Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167 Outer Disciples 1

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When Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang heard that, they couldn’t help but shuddered.

They actually knew that slipping out of the Sect yesterday was against the Sect’s regulations, but in order to meet Huang Yueli, they couldn’t not take this risk.

Furthermore, they had planned to rush back throughout the night.

Whoever knew that, not only have they spent the night outside, furthermore, they brought back Huang Yueli, an imitation who had dressed up in disguise!

The two of them already had a guilty conscience, and after being sternly interrogated by the guard, they were both shocked and frightened, not knowing how to reply.

If the news about the just joining Celestial Light Sect and sent to the administrator for flouting the Sect’s regulations, they would be finished and perhaps, they might be thrown out of Celestial Light Sect on the spot!

Ruining their own future was still alright but the plans which Huang Yueli made to smuggle into Celestial Light Sect, would immediately fail.

“This Senior Brother, please… please be appeased…..”

“Senior Brother, it’s our fault, please give us another chance!”

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang exchanged glances, as she hurriedly pleaded for mercy.

The guard remained unmoved, “Why? Now you know you’re in the wrong? Pleading me for mercy? When you slipped out, why didn’t you think of the consequences. I’m telling you, it’s too late! Hmph, Sect Master is just too nice, to actually take you trash in from those small places! Strength, you don’t have, potential, you don’t have too, and can’t even understand regulations…..”

The guard went on and on berating them, apparently, he could find superiority from them.

Those practitioners who were in charge of guarding the main entrance, were all outer disciples. Although this was one of the better outer factotum jobs, but no matter what, they were still outer disciples.

Usually they were often bullied or despised by those inner disciples of direct disciples who happened to walk past, so even if the other party was being unreasonable, but in the end when the Sect Master or Elders casted condemnation, the first to get punished would always be these guards.

He had long stomached an unpleasant feeling, so finally there were a few whose status were much lower than him, so naturally he must use all his might to bully them!

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang had just arrived, and weren’t sure of what was happening inside, so they didn’t dare to rebuke him.

The more Huang Yueli heard, the funnier she felt, as her lips coldly rose upwards and walked towards him.

“This Senior Brother….”

“Calling Senior Brother is of no use!”

Huang Yueli’s right hand flipped, and retrieved a pile of exquisite wrist band, as she secretly stuffed it into the guard’s hands.

“Senior Brother, I’m really sorry. We didn’t return last night because some days ago, I entered Qi Deviation while cultivating, and wasn’t able to report to Celestial Light Sect in time. Yesterday, I just rushed over, and Senior Sister Su and Senior Brother Yu went to pick me up. This sort of special circumstances, we will not do it ever again, so please be magnanimous and let us off just this once?”

The guard had received something and his expression turned slightly better.

Originally, he said so much, was just to use his authority, and hoping that they would present something, in the end? Those two blockheads were so silly, other than pleading they did nothing else!

He was still hesitant if he should made his words even more obvious and finally someone had responded!

This young lady seemed to be the youngest, but she knew how to act, at least she’s much better that those two papaya brains.

The guard mumbled as he said, “Who do you think I am? Am I someone who you can casually bribe…..”

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