Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Cleansing The Meridians Strengthening The Arteries 3

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Such a short span of time, to continuously promote two large realms, no matter what, it was just too fast!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli coerced herself to stop absorbing the energy, but chose to continue staying in the Phoenix Blood Pool to solidify her cultivation.

After some time, Haung Yueli felt her own cultivation stabilising and since there was no more effect of Phoenix Blood to her, she sat there and felt no different as when she was soaking in an ordinary hot spring.

Huang Yueli recalled that Huang Zixiao telling her that, a person’s body towards Phoenix Blood absorption was limited in a short period of time.

Looked like even if she continued to soak in this, the effect wouldn’t get any better.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli climbed out of the pool, as she clearly understood that it was now time for her to leave.

But turning back to take a look at that pool of lustrous colours, Phoenix Blood which emitted a powerful presence of energy, Huang Yueli really couldn’t move her feet.

So much Phoenix Blood, and its effect was so good, but yet she could not take it away…..

Wait, perhaps it wasn’t that she could not take it away!

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone as she opened up the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Little Phoenix had been throwing a tantrum for several days, wanting to come out. When it finally saw Huang Yueli opening the Sky Phoenix Ring, it instantly got agitated as it pounced towards her.

“Female Devil, you’ve finally found your conscious! Willing to let me go out and play already?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Ugh…. This going out to play can wait till slightly later. Help me get all the containers and tubs which can be used to contain stuff out, I must try all possibilities to save a little Phoenix Blood.”

Little Phoenix instantly deflated as it turned around and used its butt to face her, “Hmpf, you only know how to ask me to work and not feed me chicken drumsticks, not allowing me to go out and play too, I don’t want to work for free!”

“Forget it if you don’t wish to help. Anyway you’re so fat, you don’t have much energy so I think you’re probably not of any help anyway!”

Huang Yueli shot him a look of disdain as she held two bathtubs, running out to fill it with blood.

Very quickly, Phoenix Blood filled all the wooden bathtubs in the Sky Phoenix Ring and neatly lined up into a long straight line, right under the room’s window sill.

Huang Yueli nodded her head in satisfaction as she touched her chin, secretly planning, Phoenix Blood, a drop of it is priceless. There’s so many tubs here, if I bring it out to auction….. wow, how much would it be worth!

But she was also clear that the more priceless treasure was, the more it shouldn’t be shown to others, otherwise, it wouldn’t just be money which she would be getting, but also fatal disaster!

Her experience in her past life was the best example!

Even if she had absolute ability to crush everyone, but she would still meet with various kinds of harassment.

“Sigh, looks like selling it for money is not going to do, so I better keep it for myself! I wonder how long should I wait before using it for the second time? Right, when I return, I can let the handsome dude at home soak in it as well, and I can also see the good looking man come out from his bath! Hehe…..”

The minute Huang Yueli recalled the last time she saw Li Moying’s sturdy and firm chest and that vaguely visible eight pack muscles, her senses started floating.

Little Phoenix was propping up his chin as he watched her from the sides, and questioned out in curiosity, “Yi? Female Devil, why is your saliva dripping down? Have you dreamt of some good food? What flavoured chicken drumstick is that?”

Huang Yueli touched the corners of her lips when she heard his question and she really felt some dampness.

Her face flushed red as she threw Little Phoenix into the Sky Phoenix Ring.

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