Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Chapter 67 Dating

Hearing that there was a gift, the little girl's excitement was written all on her face, but I smiled mysteriously and said, "I can't tell you at the moment, you will know when we get there, but I can guarantee that you will like it. Let's go to eat first. What do you want to eat?"

"Hamburger." Chu Yuan said simply, and while I was in confusion, she took the initiative to hold my arm, as if she was scared that I would break my promise and run away suddenly. A pair of watery eyes swayed in anticipation, and maybe she was not used to being intimate with me, her fine jade-like cheeks showed a faint of pink color, but her expression was still fierce, it was so cute that it could not be expressed by any words.

Honestly, I felt slightly comfortable with her intimacy as well. After all, the word "brother and sister" was not engraved on our foreheads. With this kind of posture, what was the difference between us and other couples everywhere on the street? Probably the only difference was that most passers-by would look back at us several times and thought to themselves: Damn, his girlfriend is so beautiful!

"Yuanyuan, aren't you holding my arms too tight?" It felt so strange to have my arm touching my little sister's chest. My whole arm seemed to be petrified, unable to move, but it could clearly convey that softness to my brain, causing my brain to fail to function properly and mess up my balance system. Suddenly, I felt that I couldn't even walk properly.

Chu Yuan stubbornly pouted her lips and said mischievously, "aren't all datings like this?" After she finished, she deliberately leaned even closer toward me.

"Dating?" I did not expect Chu Yuan would take my joke seriously, and even more unexpectedly, she, who disliked me, would be so obedient.

"Are you shy?" The bratty girl looked at me in surprise and then sneered with a contemptuous tone, "What's the big deal, no wonder you still can't get a girlfriend. You are even more old-fashioned than dad."

Provocation, this is absolutely a provocation!

"Who said I am shy, I just feel that it is a little hot," I am a man, I can't be defeated by her.

Putting my right hand in my pocket and looking at Chu Yuan's small chest with pity, "Yuanyuan, you are a lot taller now, but some places are not growing at all..."

"You!" Of course, Chu Yuan knew what I was referring to. The little girl's face was red with embarrassment and looked away in a huff. "It's none of your business!" she groaned angrily.

I pretended to be serious, "I am your elder brother, although it is not my business, I am worried about your growth."

However, not only did the bratty girl not let go of my arm, but she also hugged even tighter, and then raised her head. Her shy big eyes flashed with a complacent gaze, her small pointed chin cocked, and said in a disgruntled tone, "you can keep trying, but I won't be fooled. The more embarrassed you are, the happier I will be."

Er... I was completely defeated, this bratty girl knew me too well... I let out a hollow laugh, but I was not displeased. On the contrary, I enjoyed a close relationship with my little sister at the moment. The strange eyes of passers-by made me feel awkward, but at the same time, I couldn't conceal my inner pride because I had such a beautiful little sister, and because of the self-deception and wild imagination brought by the misunderstanding

Isn't life all about the constant imagining wildly? This is the same as masturbation. Doing it occasionally will benefit the healthy growth of the body and mind. I thought to myself shamelessly.

I didn't expect Chu Yuan would have such a childish mentality. The reason why she wanted to eat hamburgers was just to save time, so we could go on a "date" sooner. When the taxi stopped at the "Tip-top" Electronic City, the little girl's face was full of surprises. Clearly, she now realized what gift I was going to give her.

"Yuanyuan, do you like a desktop or a laptop?"

After entering the mall, we immediately saw the dazzling assortment of all kinds of computer brands. Chu Yuan looked at me in disbelief, and the suppressed excitement made her voice tremble slightly, "You, you really want to buy me a computer?"

I frowned deliberately, "Otherwise, why do you think I brought you here?"

Chu Yuan's eyes glanced around, but when she noticed the price tag, she swallowed very hard and then pulled me towards the entrance, "it is too expensive..."

I felt moved. Originally, I thought that this bratty girl would seize the opportunity and make me spend a lot of money, but I didn't expect she would say this. With this sentence alone, no matter how much I would spend on her, it was still worth it, "it is not that expensive, so you don't need to worry about that. Besides, the purpose of making money is to spend it. Don't you think so?"

I actually had a small fortune. The accumulation of the money I made from my part-time job in the college and the considerable salary of Fengchang Group this year would even surprise my old man. And the main reason for that was that I had nothing I could spend on. Leaving aside the fact that I didn't have a girlfriend, I didn't smoke, and I was a lightweight drinker. So I saved most of the money I earned. However, for a man, this was not something that should be proud of.

Chu Yuan was very tempted, but she also hesitated, "but..."

"There is no but," I interrupted her and said with a straight face, "the reason why you need it is because you need to write your novels, not playing games. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to buy it for you."

The moved expression flashed by Chu Yuan's pretty face, but in the next second, the bratty girl put on a suspicious expression and said, "you think that it will be very inconvenient for you if I use your computer, don't you?"

What she said was spot on! I suddenly felt very hot, but fortunately, my face didn't turn red, and I just let out a few dry laughs and said, "who said?"

Unlike me who had thick skin, the little face of Chu Yuan was suddenly covered in a layer of redness. She quickly turned to her head and said in a disgruntled manner quietly, "you definitely don't want to delete those dirty movies."

"Nonsense! Are those movies worth thousands of Chinese Yuan? Do you think I am stupid?" I laughed and flicked Chu Yuan's forehead and said, "okay, let's enough. Let's check around. Your elder brother, I, don't understand computers very much, so you pick it yourself."

After thinking it for a while, Chu Yuan probably also felt that she had probably been thinking too much. So she pouted her lips in dissatisfaction and stopped talking. She was still my little sister, after all, so she knew that once I made up my mind, I would not change it. So she stopped refusing me and then hugged my arm again and started to check out computers.

But was she really thinking too much? Of course not! Although all those movies were downloaded from the internet, if I say that all those movies are priceless, I believe that all men will agree with me. Besides, I am still a virgin. I depend on those movies. There is no way I would delete those movies. Spending a few thousand Chinese Yuan to get Chu Yuan a computer would be good for both of us.

Anyway, I know it was for a selfish reason, I couldn't do anything about it

Alas, it's hard to be a good person!

Girls, or all women, have such a common problem, that is, they can't decide what to buy. Originally, I thought Chu Yuan would also be the same, but she took me into the HP store very purposefully. I was a little surprised because the computer in my room was HP's.

Before deciding to buy a computer for Chu Yuan, I checked some information online. I vaguely remembered that HP seemed to be more famous for its laptops. I knew that my little girl was not good at expressing herself, so I asked the young assistant on her behalf, "Are there any good laptops you can recommend?"

But before the girl answered, Chu Yuan said, "I don't want a laptop, I want a desktop!"

"A desktop?" I was confused. Thinking of Chu Yuan's hobby of writing books, I said, "Isn't a laptop more convenient?"

Chu Yuan looked at me, and said again, "I just want a desktop." Surprisingly, her attitude was inexplicably tough.

I was puzzled and then glanced at the price. It was the same configuration, but the laptop price was much higher than the desktop. Then I suddenly realized why and whispered to her, "silly girl, didn't I tell you not to save money for me?"

"Who said I am saving money for you?" Chu Yuan was embarrassed. However, as if she didn't want to admit it, she said, "I don't like laptops, desktops are more comfortable to use."

"But the desktop can only be placed in the room ..."


"If it is a laptop, you can take it to school, you can also write your book during the lunch break ..."

"The school has computers, and I like to write at home," Chu Yuan said softly, shaking my arm and begged, "I want a desktop, I want a desktop, elder brother, please~"

Hearing her calling brother in such a pleading voice, I couldn't help but shiver all of sudden.

"Miss, we want a desktop!"

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