Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Li Moying Marry Into The Family? 3

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“Don’t think I’m cracking a joke, the clans in God Realm, all look upon innate talent as the most important factor!”

Huang Yueli smiled, as she said, “Senior, thank you for reminding me. But the person I like had much higher innate talent than me! I feel that we’re very compatible, so no one should even consider tearing us apart!”

Don’t say Li Moying’s innate talent was much higher than hers, even if it was lower than hers, she would not possibly separate from him because of this.

Whether the clan agreed or not, she did not care, at most they won’t go to God Realm.

“You…. sigh, youngsters…” Huang Zixiao sighed.

He didn’t believed in Huang Yueli’s words because based on the current condition in Soaring Heavens Continent, to appear a heaven grade genius like her was already an unbelievable thing, how would there be a man who had a better innate talent than her?

To tell the truth, he felt that beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, and Huang Yueli had valued this man too much. That man probably had a much better innate talent than ordinary practitioners, but at most he’d only be Earth grade!

No, not to mention earth grade, if he could reach the forefront position of human grade, it would already be an achievement.

But, now that this young lass was head over heels for him, no matter what he said wouldn’t be of any use. When the days went by, once their cultivation distance was pulled apart, then she would naturally understood.

Huang Zixiao didn’t continue talking, but brought Huang Yueli to the inheritance tower’s Ancient Books Chamber.

Seeing the book shelves being neatly arranged into rows and rows of god grade ancient books which were only available in God Realm, Huang Yueli got excited as she completely threw the earlier conversation behind her and concentrated on selecting the secret manuals.

But Huang Zixiao had agreed upon something in advance, Sacred Phoenix Race had their own regulations, she could only pick three books for cultivation methods and Profound Skills related to cultivation, but since there were much lesser people who wanted armament refining books, as she was a heaven grade genius, he allowed her to select more books from there.

The next two days, Huang Yueli spent all her time in the Ancient Books Chamber.

As she already had a top rated <> cultivation method, so the three ancient books which she selected was all on Profound Skill, a book on attack, a book on defence and a book to increase her attack speed, including the body works Profound Skill which she obtained in the sixth storey of the refinement, if she managed to master them all, then her all-rounder potential would be lifted up to a different plate.

Besides that, she selected another five ancient books related to armament refining. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to take any more, but it was because she couldn’t understand most of the portions…..

God Realm’s armament refining ancient books, were all used to refine God Relics. Her current attainment still wasn’t there yet, so there were still many places which she needed to raise up.

Other than that, before she left, Huang Zixiao also passed her that <> which he had promised earlier.

Little Phoenix was watching by the side and was so anxious that it started stomping its feet, attempting to use its sharp beak to tear the pages, luckily Huang Yueli managed to evade in time.

She threw Little Phoenix back to the Sky Phoenix Ring before retrieving the book to take a look.

“Suitable food to feed Phoenixes: Fire attributed spiritual grass, fire attributed magical beast cores, little amount of fire attributed magical beast meat, try to cook it lightly, avoid feeding different attributed magical beasts meat, ordinary meat, no frying or roasting…. Alright, I’m in the wrong, I shouldn’t have given Wang Cai roasted chicken drumsticks…”

“In order to let your infant phoenix grow up healthily, you must make it fly for one hundred miles and above daily, and at the same time, under a dense fire attributed environment, cultivate for six hours daily!! Wang Cai seemed to have never cultivated before??”

Huang Yueli was flipping the book in her hands, and she muttered to herself while repenting.

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