to play around, and make trouble. No wonder nobody wants to go out with you..." Maybe because I knew very clearly that my feeling toward Mo Fei would not end well, so I did not like people making fun of it.

"Brother Nan, indeed no one dares to go out with Granny Cheng, but it's not because she likes to play around. To be honest with you, you're the only one in the world who is not qualified to laugh at her." I did not know when brother Wei appeared behind me, but he picked up the pair of glasses Liusu gave me and carried on, "What time did granny call you on Saturday?"

I was confused, and did not know why he was asking this, "About twelve o'clock. What's wrong?"

"Haha, and you are still asking me what's wrong? You're too innocent," Yang Wei put the glasses on my head and patted me on the shoulder with a sigh. "She's a big girl. She went to your house at 12, noon, knowing that you might still be drunk in bed. Do you really think that she was just trying to give you a pair of glasses to mock you? Chu Nan, if you are always this obtuse, you are going to be a virgin for the rest of your life. If you don't care about it, please don't waste granny's time."

Before I could figure out what he meant, he said to me in a sophisticated tone, "You need to remember, a woman will only be willing to cook for two kinds of men in her life; one is her husband, and the other is, ha-ha, the person she hopes to be her husband. You don't know how blessed you are."

Yang Wei walked away, but I was puzzled. 'What did he mean by that? Did he want to say that Liusu likes me? How is it possible? Cheng Liusu, who treats me like her best buddy, likes me?' This was the biggest joke I've ever heard in my life.

I wanted to laugh, but the stiff corners of my mouth just would not budge. All kinds of memories began to flashback in my mind. It seemed that every time I got drunk, Liusu would come to my house to cook the next day...

'Oh, No...'

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