Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 Cleansing The Meridians Strengthening The Arteries 2

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Just as her body was about to be torn apart by that scorching hot sensation, Phoenix Blood’s energy suddenly exploded, turning into shreds, entering her meridians.

Huang Yueli felt an indescribable pain tormenting her four limbs and skeletal bones, her meridians and skeletal bones seemed to be crushed inch by inch by someone then fixed together again inch by inch, repeatedly occurring…

This pain, was much more serious by hundred times then just purely soaking herself in the Phoenix Blood!

However, Huang Yueli wasn’t panic-stricken, instead a sliver of a smile appeared on her face.

This went to show that the Phoenix Blood in her body, changed it from inside to outside. As compared to from outside to inside, it was much more effective, and much more…. dangerous!

From the inner part of the body to reconstruct her meridians, furthermore such an intense method, if there was any accident, then her dantian would burst apart, leaving in a dire consequence!

This was also the reason why, Huang Zixiao only allowed her to soak in the Phoenix Blood and not drink it.

Because…. the risk is simply too huge!

As the spokesperson for Sacred Phoenix Race, Huang Zixiao didn’t want the clan’s top rated heaven grade genius to take this kind of risk!

However even though she knew that such a risk existed, Huang Yueli still drank the Phoenix Blood without any hesitation!

Because, no one knew her own condition better than herself.

After experiencing various matters in the inheritance tower, she had already confirmed that this body’s innate talent had exceeded everyone’s imagination, simply to the point of heaven defying! The Phoenix Blood was provocative yet intense, but she should be able to take it!

As long as she had enough determination, she should be able to get over it!

Although she had this confidence, but the process was extremely hard to endure.

Huang Yueli laid in the Phoenix Blood Pool semi consciously, her consciousness was sometimes clear, and sometimes blurry.

After god knows how long later, she finally felt the intense pain within her body’s inner portion gradually subsiding, and her meridians had been widened while the Profound Energy within had been compressed, causing it to become purer than before!

At the same time, Profound Energy in the meridians flowed much quicker as it started rushing towards her dantian!

Fourth stage realm…. eighth level!

This checkpoint had been passed by easily.

Profound Energy continued to flow, as the speed became faster and faster…..

Fourth stage realm… ninth level!

Profound Energy kept accumulating and very quickly, she reached the peak of fourth stage realm!

Huang Yueli knew that, at this point in time, she must muster up all her strength to continue breaking through to fifth stage realm, there was a certain rate of success.

But she didn’t do that. Instead she stopped the flow of her Profound Energy as she calmed her heart to congeal qi, as she started solidifying her own cultivation.

Ever since she entered the inheritance tower, these days, she had continued to advance repeatedly. This kind of advancement speed was simply too fast, so fast that it was ridiculously perverted!

In this way, her cultivation would become unstable easily as her foundation wasn’t stable, then she would not be able to bring out the corresponding grade of potential which she should have! Furthermore, there was a possibility that it would affect her future cultivation speed.

In the past, although her cultivation speed was fast, but she was afterall a third stage realm low levelled practitioner so no matter how unstable her foundation was, the influence wasn’t that great.

From the fourth stage realm peak to fifth stage realm… that was a huge realm promotion!

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