Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 Trash Will Be Trash 1

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But Huang Yueli remained calm and collected from the start till the end, plus the fact that Ye Xiao was usually an extremely introverted young lady, seldom speaking to other people, so in the end Yuan Zeyu didn’t managed to asked her anything.

When everyone left, Huang Yueli finally heaved a sigh of relief.

At least… she passed another round!

The second morning, while Huang Yueli was still in her dreams, she heard a continuous “bam bam bam” knocking sounds from outside.

She rubbed her eyes as she sat up.

On the bed opposite her, Su Qingyue had already woken up and was looking towards the window in fright.

Huang Yueli asked curiously, “What’s up with this?”

Su Qingyue frowned, “I have no idea, the noise outside is so loud, it seem like… someone quarrelling?”

“Quarrelling so early in the morning? Something’s wrong, let’s go take a look!”

Huang Yueli got up from the bed and took a look at the mirror to ascertain that her disguise hadn’t changed before opening the door, walking out.

Su Qingyue followed right behind her and the both of them had just reached the entrance when they heard an intense argument going on from the courtyard.

“…. What is your meaning to this? This courtyard is personally allocated to us by Administrator Chen, what right do you have to ask us to move?” Lu Zijue blocked the entrance, as he cried out agitatedly.

On the outside of the door, a tall and fat young man bore an arrogant sneer as he pushed Li Zijue hard.

Lu Zijue was considered as a top rated expert in Celestial Light Sect, but after one push by this fatty, his legs slipped and he almost fell onto the ground.

He kept retreating back several steps before he managed to stabilise himself, as his face was immediately replaced with a guarded expression, looking anxiously at the fatty who pushed him.

Fatty sneered, “You’re asking me Sir Fatty what right do I have? He he, just based on the fact that I’m stronger than you and based on the fact that I’m Celestial Light Sect Elder Wang’s great grandnephew! This courtyard has the densest Profound Qi among all the outer disciples residence, how can students of such inferior quality like you guys even afford to stay here? Now that I’ve taken a liking to this courtyard, all of you hurry and scram!”

“You…. simply are bulling intolerably!”

“Right, what’s the big deal, all of us are outer disciples only!”

“Correct, even if you’re Elder Wang’s relative, surely you can’t bully people based on your status isn’t it?”

Fatty Wang looked at them with disdain as he continued, “Why? Still dare to resist? Looks like, if I don’t teach you newcomers a lesson, you don’t know how high the skies are or how dee the earth is! I’ll give you ten breath to consider, you want to scram yourselves, or I’ll break your legs and throw you out!”

Those newly ascended outer disciples present, were all specially selected from Celestial Light Academy. Even though they were all newcomers, but which one of them weren’t core talents who were revered by the others in the academy?

In the end, when they came here, it was only the third day when someone came over to pick a fight with them, and even ordered them to scram from their residence?

Those who had a bit of rage in them would not be able to tolerate such a matter when they met with it.

Immediately someone cried out, “Fellow surnamed Wang, don’t think yourself as an upper class person and that you are more superior than the others! So what even if you were here earlier in the Sect? Do you really think we’re all soft persimmons, for you to pinch to your liking? Let me show you some colours!”

Saying that, he shot upwards, and struck out a fist towards Fatty Wang’s chest!

Fatty Wang saw his aggressive punch incoming, but not only was he not worried, he even laughed heartily.

“Ha ha ha ha, you’re making me laugh so hard! Just this little bit of ability, and you even dare to be arrogant in the Sect! Today Sir Fatty I will show you how things goes about here!”

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