Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 I Will Never Give Up 2

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“Isn’t that so? Previously someone were guessing that Master despised Third Miss for her background and separated with her, in order to marry the Sect Master’s daughter! You all don’t know how many people are spreading such things within the Sect, as though they’ve seen it with their own eyes! We should really make them come over and take a look personally!”

“Alright, stop talking about all these, the current problem is still….. how can we make Master return to the Sect before full moon’s night?”

The topic was pulled right back, so everyone entered a state of silence once again.

Just at this moment, from afar, Li Moying’s cold voice was heard.

“Mo Er!”

Mo Er shivered all over, but not daring to waste any time, he immediately ran over and bowed, “Master, your instructions please.”

L Moying put down his wine cup, and replied in a low voice, “Continue searching around the area for the next three days. Three days later, if there’s still no news of Li’er, then prepare to return to Celestial Light Sect!”

“Ah??” Mo Er suddenly went into a blank, he really didn’t expected Li Moying to be so cooperative, spontaneously suggesting to return to Celestial Light Sect!

They, Shadow Guards, were still worried, and afraid that Li Moying would not care about his own life because of Huang Yueli!

Li Moying noticed his expression and explained in a rare occasion, “Li’er has not been found, so I cannot go down like that! From the looks of the current situation, it would be a difficult feat to find her and may spend a lot of time, so I have to keep my life so that I can protect her! Moreover….. moreover Li’er said this before, wishing for me to take good care of myself, I cannot not listen to her.”

Mo Er heard his words, as his feelings got even more complicated.

On one hand, he was filled with joy, yet on the other, he was filled with worry.

The joyous part was, Li Moying finally knew how to take care of his own body, at least he wouldn’t ignore his Soul Detachment Illness, putting his life at stake or taking it as a joke.

But what made Mo Er worried was…. Li Moying still kept talking about Li’er whenever he opened his mouth. For his feelings to run so deep, if something really happened to Third Miss…

Mo Er simply didn’t dared to continue thinking along that line!

He hurriedly lowered his head and responded, “Master please be assured, even if you return to Celestial Light Sect to recuperate, the rest of us will do our best to search for her and absolutely not delay Master’s matters!”

Li Moying nodded, as he was just about to say something.

Just at this moment, a blinding light flashed from outside the window, as though a lightning had descended from the sky, but in a flash, it disappeared without a trace.

Li Moying frowned, “What was that?”

Mo Er was stunned momentarily, as he replied, “I have no idea…. But some time ago while searching this place, we’ve heard some villagers mentioned that they often came across the mysterious lightning, sometimes it would also occur in day time and many people said, this was Thunder God’s punishment! The villagers do not dare to go to the wilderness during night time.”

Li Moying frowned as he went into deep thoughts, when suddenly he stood up and walked out of the door.

“Get Mo San and Mo Si along, go out with me!”

Mo Er hurriedly followed, “Master, where are we going?”

“I feel that the flash of light has a problem, it didn’t looked like lightning, but it seemed like…..”

“Seemed like… what?”

Li Moying didn’t continue speaking, but only hurried his footsteps!


An hour later, Li Moying and his Shadow Guards arrived at the nearby wilderness.

This position, was the exact position where the flash of light had appeared and was the position of the inheritance tower as it appeared every forty nine days.

Only, unfortunately, he came too late.

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