Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Counter Kill 2

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It looked like he had suffered heavy losses during the battle at the inheritance tower’s entrance.

The look which Ling Wenbin gave Huang Yueli was filled with malicious hatred.

“Little slut, how dare you still come out! It’s all your fault… you caused me to turn out like this! I will absolutely not let you off, prepare to die!”

As Ling Wenbin talked, he circulated all the Profound Energy within his body, as he launched his attack towards Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli utilised the <> which she just learnt, and easilt evades his attack, and she gave a light smile as she turned her head.

“I say, Vice Principal Ling, I really didn’t expected that you are still alive! I thought that since you’re suffered such a serious injury, you should have died long ago! Even if you didn’t die, it has been forty nine days since then, so you must have died of hunger!”

Although she was smiling as she said that, but the words which spewed out were filled with viciousness.

Ling Wenbin’s brows twitched, as he recalled his experience in the past few weeks and he almost went insane on the spot!

When he grabbed Huang Yueli at that time, he thought that victory was within his grasp, to be able to enter this early historical remains and monopolize the treasures inside. Perhaps he might experience a reversal of fortune and become Soaring Heavens Continent’s top rated expert! At the very least, he would be able to make a small fortune!

For a practitioner who is at this age, this probably was his lifetime’s last huge opportunity!

Whoever knew that, just as he was about to attain victory, at the last juncture, Huang Yueli managed to turn the situation around.

Not only wasn’t he able to enter the inheritance tower, both his legs were also cut off and furthermore, he suffered from the attacks of the external mechanisms outside the inheritance tower and he was heavily injured!

Although he managed to save his life, but his cultivation had then dropped drastically by a large realm. Plus the fact that his two legs were crippled, he was considered as ruined!

Ling Wenbin was scared and had thought of escaping, but the minute he reached the huge stone array, he discovered that the treasure map in his hands had been snatched away by Huang Yueli so he had no way to get out of the huge stone array!

This round, he was completely trapped here, no way to enter the high tower, and no way to leave.

When he thought of the possibility that he might be confined in this place forever, or even becoming like skeletons like those ancient people in the huge stone array, to die of starvation alive, Ling Wenbin felt exceptionally desperate.

Right now, he really had unspeakable regret! If he knew earlier, he would absolutely not covet the things which Bai Liu Feng left behind! Now, not only was he not able to gain a fortune, instead he became a half dead cripple, not able to go anywhere at all!

However even if he had reached this step, Ling Wenbin wasn’t resigned to die just yet, so using the last bit of food and water in his interspatial ring, he lasted till now.

His heart still had a sliver of hope, although Huang Yueli entered the high tower, but if she didn’t die, she would have to come out sooner or later.

If he could last till Huang Yueli came out, killed her and snatched all the treasures and treasure map from her, then not only would he be able to take his revenge, he would still be able to gain the treasures from the inheritance tower!

Ling Wenbin waited and waited, waited for so many days that he himself wasn’t sure of how long he had waited anymore.

Just as his interspatial ring’s food was about to be finished and he was going to become dry immediately, the bronze door to the inheritance tower suddenly flashed a golden ray.

Huang Yueli…. Was finally going to appear!

Words could not be used to describe Ling Wenbin’s joy and hatred, the only wish he had on his mind was for this little slut to die immediately! Furthermore, he wanted her to die a terrible and painful death! Then take all the treasures on her for himself!

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