Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 To Celestial Light Sect 3

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“Do you think that Ling Wenbin belongs to the same kind of trash as you? He is a genuine seventh stage realm practitioner who had been established for a long time!”

“The opponent he is assassinating, is a mere third stage realm peak practitioner. Will he not be able to deal with her? That little slut with the surname Bai, can’t even defeat me and only knew how to hide behind Eldest Senior Brother’s back, pretending to be weak! This time Eldest Senior Brother doesn’t bother about her, what else can she come out with? It’s impossible for her to escape!”

Murong Fei gritted her teeth as she said that.

But, although her words were firm, and her vow was solemn, but there was a faint restless feeling in her heart.

Because although she used words to look down on Huang Yueli, despising her to dregs, but in her inner heart, she admitted that Huang Yueli indeed had some ability, and was very abnormal! Last time when she challenged her in Celestial Light Academy, not knowing what happened, her attack was actually rebounded, causing her to fall into a miserable state!

This wretched lass was sinister and sly, perhaps…. Ling Wenbin might have fallen into her trap by mistake, which wasn’t an impossible matter to happen.

But, no matter how Murong Fei thought, she would never guessed that Ling Wenbin had already died under Huang Yueli’s hands!

In her view, or from any ordinary person’s point of view, a seventh stage realm second level pursuing a third stage realm ninth level, there absolutely wasn’t any other suspense! No matter how smart or tricky Huang Yueli was, the disparity between four huge realms was an unsurpassable heavenly moat!

Under absolute potential, no schemes or tricks would be of use.

The guards were worried that Murong Fei would fly into a rage on the spot and didn’t dare to rebuke her, so they could only admit that they had failed to put in their best effort!

Murong Fei clenched her teeth as she continued, “Now…. gather more people to search! Search every single corner to find her! Even if you dig three meters underground, you have to find her! After you find her, execute her on the spot and whoever can bring her head to find me, I guarantee that I will get my father to take him in as a direct disciple!”

The guards were originally disinclined and wanted to casually put up a show to pacify her, but upon hearing such a promise, everyone started to get excited.

To become the Sect Master’s direct disciple!

This was the highest achievement which all Celestial Light Sect disciples were chasing after in their entire life!

Once they were taken in by Sect Master, that would be equivalent to a carp leaping to transform into a dragon. They would become the crowd’s revered object instantly, there would be endless supply of high levelled cultivation methods and pills, and they didn’t need to be the guards for some Young Miss or Young Master and put in all their concentration on cultivating!

Hearing that, the guards started patting their chests to guarantee that they would find Huang Yueli, and moreover thought of various ways to kill her.

Murong Fei thought for a moment and said, “No, just based on the few of you, I’m not assured! That little slut, Bai Ruoli had very high innate talent. Perhaps you’re all not her match. How about this, I’ve already contacted the four elders and Second Senior Brother Li Lingchuan, and they have all agreed to help me! The minute you find Bai Ruoli’s whereabouts, you must come look for me or those few elders and not alert her, so that we can take her down in one strike! And remove this trouble forever!”

“Yes, Eldest Young Miss, please be assured. This time round, even if this wretched lass has wings, she can stop dreaming of flying away!”

“That’s right, where did this country lass come from, actually wanted to snatch Eldest Young Miss’ man, can’t even look at her own reflection, just based on her, is she even worthy of our heroic and manly, suave and handsome Young Sect Master?”

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