Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Counter Kill 1

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“Sigh, it’s all my fault, affecting Wang Cai’s growth. I will correct this and have stricter demands towards him!”

Little Phoenix shared her sentiments, so although it was shut in the Sky Phoenix Ring, it could still hear her words.

Momentarily, he was so anxious that he almost cried.

Finished, it’s all finished this time! His good days were coming to an end!

No more roasted chicken drumsticks, and he had to fly a hundred miles daily and cultivate for six hours, oh my heavens!! Torturing a phoenix!!!

“Boo hoo hoo, no! Female devil, I don’t want to be separated from my chicken drumsticks! Don’t treat me in this way, I promise to be obedient in future—–!”

Little Phoenix’s wailing that sounded like ghosts and that howling that sounded like wolves were totally ignored by that heartless female Master of his.

Huang Yueli kept all the secret manuals properly and looking at the time, it was already the forty ninth night so she bade Huang Zixiao farewell as she left the inheritance tower.

Huang Zixiao’s stared blankly into space after she departed as he felt deeply moved.

This kind of heaven grade genius, not born in God Realm’s direct descendant, but born here in the abandoned Soaring Heavens Continent. He started pondering about the final outcome, how would it turn out….


A gold light flashed in front of Huang Yueli’s eyes and the scenery changed.

It was no longer the inheritance tower’s never changing décor, but she was now in the inner portion of the huge stone array once again.

“Ah——! Finally out at last!” Huang Yueli stretched her body as an excited smile spread on her face.

“I’ve been in that inheritance tower for so long, everyday just staying in that small room, I’m almost going to be bored to death! It’s really hard on Huang Zixiao Senior Uncle, he could actually stay there for more than ten thousand years! So pitiful!”

Saying that, she seemed to have thought of something, “Ah, forgot to ask Senior why was he sealed within the inheritance tower. Next time we meet, I must ask him why, perhaps there might be a chance to let him out! I feel that it’s impossible that anyone wants to be stuck in that broken tower right?”

This time she was inside the inheritance tower for over an month and the benefits she reaped was simply huge. But now wasn’t the right time to reminisce and sort it out, she had better hurry over to Celestial Light Sect to meet Li Moying first.

She wondered if Li Moying had already gotten news of her disappearance. No matter what, she had to hurry and meet him first!

As Huang Yueli was letting her imagination run wild, at the same time, she retrieved the treasure map from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

“Ha, found it! With this treasure map, I don’t need to let out my blood anymore!”

She lowered her head and read the map, and she strode towards the huge stone array’s entrance.

But just at this moment, she heard a gust of broken air coming from her back!

Huang Yueli immediately reacted and turned sideways to evade!

Turning back, she saw a man with dishevelled hair, filled with blood and mud, half sprawling on the ground, as he bore his fangs at her sinisterly.

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment before she responded, “You…. You are Ling Wenbin?”

Ling Wenbin’s current outlook, couldn’t be described with just a mere “miserable” word?

Both of his legs, from knee down, were completely cut off, that should be the consequence from trying to rush into inheritance tower previously.

So at this moment, he could only use his palms to support himself on the ground, as he moved, that look totally hid the saintly demeanour that he had in the past as Celestial Light Academy’s Vice Principal.

Besides that, Huang Yueli also discovered that Ling Wenbin’s cultivation had dropped down by a huge notch.

From seventh stage realm second level, it dropped directly to sixth stage realm second level, dropping by an entire large realm.

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