Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Chapter 74 Brother Wei

"I know," I said very casually while trying to suppress the feelings of surprise and moved, Brother Wei was very frank, on his face, I could not see any guilt at all, it was just honesty.

But my straightforwardness also surprised him.

"Ms. Mo told you?" Brother Wei was agitated like a cat when its tail was stepped on by someone. He almost fell off the chair.

"No, I guessed it myself," I know why Yang Wei panicked and quickly appeased him, "Ms. Mo only said that there were three people, who wanted me to leave, while they also wanted Elder Sister Liu to stay. She didn't say who they were, and she also didn't have any opinions about this, so don't worry, she will not fire you."

Seeing Brother Wei's expression calmed down a lot, I smiled and said, "I have already guessed who they were at that time, those three people were Brother Gao, you, and the other person is... hehe."

"Granny Cheng?" Yang Wei couldn't help but smile, "she's also quite honest."

"Is this what you want to tell me?"

"You don't want to know why I want to fill in your name?" Seeing I only smiled at him without saying anything after he asked the question, Brother Wei scratched his head and laughed, "sorry for asking that stupid question. Since you know why granny Cheng filled your name, of course, you know the reasons."

I was a little embarrassed, "Brother Wei..."

"Don't blame me for being meddlesome, Chu Nan, you are my friend, and so is Liusu. I don't want any of my friends to get hurt," Yang Wei interrupted me and said sincerely and seriously, "I know that feeling this kind of thing can't be forced, but Liusu likes you, you have feelings for Liusu... Don't rush to deny it. After all, I am a veteran in this field, and you are just a newbie. So you are not able to hide it from me. But listen to this brother once, Ms. Mo and us are not from the same world. The reason why I hope that you can get near her is that I want you to understand this and understand the reality sooner. I don't want you to fall deeper and deeper into it. Since you both have feelings for each other, why are you not accepting Liusu? You two are the perfect match."

"God never tied lovers together with a red string, and relationships this kind of thing needs to be earned by people themselves." I didn't understand why I had to disagree with Yang Wei, but then I couldn't help but laugh at myself, and said, "but don't worry, I know my own limit, I won't try to force something that doesn't belong to me."

"Regarding this, I believe you," Brother Wei shook his head and sighed, "but in front of love, there is never a difference between cleverness and stupidity. Instead of letting Liusu watch you continue to fall while she can only hide in the corner silently shedding tears, I would rather see you being laid off. People always have to fall down before they know what pain feels like. Only after leaving the company and Mo Fei, can you really see the distance between you two. If you are not her employee, you will be no one to her anymore."

Yang Wei didn't know my relationship with Mo Fei, so what he said was not unreasonable, but I think he was too exaggerated, so I could not help laughing, "Have you ever seen Lius shed tears?"

"Yes," Yang Wei stopped his casual and playful look and said sternly, word by word, "with my two eyes, I saw her cry clearly."

I was dazed. I didn't ask him when and where, because I knew that there was no way he would see it. But as my throat moved, I asked a question that even surprised myself. Because I obviously didn't think it clearly before asking it, "Brother Wei, do, do you like Liusu?"

"I dreamed about it before, although she wasn't my type," Yang Wei's frank smile made me feel inexplicably ashamed, "I already told you that it is not that no one wants to chase Granny Cheng, and it is not because of her playful character. It is just that other people don't have a chance at all. Before people can even ask her out, she already rejected them. Because she has carved a name on her forehead, and she has given herself to that name."

I couldn't bear Yang Wei's sympathetic look, and there was a fit of strange anger appearing from the bottom of my heart, "What do you mean?"

"There is a kind of person in this world called a thief. They specialize in stealing other people's things. Granny Cheng is yours, but if you don't know how to cherish it, you are giving these people a chance. There is also a kind of person called a robber. If you are not grasping her tightly, it means that you will eventually lose her. For example, that Zhang Mingjie..." Yang Wei got up and patted me on the shoulder. "I know you don't believe other people, but at least, it is time to wake up and face yourself. Chu Nan, you have always been a smart person, you are just used to play dumb, you know what I mean by that. "

This time, I was really stupefied. Brother Wei's evaluation of me was exactly the same as Chu Yuan's. I understood that they were mocking me for always lying to myself.

"How about you? Is it a thief or a robber?" When I asked this sentence, I was ashamed to find that I was such a petty-minded person because I was jealous, hostile, on guard, even... threatening.

"Neither," Brother Wei shrugged in a free and relaxed manner, and smiled, "I just very envy you. It is probably the dream of every normal man to have a woman fall head over heels for you. Brother Nan, this buddy is still going to give you the same old advice, don't live in plenty without appreciating it. I am doing this not just for Liusu, but also for you."

Envy me? I couldn't help but whisper to myself, "You are scarier than a thief."

The concern of the thief was worse than the theft itself. The people who wanted to chase Liusu were more than just one or two. After being reminded by brother Yu, I started to realize something slowly.

. . .

"Nannan what happened to your hand?"

"It's okay, I just scratched it accidentally."

"Oh, what did you buy for Yuanyuan yesterday?"


"Computer?" Liusu slid next to me with her chair and handed me a bag of potato chips she just opened and asked curiously, "don't you have one at home already?"

I grabbed a piece, and returned the bag to Liusu, and continued to use the mouse to play 'minesweeper', "That one is mine, it is not convenient for her to use it."

"Not convenient?" Liusu frowned while looking at me. With a mouthful of potato chips, she chewed twice, and then suddenly blushed, and said vaguely, "It is indeed not convenient..."

A thought suddenly came across my mind. I turned to stare at her, and immediately a flash of panic appeared on Liusu's face. As I expected! I deliberately lowered my voice and said slowly, "Liusu, you have seen what is hidden in my computer, right?"

"NO!" Liusu was so nervous that the potato chips' crumbs were spat all over my face. When she was just about to reach out her hand to clean it for me, she suddenly realized that her reaction had already exposed her. Her face instantly turned red as if it could emit steams.

I couldn't help but ask with a smile, "I haven't said what is hidden, are you sure that you haven't seen it?"

"You..." Liusu was extremely embarrassed. But since we had made a lot of similar jokes before, she would not reach a point that she would run away and find a place to hide, "who wants to see your stupid videos. If this granny wants to see a naked woman, do I need to look at them? Isn't it more beautiful to look directly in the mirror? "

I said with a smirk, "You're narcissistic enough, even if you don't like to look at other naked women's bodies, how do I know if you don't want to see a man's body?"

Liusu pretended that she wanted to puke, rolled her eyes, and said, "that's even more impossible"

"Yeah, you are right, there is no need," I deliberately stared at the pitiful chests of Liusu, stroked my chin, and said, "My granny's upper body is definitely very manly in the mirror... Ouch!"

Before I finished, the bratty girl stepped her heel very hard on my toes, reached out her hands, and pinched my ears. With an extremely red but smiling face, she said, "what did you just say?"

"Nothing, nothing!" When this girl was too embarrassed, she would do a lot of scary things. I didn't dare to make a joke with my life, so I smiled and said, "I mean, if you want to see a naked man, I can devote myself to be a nude model and let you see it as long as you want."

"Bah! Who wants to look at you?" Liusu replied shyly like a peach blossom in March, "you pervert."

I lifted my legs and rubbed my painful toes and said, "how am I a pervert? Have I molested you before?"

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