Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Li Moying Marry Into The Family? 1

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Heavens, what kind of thing was the Sky Phoenix Ring?

She died in her past life because of the Sky Phoenix Ring, so this wasn’t strange at all!

Huang Zixiao didn’t notice the abnormality in her as he continued talking.

“Now do you understand? Young lass, your innate talent might be high but after all you grew up in Soaring Heavens Continent, so your knowledge cannot be compared to the direct descendants in God Realm! Inheritance tower had some books which came from God Realm, so now it should be lost in Soaring Heavens Continents right? Later on, get some books and go back to read it, in case if you ascend to God Realm in future, you’d be a laughing stock!”

Huang Yueli nodded and suddenly thought of something, as she asked excitedly, “That’s right, Senior, do you have any books here related to armament refining?”

“Armament Refining? Why are you asking about this? Are you an Armament Master?” Huang Zixiao’s eyebrow rose.

Huang Yueli nodded.

Huang Zixiao didn’t find it strange at all, Sacred Phoenix Race was a fire attributed clan, whereas pill refining and armament refining all required high fire attributed innate talents to achieve some accomplishments, so there were many high levelled Armament Masters and Pill Masters in Sacred Phoenix Race.

And this was one of the reasons why the Sacred Phoenix Race could stay strong for so many years.

But he advised, “There are many books on armament refining and the inheritance tower has quite a few. Since there are few who can come to the inheritance tower, I shall give all these books to you. But although armament refining is broad and deep, but your cultivation innate talent is much better! You have a boundless future in front of you, so don’t waste too much energy on armament refining, this kinda sideline. Pay more attention to your cultivation, and just dabble a little on armament refining.”

Huang Yueli nodded as she replied, “Alright I understand.”

She knew that Huang Zixiao had his logic, Mu Chengying in his past life said similar things so he never bothered wasting any time to research on these skills.

But armament refining was Huang Yueli’s interest and was something which she loved doing the most. She wouldn’t bear to give it up.

Both of them continued talked for a while and Huang Yueli found out quite a number of information regarding the Sacred Phoenix Race from Huang Zixiao.

Huang Zixiao probably hadn’t met any living humans for a long time so when they were chatting, he told her everything he knew and couldn’t stop talking as he also told her a lot of gossips regarding the God Realm.

On seeing that it wasn’t early anymore, Huang Yueli said, “Senior, this time I’m really grateful for your help! But I have something which I need to settle outside the inheritance tower, so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stay here any longer. I wish to leave earlier.”

Huang Zixiao shook his head, “You can’t leave now.”


“Didn’t you take a careful look at the contents when you got the treasure map? As the density of the Profound Qi in Soaring Heavens Continent is too low, the inheritance tower doesn’t have enough energy, so it has always been in an invisible mode. Every forty nine days would it appear in the Continent once. And only when the inheritance tower appears would you be able to leave.” Huang Zixiao explained.

Huang Yueli immediately showed her disappointment, “Huh? How can it be like this? Don’t tell me that I need to wait for another ten over days?”

Huang Zixiao took a look at her, “Ten over days? Don’t need to wait that long, just another two days, and you’d be able to leave the day after.”

Huang Yueli was stunned, “Ah? But didn’t you say this earlier, that the inheritance tower would only appear every forty nine days…. Wait a minute, don’t tell that I’ve already stayed in the tower for forty over days already??”

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