Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Hes Actually Young Sect Master 1

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People like Yuan Zeyu, Lu Zijue and such top talents in Celestial Light Academy’s Martial Arts Stage, they were all present.

And among these top experts, there were two whom she was extremely familiar with.

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang, these two had agreed to follow her, Celestial Light Academy’s students who acknowledged her as Master, were also among this crowd.

Huang Yueli was pleasantly surprised because seeing the both of them meant that she had found her helpers.

Although she had no idea why they had come to Celestial Light Academy, but they were connected by the Blood Pact, so it was impossible for them to betray her, so she definitely would be able to obtain their aid.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli retrieved a paper and pen from her sleeves and speedily wrote a note, then creasing it into a bundle, she sued her finger and flicked it!

The paper bundle flew silently and landed on Su Qing Yueli bosom, then later bounced and coincidentally dropped into her sleeves.


Su Qingyue had not noticed it initially and it was only until she reached the place where she was staying before she found a note in her sleeve. Upon opening it up and taking a look, she almost jumped with joy from the shock, and not caring that her outer robe was not dressed properly yet, she ran to look for Yu Xinyang.

“Xinyang, Xinyang! Great news, Sister Li is not dead, she sent me a message!”

“What?” Yu Xinyang also hurriedly dashed out from his room.

The both of them held on to the note, and looked at it against the light and it was written, “I’m near Celestial Light Sect, staying in the town’s largest inn on the west side, third room. Tonight at twelve o’clock, find a chance to come and look for me. Anonymous.”

Although it was stated as “anonymous”, but both of them recognised Huang Yueli’s words.

“We must find a way to slip out and meet Sister Li!” Su Qingyue said.

Yu Xinyang appeared to be more cautious, “But…. wasn’t it said that Third Miss’s whereabouts probably bode ill, why would she suddenly appear at Celestial Light Sect? Could this be fake?”

“Even if this is fake, for Sister Li, we have to take the risk and go over!”


Midnight that night, the night was quiet.

Huang Yueli sat alone in the room, waiting for the both of them.

Just after midnight, knocking sound was heard from the outside of her door.

“Come in.” Huang Yueli said in a low-pitched voice.

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang pushed the door open, and they were so agitated that they almost screamed out loudly.

“Sister Li, it’s you….. it’s really you! You’re still alive!”

“Yes, Third Miss, we thought something happened to you, and we’re all very worried!”

Huang Yueli asked curiously, “How did you know that something unfortunate happened to me? I remember that before I left, I told you all that I’m leaving just to settle something.”

Su Qingyue replied, “Sister Li, you don’t know, when you just left, we indeed didn’t realised that something was wrong. Just that Yu Xinyang once told me that the link between his and your blood pact, seemed to become weaker than usual. We thought it was because the distance between you two were too far, so we didn’t suspect anything.”

“But, later on, after many days, you didn’t appear. Instead Senior Brother Li suddenly returned to the Sect, bringing a lot of men along! From that day onwards, Principal Jiang sent his men to watch out for your whereabouts in the academy, and every single person in the academy was interrogated. As Xiaoyang and I are closer to you, we’d been interrogated several times!”

“It was then, that we realised that you have mysteriously disappeared, furthermore…. Senior Brother Li is actually Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master!”

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