Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Chapter 61 Foot Fetish

"Did you forget it again? Should you call your elder brother by his name?" I grabbed the top of the sock and yanked it, a snow-white little smooth jade-like foot instantly appeared naked in front of my eyes.

The back heel was round and soft, smooth like a piece of water tofu. Because of the nervousness, her toes curled up very hard, forming a few lovely pink wrinkles in the center of the sole. Five toes were sparkling and glittering like five crystals, and also like the five fresh and mature Spirit Mountain Cardamom that seemed to be overflowing with a sweet fragrance. Her toenails were manicured, it looked very natural yet very attractive.

I quickly bit at the tip of my tongue with my teeth. Goddammit, I was almost absorbed by it, and how on earth could someone's foot look like this? This was clearly a perfect handicraft that was carved out of a beautiful jade!

"Tell me, why did you pull a prank on me?"

"I didn't!"

"You don't want to admit it?" I grinned evilly and said, at the same time, I used my nails to slowly and gently tickle Chu Yuan's sole. Chu Yuan, who had just stubbornly propped up her upper body, instantly fell down in a strange cry.

"Hahahaha ... stop, stop it... Hahaha ... elder brother, stop tickling me ..." The bratty girl tried to bite her lower lip to suppress the laughter and then buried her face in the sofa cushion while trembling constantly.

I was not in a hurry, so I continued the "gentle" punishment. Soon, the bratty girl finally could not bear it, and suddenly raised her head, and started to laugh with tears.

Since I was a kid, this was the first time I saw Chu Yuan could laugh so hard that she completely forgot herself, but I still ignored her and continued to tickle.

"Stop it, brother... it's dirty... haha, I haven't washed it... hahaha ..."

"It's okay, I don't mind that it's dirty." If it wasn't she herself said that it was dirty, I would definitely think it was a slander. After all, she has been wearing shoes for the whole day, but not only did her feet not smell, but there was also a delicate fragrance. Could it be that this was her body scent?

"It... hahaha... it smells!"

"If you don't tell me why, I will not stop doing it! You were trying to laugh earlier, weren't you? So you can just keep laughing."

"I, I wasn't laughing... And I don't want to laugh! Haha...It was a joke... Haha... I'm sorry... hahaha, brother, I was wrong ... ah hahaha, please forgive me, forgive me ... ah hahaha ha... waaah..." Chu Yuan's pride was so strong that she started to cry because of embarrassment. However, because of the tickles, she had to keep laughing. Then it ended up like she was half crying and half laughing.

"Joke? Why didn't I know that you still have a sense of humor?" If I kept on tickling her, probably Chu Yuan would die of laughing too much. So although I didn't believe it, I still stopped it.

Chu Yuan could finally stop laughing, and her whole body also stopped shaking as if she was paralyzed. After she finally recovered, she glared at me fiercely, "why are you still sitting on top of me?!"

My eyes instantly flashed the cold gleam, the smelly girl quickly changed her words and begged, "elder brother, can you please get up?"

Only until now did I sit up satisfactorily. Chu Yuan also sat up, but as if she was disappointed at how useless her sole was, she quickly grabbed her feet and scratched her sole a few times sulkily. At the same time, she was glaring at me with anger and resentment. Although brother, I won the fight again, every time when she showed a wronged expression, I could not help but feel guilty.

I let out an awkward laugh, took out a tissue, and sat next to Chu Yuan to help her wipe the tears off her face. While posing as an elder, I said, "Yuanyuan, you need to remember it, the similar joke should not happen in the future, I am your elder brother, it is disrespectful if you deliberately make fun of me. Didn't I tell you last time already? Failing to respect your brother will be punished."

Chu Yuan snatched the tissue from my hand and refused to give in, "it's your fault. You lie to me."

I was startled, "When did I lie to you?"

Chu Yuan's little face was blushed, then turned her head indignantly, "I have never seen an elder brother that is so petty-minded like you. You don't even have a sense of humor!"

Leaving aside the question of whether it was funny or not, if I didn't punish her this time, God knows if she would put some rat poison in my meal next time.

Girls in the rebellious period would really give people a lot of headaches. They couldn't be indulged, nor could they be punished harshly.

"Oh?" I pulled out another tissue and continued to wipe the tears around her eyes, while laughing, "so you want an elder brother that is not as petty-minded as me?"

"No," Chu Yuan no longer sulked with me, she let me wipe her face. "I don't want any elder brother, including you!"

I didn't know if I was thinking too much. I always felt that Chu Yuan was very serious when she said this. I could not help but feel slightly panicked. She did not like me to be her elder brother?

Maybe because of a guilty conscience, I changed the subject, "All right, you haven't told me about what you want me to do tomorrow."

Chu Yuan was smart, she could clearly see the flash of panic on my face. There was also a trace of guilt flashing in her expression. But in the next second, she suddenly kicked gently on my waist with her bare jade-like feet, "give that back to me!"

Only until now did I just realized that I was still holding my sister's sock. I smiled embarrassingly and returned the sock back to her. However, Chu Yun did not put it back on again. Instead, she took off the other sock as well.

Seeing I was staring at her feet, her face was even redder, and she suddenly shoved two socks into my arms and said, "since you want them so much! Take it! You foot fetish creep!"

"Foot, foot fetish?" My face was burning like fire. I was so embarrassed that I quickly said, "who are you talking about!"

"You!" Chu Yuan sat cross-legged. Her posture wasn't pretty, but she did not seem to mind it. She used her both hands to cover her little feet, and then looked at me without fear, and said, "you said that you did not mind my dirty feet when you were tickling it. If that is not a foot fetish, then what is it?"

I was speechless... This bratty girl was still young. She clearly did not know what that word really meant, but she still used it. I could not help but laugh. After putting her socks on the tea table, I said, "alright, alright, I am a foot fetish creep, are you happy now? Seriously, what do you want me to do tomorrow?..."

"You really have a foot fetish?!" The bratty girl could not tell whether I was telling the truth or not, she suddenly held both her feet tightly and looked at me nervously as if she had encountered a sexual predator in a dark alley.

I did not know whether I should laugh or cry, "are you done or not? What is it you need me to do tomorrow? I'm very busy, if you don't want to say it, then forget about it."

"Didn't you say that you did not have a girlfriend? So what are you busy with?"

God Damnit, this bratty girl really had a sharp tongue. Her words were like a sharp knife that always aimed at my wound, "Can I not be busy looking for a girlfriend?"

Chu Yuan probably took my words seriously, so she snorted coldly, but she didn't dare to continue talking to me defiantly, "tomorrow, I need you-"

It was at this moment, my phone suddenly rang. The little girl's two beautiful brows were instantly pressed together. She pouted her lips, and looked at me with dissatisfaction, I smiled apologetically and then took a quick look at the screen

Shit! Can't let her see this one.

"How are you, my dear uncle? Happy national holiday~"

Every time I heard Xiao Yike's babe voice, my hair would always stand on end, although I did not really know why. Probably I was scared to let Chu Yuan hear it, I lowered my voice, walked to my room, and said, "you too..."

"But this little girl is not very happy now."

Dammit... I knew she would not be so kind as to just say happy holiday to me. Her first sentence was clearly used to lure me into a trap. "What is it this time? Arguing with dad again?" Although I knew it was a trap, this bratty girl left me with no other choice but to continue the conversation.

"Wow, uncle, so you agree to be my boyfriend?"

"Bullshi- When did I say that?" I was so mad that I almost cursed aloud.

Then I could hear Xiao Yike laugh proudly on the other end of the phone line, "You even called my father, Dad, so why are you embarrassed to admit it?"

This bratty girl was clearly teasing me. I said lightly, "I am very busy right now, so I don't have time for a chit chat. If you don't have anything important, I am hanging up now."

"Wait, uncle, I have, I have. It is very important..." Just when I was trying to hear what Xiao Yike was going to say next, my bedroom door was suddenly opened.

Chu Yuan first took a glance at my shocked expression, but then simply walked in, sat in front of my computer, and started it up, while completely ignoring that what she was doing was very impolite.

What is this? Is she trying to tell me that she could openly eavesdrop my telephone conversation?

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