Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 Outer Disciples 3

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As Su Qingyue was explaining, she started to grumble softly, “Before entering the Sect, I never knew that there were so many outer disciples! Furthermore, the status of outer disciples in the Sect is very lowly, being ignored by everyone everywhere.”

Huang Yueli laughed as she thought nothing of this, “What’s so strange about this? When we were in Celestial Light Academy, weren’t ordinary students also bullied by core students? In Soaring Heavens Continent, power talks. Whoever has more power, naturally would have the right and ability to bully others!”

They were talking while walking and it didn’t took much time when they reached the administrator’s courtyard entrance.

After getting someone to inform him, and after waiting for a long time, till the trio started to get impatient, finally a voice from inside summoned them in.

The administrator’s surname was Chen, and he looked like he was forty over years old, with two strokes of moustache, which made him looked retched.

He kept looking at Huang Yueli from head to toe, sizing her up, as he had an unfriendly tone.

“Why? Heard that you were into Qi Deviation a few days ago while you were cultivation, so you weren’t able to report to the Sect on time? As Celestial Light Sect’s disciples, to actually commit such a silly mistake like this, doesn’t it represent that you don’t even know the most basic foundation of cultivation? Moreover, you tried to bite off more than you can chew, can’t you just be more down-to-earth and cultivate properly!”

“We, Celestial Light Sect only accepts South Sky Region’s most outstanding talented practitioners, and they must be the most hardworking and steadfast practitioners, not like you? To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Sect has its regulations, I’m not even willing to let people like you report here! Anyway with your attitude, in future you’d probably not have any large achievements, so Celestial Light Sect isn’t short of people like you!”

Hearing Administrator Chen criticising Huang Yueli in such a mean way, Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang were extremely furious, but they didn’t dare to speak their mind.

Huang Yueli’s expression, however, did not change, nodding her head as she admitted her own mistake.

At the same time, she brought out another piece of fourth tier middle grade Profound Artifact, as she tried the same routine earlier, to bribe Administrator Chen.

After Administrator Chen accepted the item, he indeed turned magnanimous, as he asked her to leave, and telling them simultaneously, “From tomorrow onwards, remember to report to the Factotum Department.”

“Factotum Department?” Su Qingyue asked curiously.

Administrator Chen twisted his moustache, as he sneered, “Why? Don’t even know about the Factotum Department? Know that to feed such a big bunch of disciples like you all, how much spirit stones is used and how much resources are wasted? You use and eat in the Sect, shouldn’t you use your energy to do some things for the Sect? Want to be a freeloader? I’m telling you, every single outer disciple, must take up a factotum, those who don’t want to work will be thrown out of Celestial Light Sect! As for other details, on that day, the people in the factotum department will explain further.”

After they left, Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang looked at each other with dismay.

“Really never expected that…. we need to do odd jobs? I thought we were here to cultivate!”

Huang Yueli merely smiled.

In her previous life, she was the Young Sect Master of a large Sect, so she naturally knew that all large Sect’s outer disciples were required to do factotum.

Actually, the security in the large Sect’s internal departments and since there were too many outer disciples, it was normal for them to use their manual work to exchange for a chance to cultivate, and they had no status within the Sect.

If they were able to improve further from an outer disciple, turning into an inner disciple, then that would really be a party whom the Sect wanted to groom, so their status would be elevated by a huge notch. Not only do they not need to do factotum, there would be a stable amount of resources which they could obtain every month, and occasionally they would receive pointers from the Sect’s internal top experts.

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