Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Anger Outburst, Crayon Shin-chan Became A Superman

That slap on Mo Fei's tender face was like a slap on my heart, causing the flame of anger to burst out within me. 'You bitch, how dare you hit Ms. Mo!'

I jumped out of the car, unbuttoned my suit, and rushed over angrily, completely ignoring that there were two strong men with bare arms and tattooed backs behind the woman!

'Whether you are tattooed with a blue dragon and a white tiger or a skeleton and a black warrior, if you dare hit my dream lover, even if your father, I am Crayon Shin-Chan, I will also transform into a Super Saiyan. Who cares what tattoos you have.'

Seeing one of the muscular men reached out to grab Mo Fei's bag, I pulled Mo Fei behind me without saying a word. And with my foot landed heavily on the man's belly, that bastard flew three or four meters away like a rocket, kneeling down on the ground like a toad, constantly puking saliva.

"I dare you!" I pointed my index finger at the other man. Surprisingly, he was intimidated.

Luckily, the sneak attack worked. I had gathered all my strength for that kick lest the opponent would stand up again. Two versus one, I was no match for them at all, and I might end up with broken limbs. Right now, I was just bluffing, trying to scare off the other one while one was down.

"Chu... Chu Nan?" Mo Fei did not expect that I, who was originally a gentle and graceful person, would suddenly go berserk. She, who was originally an eloquent and fluent speaker, also stuttered.

"Young man, what you did was not very nice! Which gang are you from?"

Clearly, the person just looked tough and mistook me as a tough guy. I could not help feeling fortunate that I met a paper tiger. Then I said even more aggressively, "It's none of your business. Get lost!"

After that, I turned around and glared at the middle-aged woman and said, "Why did you hit her!?"

Everything the middle-aged woman wore was a famous brand. With just earrings, necklaces, wristwatches, and bracelets alone, it was probably enough to cover my annual salary. Her long brown hair was slightly curled, graceful, and dignified. She seemed like a woman who had some important background, and it was not hard to tell that It was just that her heavy eye bags made her look slightly exhausted and haggard. It was obvious that she was the kind of person, who was in long-term inferior health conditions and lived a life with no stable rest schedule.

Maybe my expression was too threatening. The middle-aged woman was apparently frightened, but her tone was still tough, "Who are you to her? It's none of your business that I hit her!"

This question stumped me. I was no one to Mo Fei, but Mo Fei was the person I secretly loved, "That is not your concern. You just can't hit her!"

"Chu Nan, forget it, let's go." Mo Fei was scared that it would get worse. Seeing someone coming to rubberneck the scene, she could not help pulling my arm.

To be honest, I also wanted to leave. If several more strong tattooed men jumped out, I was afraid that I would become a martyr instead of a hero...

"Go? No way!" The middle-aged woman was furious and wanted to snatch Mo Fei's handbag. "Leave the money behind before you leave!"

Mo Fei dodged and said angrily, "I don't have any money!"

"No money?" The despicable woman glanced at the BMW parked not far away. "Leave the car if you don't have money. Where's the key? Give it to me!"

'She is bullying her!' I stood in front of Mo Fei and said angrily, "Will you cut it out, already! I'm warning you, don't push it too far!"

"Chu Nan, just don't... Let's go." Mo Fei tugged at me again. Her hands were around one of my arms, but unfortunately, I had no time to enjoy such a beautiful fortune.

The woman glared at me and then Mo Fei. And then, all of sudden, she lifted her hand, wanting to slap me. She was left-handed, and it happened all of sudden. But fortunately, I was on my guard. With quickly lifting my right hand, I blocked it fiercely.

"Ouch.." I used too much strength. The pain made the old woman grit her teeth and grunt in pain, "You slut dare to find a man to beat me? I'll slap you to death!"

"Slap!" I only paid attention to her left hand, but I did not expect that she was not lefthanded. I could not use my right hand to block in time, and my left arm was held by Mo Fei, unable to move at all. Mo Fei was solidly slapped by the woman. It was so hard that Mo Fei's glasses flew away.

"You bitch! You are courting death!" I felt guilty and heartache at the same time. Unable to protect Mo Fei in time, I no longer cared if she was a woman or not. I almost instinctively slapped her back fiercely. The slap was so heavy that it instantly made the woman lose her sense of direction and fell to the ground while holding her red face. Only after a while did she finally come to herself and let out loud cries.

"Slap!" Another crisp slap, this time, the burning sensation appeared on my face, I looked at Mo Fei in confusion. I really could not understand why her soft, white, and tender hand wanted to have the "first intimate contact" with my face at the speed like it had been fast-forwarded 20 times.

"Mom, are you alright?"

It must be the slap that made my ears suffer from auditory hallucinations. At the same time, my eyes were also affected. I wonder how could Mo Fei help the bitch, who had just beaten her, and call her "mom"?

"Mom, are you alright?"

"Have you got any conscience... I raised you but you let a man beat me? Shame on you! Waaaa!... Where is the damned Justice..."

Yes, where was the damned Justice... I was just trying to rescue her, but it turned out that...

I slapped Mo Fei's mother to the ground!

Mo Fei got the woman, who she called mother, on her feet laboriously. Yes, I would rather believe that the name of that bitch was "Mom", but Mo Fei's angry expression denied my fantasy. She just glared at me with hostility and did not even bother to scold me. She simply said to her mother, "Let's go, I will send you home."

Generally speaking, the woman who liked to cry and make noises would not give up easily. Maybe the power of my slap was really terrifying. She did not even dare to look at me. She obediently followed her daughter and left.

'God, what should I do?' I stood in the same place like a fool, at a loss.

At this moment, Mo Fei, who had just walked away a few steps, suddenly came back. I was overjoyed. I knew that the well-educated and well-balanced Ms. Mo knew that it was because I wanted to protect her that I accidentally hurt her mother. How could she really blame me for that?

"Give me the key!"

"Huh?" it was competently different than what I had imagined. It shocked me a little.

Mo Fei repeated in a cold tone, "Give me the key, car - key!"

"Oh..." I placed the car key in Mo Fei's hand while I was still in shock, and then I saw the woman I secretly loved turn around beautifully and then gradually walk away.

She was still as cold and noble as ever... I suddenly felt that the scene in front of me was the reflection of my relationship with Mo Fei. Originally, I still had a chance, but this chance was getting farther and farther from me.

"Man, who the hell is your boss?" The man with bare arms, who had been ignored by us, finally found the opportunity to speak. He had gotten his companion on his feet. But looking at the man, who was still coughing while covering his stomach, the possibility of him wanting to have a fight again was almost zero. "Do you know Wu Xueqing?"

I was very angry that I responded without thinking, "I know your mother!"

The man with bare arms must have mistaken me as some tough guy. His tone became even much more polite, "Brother, I don't know where you came from, nor what relationship you have with Wu Xueqing's daughter. But since we are all from the underworld, we must abide by the rules. If you want to bail out that Wu bitch... that Wu woman, you can disrespect us, but you must show Xiao Sanya some respect... Huh! Huh!"

He sneered at me twice, probably thinking that keeping me in suspense would make me scared. As a white-collar, I didn't know anything about the underworld, "What Xiao Sanye, I don't give a shit."

The man's ugly face was full of shocks. "You don't know Xiao Sanye of Dongcheng City?"

'Shit! They're going to find out!' I felt a tremor in my heart, and then I realized that those two knobheads and the mother of Ms. Mo were not friends. They were gangsters, and It seemed that they had some disagreement earlier, but it was interrupted by me...

'Shit, what if they find out that I have no background, they will knock me down and beat me up to a degree that I can no longer take care of myself! Oh, my dear Ms. Mo, look at the mess you have left for me.'

With no time to complain, after clearing my thoughts, I shook my arms, which would hurt half a day after even just cutting a watermelon, and said ferociously, "I don't give a shit who he is, just don't talk shit to me, otherwise, I will cut you open!"

After that, I simply turned around and left fabulously like a hero, using the overbearing manner to hide my fragile little heart. And the crowd that was watching on the side also made a way for me.

Probably, those two brothers had just come out of the shower room, so they did not have their phones. If I waited there any longer, they would probably call over more people. At that time, my overbearing manner would be useless. At the moment, only one of them could move, so even if they could catch up with me, I would surely be able to outrun them.

Although unexpectedly, those two did not chase me, after I got into a taxi, both of my legs were still trembling. 'Oh my god, I am such a fool, why did I offend those gangsters?'

Impulse was a devil, and the devil in men's hearts was fed by women... My heart was so sore, bitter, and painful. 'Ms. Mo, how do you have the heart to abandon me in the outskirts. You are so cold-hearted.'

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