Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Chapter 62 Taking Care Of The Little Sister Is Better Than Looking For A Girlfriend

Sometimes people's minds work in a very funny way. It would not be suspicious if I went to my room to answer the phone, but Chu Yuan would definitely be suspicious if I left the room after she came in. I couldn't tell why, but I didn't want to be suspected by Chu Yuan, so I asked Xiao Yike calmly, "what is it?"

During the conversation, I secretly pressed the side button of the phone a few times, and turned down the volume until even I myself also had a hard time hearing it, "Uncle, do you have time tomorrow?"

I saw Chu Yuan's ears suddenly twitch. Sure enough, she was trying to eavesdrop. This bratty girl was really nosy. "Tomorrow, I don't have time. I promise to go out with my little sister. I'm really sorry."

Since there was an opportunity to please Chu Yuan, how could I let it slip away from me? Clearly, I still did not know what Chu Yuan wanted me to do, but I still said it in a manner as if I would do anything for her.

"Can't you take her out another day?" Xiao Yike whined, "What's the point of going out with your little sister? There is a party tomorrow that I need to attend, but It's not appropriate not to bring a boyfriend. Uncle, can't you go with me?"

"Hmmm... A party that must bring a boyfriend..." I peeked at Chu Yuan and said while pretending that it was a difficult decision. Then I saw the bratty girl suddenly straightened her body, which indicated that she definitely heard what I just said. I forced myself not to laugh and said, "I still can't do that. I have already promised my little sister, how can I break my promises?"

Xiao Yike said coquettishly, "uncle, please. I'm begging you. If you go with me, I will definitely give you some great rewards, you know, like the rewards that only your girlfriend would give..."

The busty loli's pure and innocent face and her charming and enchanting body figure suddenly flashed through my head at the same time, making my heart beat rapidly for a while. I almost could not help but ask her what the reward would be!

Fortunately, I had a firm mind. I quickly stopped myself and said, "begging me is useless, in my heart, my little sister is always the first priority!"

Since there was a tax on flattery, I would just flatter my little sister as much as I could.

"Are you not afraid that I would be abducted? That's a party with strangers!"

It would be much more believable if the person who said this sentence was Liusu or Chu Yuan. Although I didn't know Xiao Yike's background, I clearly knew that this two-faced girl's cunning character. Abducting her? You must be joking. If she was serious, she might even lead those abductors straight to the police station.

I put on a sad expression, and said with a deep voice as if I had been dumped by someone, "I hope you will find someone better than me..."

Chu Yuan's body suddenly shook. Seeing this, I almost burst out laughing. I have to control myself... control myself

"Ew..." Xiao Yike finally could not handle it, "Uncle, you are really narcissistic, but I like it, hee hee. Anyway, I will let you go this time. I don't want my future little sister-in-law to get mad at me before I even marry into your family. But if I invite you again next time, you can't say no... There is something I need to do, so I need to go now, bye-bye."

It seemed like Xiao Yike really needed to leave, she hung up the phone in a hurry.

I took a deep breath pretentiously, and smiled sadly, "Goodbye, I hope you can be happy..."

Damn! How come there are no movie directors or actor scouts asking me to act in a movie? Otherwise, I can absolutely bring them two Oscars back!

Angrily, I threw the phone on the bed, and let out a long sigh. Then I walked straight to the side of Chu Yuan, holding the back of the chair with one hand and placing another hand on the computer table. At the moment I looked at Chu Yuan, the sad face of a heartbroken man instantly disappeared. It was replaced with endless love.

I had used my action to prove Chu Yuan that taking care of the little sister was better than looking for a girlfriend, although it was fake. Unless Chu Yuan's heart was a metal ball, otherwise, she would definitely be moved by me!

"Yuanyuan, what are you doing?"

Chu Yuan was doing something with her QQ, and one of her friends just sent her a message asking her if she was online. Chu Yuan tapped the word 'yes' and then lowered her head and said in a very low voice, "Thank you."

I pretended that I did not know what she was talking about and said, "Thank you?"

The bratty girl was not used to thanking me, so her expression was unnatural, and her eyes were filled with worries. Instead of answering my question, she asked, "elder brother, are you really okay with that?"

"What's not okay with it?" I smiled and stroked Chu Yuan's head, and my expression was as serious as a pupil answering a teacher's question, "my little sister is much more important than a girlfriend."

There was no way I would tell her what Xiao Yike had actually said. To flatter Chu Yuan was both incidental and a way of self-entertaining. Normally, she was a person that would not give in so easily, so only now did I feel like I was her elder brother, and only now did she look like a little sister.

The previous performance was used as a foreshadowing. The more I understated it, the more guilty Chu Yuan would feel. Sometimes when girls felt overwhelmingly touched, they would also feel embarrassed and shy as well, but you shouldn't let them say it out, because once the feeling was kept in their hearts, it would become even more unforgettable. This kind of method works on all kinds of relationships, whether it is family or friends or romantic relationships.

Though I also understood this, I was never able to use it on any other girl.

"You are chatting with someone?" I then asked a super dumb question. Usually, Chu Yuan would definitely be annoyed and ask sarcastically if I was blind. But today, she nodded meekly.

It just happened that the person whose nickname was "Smaller Boobies Are Better" sent a message, "I'll see you tomorrow at the place we agreed. Will there be a problem with you?"

Tomorrow? I was dazed for a second, "don't you have something else to do tomorrow?"

"Mhm," Chu Yuan said to me while typing on the keyboard, "it is to meet her."

I couldn't help but blurt out, "online friend?!"

You gotta be kidding me, my little sister is doing online dating! Eh? Hold on a second, 'Smaller Boobies Are Better' is a girl? Why would a girl call herself that online? Huh? Online dating? A girl? I suddenly remembered that my little sister's novel was about the love between two girls and all the pornographic DVDs she collected were lesbian...

Oh no!

Chu Yuan ignored me. She just replied, "no problem, at ten thirty, the Ice-cold Cold Drink shop, see you there."

Only until now did I notice Chu Yuan's nickname, "I want to kill my elder brother".

I was completely speechless. I couldn't help but asked, "Yuanyuan, how much do you hate me exactly..."

Chu Yuan uttered a strange scream, and then instinctively tried to cover the screen, but she quickly realized that it was too late, so her face instantly turned red, "It's not what you think it is, I created this nickname a long time ago."

"So you wished to kill me a long time ago?" I said with a sad smile on my face.

"No! I..." Chu Yuan stood up all of sudden, stomping her feet in frustration, and said, "you think too much!"

I covered my forehead with one hand, and took two steps backward while facing the ceiling as if I was about to collapse on the floor, and started to sing a famous heartbroken song "You Think Too Much" like an actor acting in opera, "I think too much, you always say so, but you never really care about me, I really think too much, I also say so, this is the only excuse I can use to comfort myself... "


Chu Yuan thought that I was so shocked that I had completely lost my mind. There were visible fears and panic in her eyes. She suddenly embraced my waist and cried, "Brother, please don't do this, I will change it. Okay? If you are angry, you can scold me. I didn't want to kill you, really!"

Kill me? I wonder when she would be that brave.

Anyway, I was just playing with her. In fact, I wasn't surprised that Chu Yuan would have this kind of name online. After all, our relationship only got slightly better recently. Moreover, from the way she treated me in the past, it was understandable that she would want to have this kind of name online.

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