Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Chapter 72 Mysterious Dongfang

After drinking a few cups of tea just now, my abdomen was a little heavy. After I returned to the flat, I went directly to the bathroom, then I heard Chu Yuan's voice in the living room, "where are they?"

I was about to answer, but then I heard Dongfang said, "your elder brother probably went down to see Officer Dong out, this half cup of tea is still hot."

"Mhm, probably," said Chu Yuan as they walked towards the door. "Dongfang, be careful on your way home, I don't think that there is a need for me to see you out at the gate."

It seemed like Dongfang was going to leave. I quickly zipped up my trousers.

"What? Are you afraid to see your brother and that policewoman being too intimate with each other downstairs?"

I was about to pull the bathroom door open, then I heard this. My body instantly became still. Why was the tone of Dongfang so ambiguous, as if she deliberately tried to worsen my relationship with Chu Yuan?

"Dong Xiaoye is my brother's friend, not a girlfriend." Chu Yuan's tone was very cold, but it made me feel warm. In the end, my little sister still believed me.

"Who said that? Your elder brother?" Dongfang Lianren smiled disdainfully, "Yuanyuan, men never tell the truth. He is probably lying to you."

"He won't lie to me, and he has never lied to me," Chu Yuan's affirmation and trust almost made me break into tears. It turned out that I was actually such a person in her heart. However, what she said next almost made me tumble into the toilet, "Because he doesn't dare to."

Is that what she really thinks of me? But your brother, I, am an honest and trustworthy man, I'll never lie.

Then after a short silence, I suddenly heard a series of silver bell-like giggles from Dongfang Lianren, but this beautiful sound seemed ironic to me, making me blush a bit. Did she just read my mind?

"Yuanyuan, you are so simple, but so cute."

"Maybe I am simple, but I am not stupid," Chu Yuan's voice suddenly became very cold, "My brother's hand was scratched by you, and Lv Siqi was also called over by you, right?"

Although it was a question, the tone was unusually certain, and despite the fact that I had already guessed it, it was still hard to hide the surprise. How did I offend this bratty girl so much that she tried so hard to harm me?

Dongfang Lianren didn't admit it, but she also did not deny it. Although I couldn't see her present expression, I believe it would be very interesting. But I didn't dare to breathe at the moment, I only hoped that Dongfang Lianren would tell the reason under the pressure of Chu Yuan. However, unexpectedly, Chu Yuan did not ask her.

"Dongfang, this is the first and the last time, if you still want to be my friend, don't touch my bottom line."

"Your elder brother is your bottom line?"

Chu Yuan replied without hesitation, "Yes!"

The voice of Dongfang Lianren suddenly became deep and terrifying, "What about me?"

"A friend," Chu Yuan sighed and eased her tone a little, "Dongfang, I cherish our friendship, otherwise, I will never forgive you for what you did today."

Dongfang Lianren suddenly said anxiously, "I was just joking with him, why are you being so heartless to me? Yuanyuan, does our friendship really have only little value to you?"

Joking with me? She even had the audacity to say that it was a joke. Hadn't I dodged quickly, Lv Siqi's big bat would have smashed my head like a watermelon, and if I hadn't grabbed Lei Tu's hands faster, his knife would have been more than enough to send me to the hospital for emergency treatment! If it weren't for Yuanyuan, I would have already exposed you in front of Dong Xiaoye, and you would have already been sent to the juvenile detention center!

"Is that a joke? Did you not see that Tu Lei took the knife out? Not to mention that Lv Siqi said that he wanted to kill my elder brother." Chu Yuan's cold voice started to show a faint of irrepressible anger, "Dongfang, I don't know what you are thinking, we have known each other for four years, I know you just like you know me. So you should know that you and I both don't like jokes."

Hearing Chu Yuan saying this, I suddenly had a strange feeling in my heart. Could it be that Dongfang Lianren was a girl, who had a very similar personality to Chu Yuan? Moreover, why did I feel that the way these two girls spoke was far beyond their young age? However, I really didn't expect that I would have so much weight in Chu Yuan's heart, but then again, if my friend had bad intentions about Chu Yuan, I would definitely break up with them without any hesitation.

Dongfang Lianren was silent for a while, then asked softly, "Will your elder brother hate me? He has already seen through my tricks, right? Will he object to our relationship in the future?"

"No," Chu Yuan's words made me have the urge to rush out and pinch her self-righteous little face, "he is a fool but smart one, he's just used to being foolish. You see, Clearly, he knew my secret, but he still went to buy me a computer..." The bratty girl also knew that her secret was very embarrassing, her voice gradually became quieter. I was quite surprised. The relationship between them was that close that she was even willing to tell her this kind of secret?

"Hehe, having such an elder brother, I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse..." Dongfang Lianren sighed, and then smiled, "what I did today was wrong, I shouldn't make that kind of joke, but Yuanyuan, you need to believe me, I really didn't expect Lv Siqi would really harm your elder brother. I promise you that I will not make this kind of joke again."

"Dongfang, you don't need to feel sorry..." Chu Yuan's words made me confused for a second. Hold on a second, Yuanyuan she should be, right? Your elder brother, I, was hurt because of her.

But Chu Yuan's next words surprised me, "I know that you want to use him to drive Lv Siqi and other people away from me, but have you thought that if my elder brother was really injured because of this, how would I feel?"

Chu Yuan's tone became harsher and harsher. In the end, it was already an irrefutable question. At this time, I finally understood why Chu Yuan clearly knew that Dongfang Lianren was behind this, but she still tried to protect her in front of me. So this was the reason.

If Lv Siqi beat me up in front of Chu Yuan, then when he knew that I was Chu Yuan's elder brother, he would certainly be embarrassed to appear in front of Chu Yuan again. I could not help frowning, what could she possibly benefit from this? Not to mention that this bad idea might kill me. Lv Siqi was not mentally handicapped, knowing that she had tricked him, would he not retaliate? But when I thought about it again, although Lv Siqi said fiercely to Dongfang Lianren before he left, his eyes had a faint of hesitation... I couldn't help but think that this Dongfang Lianren might not be an ordinary girl.

"I'm sorry ..." The guilt of Dongfang Lianren was equivalent to admitting that Chu Yuan was right. Goddamnit, I am happy that she was protecting Chu Yuan, but she clearly didn't care about how badly I would be injured. However, I could not say anything to her but to forgive her. She is so scheming!

"You don't need to apologize, I will apologize to my elder brother for you," Chu Yuan eased her tone and said, "Although your approach today was too excessive, but... it really helped me get rid of a group of flies. So thank you, and we can call it even."

Even? I almost cried. My dear little sister, why are you calling it even.

"Hee hee, I didn't expect that you would think of using your elder brother as your boyfriend. I have really underestimated you." She paused for a second and then said seriously, "Yuanyuan, you are my best and only friend, I don't want to lose you, goodbye~"

I didn't hear Chu Yuan's answer but only heard the sound of someone closing the door lightly. Through the door slit, I saw her go straight back to her room.

Sneaking out of the flat secretly, I sat on the stairs of the third floor. I wanted to go back after a while, pretending that I just came back from outside, but then I couldn't help but think about what Dongfang Lianren had said to Chu Yuan, and it actually made me think: Having an elder brother like me, is it a blessing or a curse for Chu Yuan?

The reason why I bought a computer for her was that I wanted to support her hobby of writing novels. But definitely not a hobby of collecting lesbian pornographic movies. However, what if she went online to download those movies like me?

I didn't want to indulge Chu Yuan, but I wanted to support her hobbies in a gentle way. As long as the relationship between us got closer and the barrier was removed, she would eventually listen to me and grow up healthily under my supervision, I always think that a serious high-stress policy would only have the opposite effect for the rebellious Chu Yuan...

Am I wrong? This was clearly the best approach, right?

But how could there be a correct answer to this kind of question? I secretly smiled bitterly. That kind of thing could only be found out in the future, the only thing I could do was stick to the teaching method that I believed the best and firmly implement it, unless someone could convince me that it was wrong.

The first thing was to establish a close relationship with Chu Yuan that would allow us to communicate and understand each other, and then tell her that watching pornographic videos wasn't right...

Thinking of this, I almost wanted to slap myself. Alas, Chu Nan, you have to set a good example.

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