Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Trash Will Be Trash 3

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Hearing such thick-skinned, shameless, turning black into white words, all of them were choking with anger but none of them dared to stand out.

Because Fatty Wang didn’t come alone, he brought along a large group of outer disciples as his underlings.

Fatty Wang waited for a moment, and seeing no one talk, he laughed loudly as he left his last diplomatic note.

“Alright, since no one objects, then everyone let’s hurry up your actions and move out quickly, Sir Fatty I haven’t slept well for the entire night, so I’m waiting to go in and sleep!”

Huang Yueli frowned, as she couldn’t force herself to continue listening to his words.

Although she didn’t want to risk exposing her real identity on the first day of smuggling in, by fighting with someone, but this fatty was just too arrogant, which no one could tolerate!

She took a step forward and was just about to make a move.

Suddenly, a voice was heard from the outside of the door.

“Senior Brother Wang, although we newcomers have just reported to the Sect and haven’t gone around greeting the Senior Brothers, that is indeed our wrong, but surely you needn’t push us so far right? After all we are all Senior and Junior Brothers, so in future we will be meeting one another rather often so why do this?”

Everyone hurriedly looked outside and a few of them expressed a joyous look.

“It’s Senior Brother Yuan!”

“That’s great, Senior Brother Yuan is here!”

“With Senior Brother Yuan here, he will be able to teach this disgusting fatty a severe lesson!”

Everyone started cheering immediately!

Actually, among these people, some of them had a feud with Yuan Zeyu, for example Yu Xinyang and the rest, in the past they were bullied by Yuan Zeyu’s underlings.

But, now was not like the past, everyone was trying to get on with their lives in Celestial Light Sect, especially now that the practitioners in Celestial Light Academy were all staying in the same courtyard. There was no exception for Yuan Zeyu, in order not to be chased out, he definitely would represent this courtyard to make a move!

Everyone present knew clearly what was Yuan Zeyu’s ability.

Before Huang Yueli and Li Moying appeared, he was number one in Celestial Light Sect. Even the number two’s Lu Zijue wasn’t his opponent!

So even Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief.

These Celestial Light Academy’s students’ cultivations weren’t much different from that bunch of guys who fatty had brought along. The only difference was Fatty Wang was Celestial Light Sect’s older people, so they had learnt various high levelled Profound Skills, and it was especially advantageous when they faced each other.

But Yuan Zeyu was a sixth grade upper level talent, and he was born in the number one family in Sky Cloud City, the number of high levelled Profound Skills he learnt wasn’t any lesser as well, so he was able to match up against Fatty Wang.

Indeed, after Yuan Zeyu walked in, he didn’t bothered with talking as he struck out towards Fatty Wang!

Fatty Wang originally was sneering, “Heh heh, another one coming to deliver his death. Since you don’t want your life, then you shall allow this Sir Fatty to loosen your skin!”

However, he had just finished his words when Yuan Zeyu’s Profound Skill was already right in front of his face. The speed was so fast, that it surpassed his expectations.


Fatty Wang sucked in a mouthful of cold air, as he reacted to evade it, but it was too late!

His ability was originally weaker than Yuan Zeyu, plus the fact that he had underestimated his opponent, it gave the opponent an opportunity!

Fatty Wang was struck heavily by that strike as he instantly retreated several steps, as blood started to trickle out of the corner of his mouth.

“Great! Senior Brother Yuan is really too powerful! Show that fatty some colours!”

“That’s right, damn fatty, who asked you to look down on Celestial Light Academy, just wait for Senior Brother Yuan to beat you into a pancake!”

“Senior Brother Yuan, we’re cheering for you!”

The crowd started to get excited, and started to encourage and cheer for Yuan Zeyu.

But Huang Yueli realised that something wasn’t right, as her brows creased slightly.

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