Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 Outer Disciples 4

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But, the amount of nurturing which inner disciples could get were still very casual, and if they really wanted to make an achievement for themselves, they still need to become an apprentice formally to the Sect Master or those Elders, to become direct disciples.

Every Elder, would only have ten direct disciples under their wings for their entire lifetime, so every single direct disciple would be able to get the Sect’s utmost nurturing and the Elders’ careful pointers, so their future achievements would also represent the Elders’ reputation.

But wishing to become a direct descendant, the difficulty was just too high!

Celestial Light Sect as the number one Sect in South Sky Region, the standard which they used while selecting direct disciples, naturally were South Sky Region’s top rated talents.

From the people whom Huang Yueli met, Li Moying naturally was ridiculously strong, and this wasn’t the normal standard, so he would naturally not be taken into consideration.

But other than Li Moying, his second junior brother Li Lingchuan, fifth junior brother Luo Jiyun, and including Murong Fei, were all exceptional talents who had eighth grade innate talent. The other direct disciples whom the ordinary Elders took in, totally could not be compared to Sect Master himself. But at the very least, they had at least sixth grade innate talent and above.

To most practitioners, sixth grade innate talent…. simply was an existence which was legendary, an unimaginable genius.

In Celestial Light Academy, Huang Yueli had already witnessed the so called Martial Arts Stage top ten, who were all famous talented youngsters in Sky Cloud City, but only Yuan Zeyu had barely reached sixth grade innate talent and above.

As the others, don’t assume that they had passed the examination and managed to join the Sect, but in this place, they merely had the life of a cannon fodder!

Huang Yueli smiled as she comforted Su Qingyue and party, “Various large Sect’s outer disciples are all like this. There are many odd jobs around the Sect so surely there must be someone who had to do it right? If it wasn’t for this, I’m afraid that various large Sect would not even take in so many outer disciples! If you feel indignant, then put in more effort and when you become an inner disciple, then you can cultivate in peace.”

“Mn, I will work hard!”

“If we can’t even become the Sect’s inner disciple, won’t we be throwing away Third Miss’ face?”

Both of them put on a determined look, which made Huang Yueli extremely satisfied.

The trip returned to the place where they were arranged to stay.

Huang Yueli took a look at the surroundings, and as expected, although this place was considered rather clean, but it was extremely crowded, a large quantity of outer disciples staying together, one room had to inhibit two people! This was equivalent to where her servants in the Manor in South Yue Kingdom stayed.

Yu Xinyang was worried that this Master of his would be upset with the place. After all when Huang Yueli was in Celestial Light Sect, she enjoyed the highest privilege, staying alone in the courtyard with the most abundant Profound Qi!

However, Huang Yueli herself couldn’t care less about this.

Anyway it was only for a few nights so there wasn’t a need to be too picky, it wasn’t as if she was someone who hadn’t suffered before.

Hearing the Junior Sister Ye who went into Qi Deviation suddenly recovered, and had rushed over to Celestial Light Sect to report, those ten over students from Celestial Light Academy who had joined the Sect, all came over to visit her.

In the past when they were in the academy, all of them were still battling against each other, but it was only a day when they reached Celestial Light Sect, and all of them had already realised that it wasn’t easy to get about here. They were all from the same academy, so at least they were considered as related, so they must stay united together.

So, everyone’s attitude towards Huang Yueli was affectionate, and they even prepared presents for her wishing her a speedy recovery.

Only Yuan Zeyu seemed to sense something, as he stared at Huang Yueli’s face for a long time before his eyes flowed out a suspecting look.

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