Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 Hes Actually Young Sect Master 4

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Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “No, if I’m not in Celestial Light Sect, how would I be able to meet Li Moying the minute he’s back? But, I don’t want to tear our faces apart with Murong Fei right now, so I have to go incognito. It’d be best if I can secretly infiltrate in, do you have any idea?”

“This… this is not an easy feat!”

“That’s right, Celestial Light Sect’s security is very tight and all the disciples can only enter based on their own identity tags. We also used tremendous strength before we managed to slip out secretly today…..”

The two of them racked their brains for a moment, when Su Qingyue’s eyes shone.

“I’ve an idea!”

Huang Yueli looked at her in anticipation, “You have a way?”

Su Qingyue nodded as she said, “Among the students who became outer disciples, there is a Junior Sister Ye Xiao. She’s just slightly older than you, sixteen this year, extremely talented and among the students to become outer disciples this year, she’s the youngest. But her luck isn’t very good. Just a few days before reporting to the Sect, she suddenly ran into Qi Deviation while cultivating, which led to her suffering from heavy internal injury. She wasn’t able to get up from bed, so she had no way to report.”

“According to Celestial Light Sect’s rules, if outer disciples were to get into an accident, their place would be preserved and if she managed to report within a year, it will be counted. Junior Sister Ye Xiao specially asked me to bring her identity tag along, to help her apply for leave from the Sect’s administrator.”

She raised her head and looked at Huang Yueli, “You can pretend to be Junior Sister Ye and assume her identity to smuggle in!”

Huang Yueli joyously nodded as she said, “This is a good idea, we shall do that!”

Su Qingyue paused, and suddenly said perplexedly, “But, in this way, we have to find a skilled artist who excels in disguise, to change your looks into Junior Sister Ye’s looks. Because all the Celestial Light Academy’s students whom we came along with, all recognised Junior Sister Ye!”

Huang Yueli smiled when she heard that, “We don’t need to trouble anyone, I myself is a master of disguises! Just tell me how does Ye Xiao looks like will do!”

Su Qingyue’s eyes opened wide as she looked at her in disbelief.

Yu Xinyang also bore a shocked expression on his face.

The both of them were having the same thoughts, This… This Bai Ruoli is just too abnormal wasn’t it? Why was it that she knew everything? She was even proficient in disguise, what else did she not know about?

As they didn’t had Ye Xiao’s portrait, and it was all based on Su Qingyue’s verbal description, so Huang Yueli spent an entire night’s effort before successfully changing her countenance to Ye Xiao’s looks.

The minute dawn broke, the trio headed back to Celestial Light Sect.

The disciple who was on guard duty took a look, and discovered that the three of them were wearing outer disciple’s uniform, as a hint of disdain flashed past his eyes.

“Who are you guys? Show me your identity tags quickly!”

The trio retrieved their identity tags and showed it to him.

After the guards saw it, his eyes were filled with even more disdain. Outer disciples who had just joined yesterday, were on Celestial Light Sect’s lowest level. Among the outer factotum they belonged to the lowest level, those kind where anyone could bully!

He gave a cough as his tone turned extremely severe.

“You few… how dare you! As an outer disciple, you actually left the Sect late at night and had not returned for the entire night! Do you know that this is against the Sect’s regulations? Just your first day here and you already dare to defy the regulations! Do you still want to mingle around here? Which administrator’s disciples do you belong to?”

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