Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Trash Will Be Trash 2

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Su Qingyue cried out in shock, “Ah! Isn’t that our academy’s Gu Yihan? Why is he so rash?”

Yu Xinyang had also came out for some time and was just standing behind him, displaying an angered look.

“What rash? That fellow have already bullied us to our doorstep, this manner…. Who can tolerate it? Senior Brother Gu, well done!”

Su Qingyue stared at him and said, “Why are you getting on with the bustle too? We’ve just arrived, and if we were to start fighting with the Elder’s relative, what good would come out of it? Senior Brother Gu is so rash, other than getting beaten up, what other advantages could he gain?”

Yu Xinyang heard that and replied in an extremely unconvinced manner, “What does that mean? How do you know that Senior Brother Gu would surely lose? That fatty wang is merely at third stage realm peak cultivation, Senior Brother is at least on third stage realm eighth level! The disparity between the two of them are not large, Senior Brother Gu has lots of experience in battling opponents, so he might have a chance at victory!”

Yu Xinyang’s words just ended as he heard Huang Yueli sighing by the side.

“Senior Brother Yu, I think you’re too optimistic. Senior Brother Gu…. seems as though he’s going to be in deep trouble!”

Everyone hurriedly raised their heads to take a look.

While they were talking, Gu Yihan and Fatty Wang had already exchanged multiple blows.

Gu Yihan’s strikes were fast like lighting and aggressive, whereas Fatty Wang only keep giggling, totally disregarding his attacks. Anyone with eyes were able to tell that Fatty Wang was just playing around with him.

After he had enough of tantalizing him, Fatty Wang finally sneered, as he said, “You only have those little tricks up your sleeves? Is there anymore? If no…. then this Sir Fatty is not going to stand on ceremony!”

Saying that, he suddenly struck out, as a remnant figure flashed past in mid-air.

Immediately following that, Gu Yihan gave a miserable shriek, as his body was thrown up into mid-air, crashing heavily on the tree branch far away!

The entire place was silent, no one had expected that Fatty Wang, who looked as fat as a pig, actually had such swift movements!

Moreover, he intentionally showed off his might, so he intentionally hit out a heavy strike.

Some students rushed beside Gu Yihan, and while trying to help him up, they realised that several ribs were broken, and he had sustained a very serious internal injury, so he couldn’t get up at all!

“Senior Brother Gu, Senior Brother Gu, how are you?”

“Heavens, how could your injuries be so serious? Isn’t that fatty’s moves a little too vicious?”

“This really…. really is too much! All of us are Celestial Light Sect’s disciples, no matter what we are pupils under the same master, how could you be so vicious?”

“That’s right! The Sect regulations said that you cannot lay murderous hands on pupils from the same master! Let’s go report this to the administrator!”

Those newly ascended disciples present were feeling indignant, but among them, Gu Yihan was already the top five most powerful person, so if even he had been beaten till this stage, then Fatty Wang’s ability was somewhat imaginable.

No matter how infuriated everyone was, but all of them had their own worries, so they only dared to stand there to berate him, and not daring to go up to punch him.

Fatty Wang apparently understood this point, as his smile got even more gleeful, that wobbly fats on his face were shaking oily-ly, looking extremely disgusting.

“You bunch of cowards, if you have the ability then come over and beat me back? What ability is that to secretly report to the administrator? Trash will be trash! You can go ahead and try reporting to the administrator, see if he will care about you all? The Sect regulations indeed mentioned that we cannot lay a murderous hand on pupils from the same master, but I’ve not killed him isn’t it? Moreover, it was this trashy Gu guy who started the fight, so Sir Fatty I was only acting in self-defence!”

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