Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 To Celestial Light Sect 2

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Murong Fei’s expression turned slightly ugly then, as her sharp manicured nails almost dug into her own palms.

Luckily, she recalled that she was still at the front mountain and under everyone’s sights, she had to maintain her dainty and noble image!

She forcefully suppressed the rage and sour feeling in her heart as she asked again, “That means, ever since the last full moon’s night, Eldest Senior Brother went out and have not returned?”

“Yes!” The guard replied.

Murong Fei nodded, “Alright, I’ve got it. Well, if Eldest Senior Brother returns, please look for me immediately!”

“Eldest Young Miss please be assured, I guarantee that I will complete this mission!”

Huang Yueli secretly heard their conversation and couldn’t helped but frown.

She had not expected that Li Moying was not in the Sect! Why did he go out for? Surely it wasn’t to search for her, right?

Then what should she do now? Where should she go and find him?

Furthermore, if Li Moying wasn’t here, she probably had no way to convince the entrance guards and would not be able to enter Celestial Light Sect, probably she would be chased out immediately, just like that young boy who was trying to become an apprentice?

Just as she was still considering, Murong Fei already walked into the Sect.

As she was walking, she lowered her volume as she talked to the people beside her.

Even though she had already intentionally suppressed her volume, but after soaking in Phoenix’s Blood, Huang Yueli’s five senses became exceptionally agile, which was something that ordinary practitioners could not imagine and she faintly heard what the duo’s conversation.

“Damn it, you trash should all die! Haven’t I instructed you, to not spare any effort, to find that wretched slut before Eldest Senior Brother? Why is it that such a long time has already passed and there are no clues at all? Then what’s the point for me to feed you bunch of trash, for nothing?”

Murong Fei was just walking into the Sect and on seeing that there’s no one around, she couldn’t help but acted up.

Her few bodyguards lowered their heads, not daring to look at this Eldest Young Miss who acted like a gentlewoman in front of others but an unruly woman behind.

“El… Eldest Young Miss, please listen to our explanation! We have already tried our best to search for her! But, Young Sect Master brought out all his Shadow Guards to search as well. We must avoid his men, so we could only act in secret! Otherwise if Young Sect Master finds out our whereabouts, and starts to suspect Eldest Young Miss, then that would really be great trouble!”

“Hmph, excuses! All these are excuses! Haven’t I told you this already? The person who is trying to assassinate Bai Ruoli, is Celestial Light Academy’s Vice Principal Ling Wenbin! Eldest Senior Brother doesn’t know how to find him, but I have a secret code with Ling Wenbin! You all know this secret code, but still unable to find them?”

When Huang Yueli heard these, her entire person was in shock!

From Murong Fei’s words, she had already understood that Li Moying was not in Celestial Light Sect, because he knew about her disappearance, and ran out to search for her. Furthermore, he had already been searching for more than a month!

Not only that, Ling Wenbin assassinating her, indeed was linked to Murong Fei who had collaborated with him beforehand!

Murong Fei…. Was the mastermind who wanted to secretly kill her!

Her bodyguards hurriedly tried to explain, “Eldest Young Miss, this is a huge grievance! We had already followed according to the secret code that you’ve given us, and tried ways and means to contact him in all channels, but Vice Principal Ling didn’t appear at all! He…. surely something shouldn’t have happened to him right?”

Murong Fei immediately gave a cold harrumph, “Accident? What accident could there be?”

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