Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Chapter 73 You Are The Most Important Person To Me

I rushed back to the flat and went into my room straight away, turned on the computer, gritted my teeth, opened the folder that contained the spiritual opium 'Windows system file', and deleted it while enduring the slashing pains in my heart.

Bracing myself, I deleted all of them in one go, not even giving myself a time to hesitate. Relieved and relaxed, I almost squatted in the corner wiping tears, sister Ozawa, Saynara~

The mood of parting was heavy, so my legs were also very heavy. Just when I sat down on the sofa in the living room, Chu Yuan came out of the room. As soon as she saw me, she frowned, "just come back?"

"Mhm, something wrong?" I pretended to say it casually.

"Yes..." Chu Yuan sat directly beside me, and her face was filled with hesitation.

"About your classmate?"

Chu Yuan trembled, but this was an unavoidable question, and she also knew it clearly. Her little face was filled with guilt and apology, "Elder brother, she is not as bad as you think, it's just... just that her personality is a little bit strange, she likes pranks, but she is definitely a good person."

Even if I had just overheard their conversation, I still couldn't really see how this Dongfang Lianren looked like a good person. Looking at my hand that was now wrapped in a bandage, I laughed, "Alas, pranks, the young people nowadays are really naughty. A little bit too much, but hehe, you can rest assured that your elder brother is an adult, I will not keep it in mind."

Indeed, I would not keep it in mind, but I would never believe that it was just a prank, this girl, I needed to be careful around her in the future

Chu Yuan heard my words and let out a sigh of relief, "I will warn her not to cause trouble to you anymore."

"Why does she want to pull a prank on me?" Although I knew the answer already, I still had to ask, otherwise, she would definitely feel strange about it.

A flash of complex expression appeared in Chu Yuan's eyes, there was a faint of pity, a faint of panic, a faint of sympathy, and a faint of sorrow, but then she quickly said lightly, "She comes from a rich family, so she is used to being wayward, she hates to see people like Lv Siqi and others around me all the time, so she wants to use you to teach them a lesson."

But why did I feel that that girl deliberately wanted to cause trouble to me? But then again, girls from rich families indeed had strange personalities. I didn't know much about other people, but that Xiao Yike girl was clearly a very good example.

Maybe she really wanted to help Chu Yuan, but I vaguely felt that it was not so simple, otherwise, why did she have to scratch my hand? Or maybe, she had already planned in advance that once I was beaten up by Lv Siqi and other people, those people would not dare to face Chu Yuan even more.

Then three words suddenly flashed in my mind, 'dog bites dog'. This Dongfang Lianren girl could make such a plan deliberately and even use any means possible. Was the purpose of it really only to drive Lv Siqi and others away from Chu Yuan? I didn't believe it, but I didn't want to continue to think about it. That Dongfang Lianren girl gave me a strange but dangerous feeling...

Anyway, I didn't know why I was worried about this, so I casually shifted the topic, "Yuanyuan, does the boy named Lv Siqi like you?"

Chu Yuan's expression suddenly froze, and her brows twitched a few times, "He?"

I laughed ambiguously, "Or should I say... they?"

"Probably, what's wrong?"

Chu Yuan's puzzled eyes made me speechless. It was normal kids at her age to like someone. Especially for a beautiful and cute girl like Chu Yuan, it was not uncommon to be sought after by the opposite sex, but at least she should feel shy about it, right? But Chu Yuan admitted it frankly, and she even admitted it very disdainfully.

"How about you? Is there anyone you like among them?" My voice was shaking when I asked this.

Weird, why am I nervous?

"Of course not!" Chu Yuan instantly blushed, turned around shyly, and dared not to look at me. This was the normal reaction of a girl I was talking about. I finally let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, my little sister was still normal.

Only after a long time, did Chu Yuan finally say quietly, "when I said that you are the most important person to me, I just wanted them to stop chasing me. So don't get the wrong idea."

"What wrong idea can I possibly get?" I actually guessed it already when I overheard the conversation between Chu Yuan and Dongfang Lianren, so I jokingly said, "you think that I would really think that I am the most important person to you? Haha."

"You are!" Chu Yuan suddenly turned her head and looked at me very seriously. I was dazed. I was very familiar with the stubbornness that she had in her eyes at the moment. In my memory, this kind of look only appeared once. It was five years ago. In that cold winter...

Seeing I was stupefied, she blushed, and then carried on proudly with a big smile, "you, Mom, and Dad are all the most important people to me."

"Oh..." I responded absentmindedly.

Five years ago, I didn't understand her stubborn and complicated gaze when she was lying on the hospital bed. Five years later, I still couldn't figure it out

"My computer doesn't have the internet cable at the moment, so can I use your computer first?"

"Yes." I still replied absentmindedly.

Looking at Chu Yuan hopping toward my room, I pressed my right hand on my chest. What was I worried about? And why was my heart beat so fast? While I was still trying to figure it out, I heard Chu Yuan say, "I told Sister Booby that I will contact her after I got home. I don't know if she is online..."

. . .

The negative effect of Mo Fei's survey finally began to show some signs in the general operation team. I didn't know whether it was me thinking too much, I felt that everyone didn't joke around as much as they used to do.

Before the shift even started, everyone had already started working, I could not help but wonder, am I too lazy? Do I not have any enthusiasm for my work? However, even if I wanted to find something to do, I still couldn't find anything.

"Brother Nan, do you have a minute? I need to tell you something." Yang Wei approached me with a piece of cloth on his hand and said. There was a strange expression on his face.

I logged in the QQ that Chu Yuan registered for me, and quickly minimized it, so Brother Wei would not see my ridiculous online name, "You are a part-time cleaner now? The cleaning auntie is not working today?"

"I gave her a pack of cigarettes and asked her to go to the toilet to smoke it. I need to find something to keep myself busy. If I didn't show Ms. Mo that I am working very hard, sooner or later, I will be fired," He said with a smile, and pulled a chair out, and carried on, "Brother Nan, tell me the truth. Granny Cheng and Ms. Mo, which one do you like the most?"

"Why are you asking this?" This was a problem that I tried to avoid because I also didn't know the answer.

"It is normal for men to like many women, so you like both, right?" Brother Wei saw through my inner contradiction at a glance and sighed, "Brother Nan, there is something I have to confess. Originally, I didn't want to tell you, but it is really uncomfortable if I keep it in my mind.

You probably also realized it. Since we came back after the holiday, the atmosphere in our working area has been very awkward. They are all pretending to be busy and hardworking..."

Seeing that he was still holding a piece of cloth in his hand, Yang Wei shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Goddamnit, I am also affected by them. I have been holding this piece of cloth, circling around the investment department two times already, just so that Ms. Mo can see that I am working very hard when she comes into the office this morning.

Earlier on, I decided to take a quick break before she came to the office, but when I came back, Song Jia said that she was already in the office. Goddamnit, Brother Nan, what kind of shitty luck is this?"

Of course, I knew that they were frightened by Mo Fei's survey. Everyone thought that Mo Fei was not satisfied with the lazy working attitude of the general operation team, so she used the survey as a warning. Of course, maybe this was also one of the reasons why Mo Fei was doing it.

"Brother Wei, what exactly do you want to tell me?"

Yang Wei's expression was slightly more complex, and he continued to avoid my question, "Look at me, and look at them, everyone would smile at you when you greet them, but everyone's face is covered with one word - 'hypocrite', Brother Nan, do you know why?"

I glanced at my colleagues at work and nodded bitterly, "Because of the survey that Ms. Mo gave out..."

"I filled in your name," Yang Wei's frankness surprised me a little bit, "If only one person needs to be laid off, I filled in your name."

.. author's notes.

[PS: In the last two chapters, there has been a lot of controversy. Many people said that Nannan should not let go of Dongfang and Lv Siqi and other kids that easily. Shifei(the author) doesn't think so, this book mainly focuses on the relationship between siblings, and Nannan isn't a kind and forgiving person. He only acted this way in front of a few people, among those few people, his act would be the most exaggerated in front of his little sister.

I would like to ask, if he really retaliated against Dongfang and Lv Siqi, and other people, how will his little sister face these classmates in the future? Of course, Yuanyuan certainly did not care about Lv Siqi and others, and may not even care about Dongfang, but would she have any thoughts about an elder brother who would not even let her female classmates go? These are the questions that Yuanyuan doesn't want to think about, but Nannan has to think about. Please also think about it, if you are Nannan, and if you want a better relationship with your little sister, what would you do?

This is a light-hearted novel, I don't think that this kind of kindness and forgiveness(in fact, although on the surface Nannan pretended that he didn't mind it, and he also hated it in his heart) is an idiotic behavior or unrealistic. On the contrary, he was very manly. The so-called manly is not that because you punched me, I have to punch you back. Although he was manly, he wasn't a perfect man. He was a hypocrite despite trying to pretend that he was not. Just like other men in the real world.

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