Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Suck

Returning from the outskirts of the city, it just happened to be the rush hour. I was very unlucky to be stuck on the road for nearly two hours.

After arriving downstairs at my flat, it was almost eight o 'clock. Only until that moment did I find out that my briefcase was left in Ms. Mo's car. My mobile phone, and other stuff were all in the bag, but fortunately, I still had money in my pocket. Otherwise, I would've had to call Chu Yuan to come down the stairs to help me pay the taxi fare. That would have really sucked.

Thinking of Chu Yuan, this bratty girl, who had just moved in, I started to have a headache. She probably had not eaten dinner yet.

Being accustomed to the comfortable quietness that I would normally get after opening the door, even if I understood that the peaceful time had passed away like dreams slowly fading away, and slowly started to accept it, I still couldn't help but sigh constantly and feel somewhat sad. This was the resting place for my body and my soul, but now it no longer belonged to me alone.

Nervously, I uttered, "I am home!" Then, as I expected, I was ignored by the person. 'Fu** Why don't I have some dignity? This is infuriating!'

After I entered the flat, my dear little sister was lying on her stomach on the only sofa in the flat, watching her cartoon using my DVD player.

This bratty girl seemed to have just finished taking a bath; her hair was still wet. Tonight, she had changed to the two-piece sets, soft pink silk pajamas; with the top piece in sling style, and the bottom piece was just a pair of shorts. Because silk was soft, the pajamas were pressing closely against her skin, revealing the perfect curve of her back; especially her little butt; they were round and firm, and as elastic as fresh tofu; fine and smooth...

'Huh? No underwear...?!' I almost staggered to the floor. This bratty girl was playing with fire!

The feeling that Chu Yuan gave people when she was outside was quite similar to Mo Fei, which was elegant, cold and aloof, but when she was at home, it was just the opposite. She was lazy, slovenly, and extremely casual; and in front of me, she was even worse. She did not even want to spend a little bit of effort to cover her bad habits.

Having one look before other people, but having a different look when other people were not around, she was clearly the role model of two-faced people. That was why I did not like her. Even if she wanted to remove her disguise, at least, she needed to take some time to think about how her elder brother would feel. After all, I was also a man...

Her two slender legs, back-lifted and dropped down repeatedly, rubbing each other from time to time; and as if a pair of white jade-like exquisite barefoot could send out the infinite charm, it attracted my eyes. I quickly killed the wild imagination that had just emerged from my mind, and shifted my attention somewhere else to avoid my virgin blood from heating up.

'Let me swallow down the saliva, and calm down first'

Having a little sister like this could be so painstaking that it couldn't be expressed in words sometimes.

No wonder she ignored me, it turned out that the cartoon she was watching had reached climax. On the screen, two big bright-eyed beauties were embracing each other in the slow romantic music, kissing each other; and they were even doing the french kiss...

Although I believed that even if Chu Yuan was not attracted to the plot, she would still ignore me, I still could not help finding an excuse for her. This had already become my habit. Whether I was spoiling her, or I had no respect for myself, I had my reasons; and that reason was - I was seven years older than her and I was her elder brother.

Thinking of the fight that had happened earlier, a bitter wry smile appeared on my face. When I was still in school, I had a lot of fights. It was all because my little sister made me angry all the time at home, so I needed to find a way to vent my anger. But the fight today was really unreasonable...


"Huh?" "I suspected that my ears were still ringing from Ms Mo's slap, I seemed to have heard Chu Yuan's voice. Was it an auditory hallucination?"

As I looked at her again, sure enough, my little sister's small hands were grasping the cartoon pillow that was below her chin tightly, while her eyes were staring straight at the screen. She was so touched by the cartoon that her eyes began to tear up.


"Yuanyuan have you eaten yet? Come, I'll take you out to eat." It was a little late to cook now; and in terms of my cooking skill... I didn't want to embarrass myself.

How many single men know how to cook? Although I knew a little, the taste of the dish that I cooked wasn't that good, so I always bought breakfast outside and cooked dinner randomly.

Thinking of the dinner problem in the future, I started to have more headaches. 'Sign, mom and dad probably didn't even think about these problems before they let Chu Yuan move into my flat'

"No need. I have eaten already," Chu Yuan responded lightly to me. She was probably affected by the plot, her nasal voices were quite obvious. It even sounded like she was whimpering, "Your food, I kept it in the kitchen."

"You have eaten?" I went into the kitchen curiously. "Did you make it?"

"Uh-huh." The animation had just ended, Chu Yuan sat up lazily from the sofa, and replied with a lifeless tone. This bratty girl never talked to me in a nice way. Obviously, she had a voice that was much better than Wang Fei. It was such a waste.

There were two dishes on the kitchen table. They had been very carefully covered up. I lifted the covering plate and had a look. Although they were only two ordinary dishes - eggs and tomatoes, and braised eggplant, the shock it brought to me was absolutely no less than knowing that the woman, who I had slapped was Mo Fei's mother.

Chu Yuan knew how to cook, and... Whether the color, the fragrance, and the taste, they were all as good as my stepmother's. I took a bite of the eggplant, it was surprisingly good. "Did you really make it yourself?"

"What's with those questions? If you don't want to eat, you can leave it." Standing in the doorway of the kitchen, Chu Yuan was slightly annoyed that I was questioning her ability. But her twinkling eyes betrayed her true feelings. Maybe it was because she had shown her cooking skills in front of me for the first time, and she was a little nervous; or maybe, she still cared about my opinions.

"Okay, okay, it tastes good, very good." Chu Yuan was still a 16 years old big kid after all. She also longed for others' compliments and praise, and would also become shy and blushed afterward. It was very rare to see her lovely side, so the aggrieved feeling from the afternoon was mitigated a little.

"Rice is kept warm in the electric cooker, you can fill it yourself." She seemed to be satisfied with my surprised look. Waving her hands impatiently, she said, "after you finished eating, wash the plates yourself, I'm going back to my room now. Don't call me if there is nothing serious."

"Wait a minute." Seeing Chu Yuan wanted to go, I couldn't help but stop her. "Hmm... I'm sorry. Thank you."

Those words came from the bottom of my heart. It should've been me taking care of her, but actually, she was taking care of me. Not only my hungry stomach, but my heart was also warmed by her food.

"What... What are you thanking me for?" Chu Yuan suddenly straightened her blushing face. A flash of panic and shyness appeared in her bright eyes, and she pretended to be angry and said, "Don't... Don't you dare think that I was doing it to please you! That thing... Since you have promised to keep my secret, and as we are now accomplices, I don't need to curry favor with you!"

'Er... I just want to thank you. What are you thinking?' The rare atmosphere was destroyed by her words, but I still smiled. "Yes, yes, you are not doing it to please me. You actually care for me."

"What!" Chu Yuan gasped in disbelief, and looked at me as if she had just heard the biggest joke of the century, "I care for you? Stop flattering yourself. I just want to be fair. Since you made breakfast, then I would make dinner. I don't want to owe you anything."

'This bratty girl, can she not tell a lie and make me happy once?' I sighed helplessly, not saying anything, and decided to eat the meal and forget about it. 'As an elder brother, I am really a failure.'

Chu Yuan, who said that she wanted to go back to her room, still stood by the kitchen door. I didn't know if it was my illusion; why did I feel like she was waiting for my response? It seemed that the quieter I was, the more nervous she was; and she was even glancing at my face from time to time, 'What is she doing? I've got letters on my face?'

"What happened to the corner of your mouth?"

"The corner of my mouth?" I put down the bowl that had just been filled with rice and subconsciously touched it. "Nothing."

"You are lying." Chu Yuan seemed to be worried. She walked closer to me, moved away my hand, and frowned. "It's bleeding."

"Really? I don't even feel it." Her words were like a sharp knife stabbing into my heart. Although I didn't know if my lips were bleeding or not, my heart was bleeding. 'Alas Ms. Mo, you really have the heart to do it...'

Chu Yuan stretched out her index finger, touched the corner of my mouth, and then immediately pulled her hand back. She had probably just realized that the wound was on my face.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, she quickly snorted coldly to cover up her feelings and ridiculed, "You were slapped by a woman?"

"How did you know?!" Right after I said it. I immediately regretted it. Confessing without being pressed, I really suck!

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