Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Chapter 86 Sleeping With My Little Sister

They are not drunk! I really wanted to tell Chu Yuan directly like this, but it was very clear that both girls were good at acting, and it was not so easy to expose it.

God Damnit, what should I do?

Dongfang Lianren was a wolf, Chu Yuan was in danger; Xiao Yike was also a wolf, and I was also in danger.

God Damnit, it is just a meal, and my little sister and I both fell into an unprecedented crisis at the same time

I became more and more anxious and angrier, and at the same time, I also couldn't help but pinch the tender flesh of Xiao Yike's abdomen even harder. It made the little minx squeeze her eyes at me constantly, and tears even appeared in her eyes. Only until she begged me silently did I finally let go of my paw.

"But there are only two beds at home, yours is still a single bed..."

Before I finished, I saw the little minx mouth to me, "Uncle, I can sleep with you~"

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