Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Chapter 81 Guest Visit

When I left school, I was still a little flustered. I never liked to compare with others. I couldn't tell what it was for, but the situation I heard from my old man was what I had expected. However, when these two feelings collided, it was very difficult to tell what kind of complex feeling I had now.

"Chu Nan, did your dad misunderstand our relationship?" Dong Xiaoye touched her belly while driving, "how can you do something like this? I was so nervous that I didn't dare to eat too much. I am so hungry right now."

"Six chicken drumsticks and two plates of beef, and you are still hungry?" I stared at her miraculous belly, and said, "Your appetite reminds me of an animal..."

"Tiger?" Dong Xiao said in a sulky tone, "If I am a tiger I will definitely bite you! So where are we going next, I will need to go back to the station soon."

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