Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 Cleansing The Meridians Strengthening The Arteries 1

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Huang Yueli pretended not to hear anything as she turned around and asked Huang Zixiao, “Then, can I go into the water right now?”

Huang Zixiao nodded, “You can soak yourself for however long you want to, but a person’s body’s absorption towards Phoenix blood is limited. After you reach the limit, there wouldn’t be any more effect for the time being, so by then, you can come out.”

Huang Yueli nodded, “I understand.”

Huang Zixiao turned around to leave, leaving her alone in the Phoenix Blood Pool.

Huang Yueli didn’t waste any time as she directly took off her outer robe and jumped into the Phoenix Blood Pool.

She had originally braced herself that soaking in the Phoenix Blood, would be especially terrible feeling. After all, the past few medicinal baths which she had soaked in were basically like that, the more the effect, the more difficult the process of the bath!

But reality made her slightly surprised.

Because Phoenix Blood was actually very mild, although the water temperature was very high, but it was still within the limits of an ordinary person.

Huang Yueli sat within the pool and felt as though she had returned to an infant, that warm and sticky fluid enveloped her entire body, following that meticulous energy started to flow into her body through every pore in her body.

Initially, she felt a little ticklish, but gradually, that slight feeling became more and more intense, itch turning into pain, and furthermore….. it was getting more and more painful.

Even though she was in extreme pain, but Huang Yueli’s consciousness was still extremely clear.

Her skin continuously peeled off and continuously grew out, as though a Phoenix rebirth, obtaining new life.

This process was extremely long and the intense tickling and pain repeatedly switched, as though there was no end.

It had been after quite a long amount of time, when Huang Yueli felt the feeling of her body becoming numb, whereas the Profound Energy within her became strangely abundant, as it followed her meridians, gushing up continuously towards her dantian!

The Profound Energy went round all the meridians in her body, every time it went one round, it intensified by one percent. The layers piled up and accumulated in the dantian finally broke through the advancement checkpoint.

Fourth stage realm… fourth level!

Fourth stage realm… fifth level!

Fourth stage realm… sixth level!

Huang Yueli could distinctly felt that the Profound Energy within her body becoming stronger and stronger and that swelling feeling, was about to crack open her dantian!

Her advancement speed was very fast, and while she was still suffering from fuzzy consciousness, she had already advanced continuously for three small realms!

After that, the Profound Energy within her meridians were still accumulating but the speed seemed to have slowed down a little, and after another long period of time, she slowly stepped into fourth stage realm seventh level.

Right after this, the increasing speed of her Profound Energy had once again slowed down, slower and slower, slower and slower…..

Until finally, her Profound Energy almost stopped growing, but she was quite a distance from fourth stage realm eight level’s checkpoint.

Huang Yueli suddenly opened her eyes as a cold glint flashed past her eyes!

She felt that she should still have enough energy, and was still able to advance, and had not reached her limit, but….. why did she stop here?

Suddenly, she thought of something and held out both her hands to get a handful of water, as she raised her head and sent it into her mouth!

Phoenix Blood followed her throat and flowed into her body, her lower abdomen, and instantly a scorching feeling was felt.

Initially, the temperature was very low, just barely swelling up, but slowly, the energy from the Phoenix Blood was unleashed and her body became hotter and hotter!


Huang Yueli’s forehead cringed tightly, as she couldn’t help but gave a low moan!

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