Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Li Moying Marry Into The Family? 2

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Huang Zixiao laughed as he continued, “Why? Did you just realised? When you just entered the inheritance tower, you were in lethargic sleep for five to six days due to being heavily injured, and while passing the second round of refinement, you spent another eight to nine days, later on in the Phoenix Blood Pool, you spent another thirty over days, so adding it all up, it’s already been forty seven days.”

Huang Yueli’s elegant brows creased tightly, as she expressed an anxious look.

“I’ve actually spent so much time! And I had no feeling at all! By the time I go out, wouldn’t everything be in chaos?”

She suddenly disappeared and had not appeared for more than forty days, this matter should have gone to Li Moying’s ears by now, she wondered if he would be anxious over her?

She thought, that must be the case!

Because that man, no matter in the past life or not, had never changed. Even if she rejected him numerous times, but he had never remain indifferent towards her matters. As long as she’s in danger or something happened to her, he would always be the first to be there,

That day she left Celestial Light Academy in a hurry, leaving alone by herself, was so that she would undo the misunderstanding between the both of them, but not to make him anxious!

Huang Zixiao saw her ever-changing expressions as his lips slowly curled into a smile.

“Why? Look at your anxious look? It’s normal for a practitioner going into closed door cultivation to take several years, you’ve just gone missing for a month and already so worried to this state? Is there a need? What major thing has happened outside that requires a young lass like you to go and settle?”

“Ah? About that…..” Huang Yueli bit her lips.

Huang Zixiao felt that his guess was correct, “… anxious to go meet your lover?”

Huang Yueli’s face flushed red upon hearing his correct guess.

“Wh… What lover? He’s just a friend! A living person like me disappearing into thin air, a lot of friends would be worried for me!”

Huang Zixiao sniggered, “Don’t attempt to lie to an elderly, after all, I’ve lived longer than you for ten thousand years! I’ve seen plenty of love smitten young lass like you! What kind of person do you like? How is his innate talent?”

Since he had already guessed correctly, Huang Yueli didn’t try to hide any further as she replied, “He’s… very handsome, very strong and treats me real well!”

Huang Zixiao replied, “Strong is a must, otherwise would a heaven grade genius like you even consider him? But, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Whether he’s strong now or not, it doesn’t matter. The crux is his innate talent cannot be too lousy! You’re probably not clear but a heaven grade genius like you who appears once every ten thousand years, in the future when you go to God Realm, the clan would absolutely arrange a suitable partner for you, not wishing that you marry into other clans!”

“If the person whom you like has powerful innate talent, perhaps the Sacred Phoenix Race will be willing to let him marry into the family, but if your innate talents disparity is too far apart, then you’d be separated in the end.”

Huang Yueli blinked, not believing that she had heard such things.

It seemed that ever since she had been reborn, everyone kept saying that she wasn’t worthy of Li Moying, so this was the first time she heard anyone saying Li Moying wasn’t worthy of her!

Furthermore, he said if he had the innate talent then there’s be hopes for him to marry into the family…..

It was unimaginable for such an arrogant man like Li Moying, to marry into the family…..

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli’s mind suddenly popped out an image of Li Moying following behind her, like her little wife, as she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Huang Zixiao saw that she actually laughed, and felt that she totally didn’t sense the seriousness of this problem.

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