Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Trash Will Be Trash 4

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After Fatty Wang was injured by Yuan Zeyu, he wiped off the traces of blood on his lips hard, as he got so infuriated that his fats started to shake.

He Fatty Wang, although wasn’t powerful, and his cultivation isn’t high, but just based on the fact that he was a distant relative of Elder Wang, he was considered to be the chief among the outer disciples!

Along with these lackeys beside him, he went around bullying those outer disciples with no background, especially those newcomers who joined yearly, which of them had not been repeatedly squeezed, and exploited till they were left with only their trousers?

Today he heard that a new bunch of outer disciples came in, so Fatty Wang happily rushed over with his lackeys, thinking to earn a fortune from these newcomers, as well as to show off his might. After all, with his cultivation and power, he could only put up a false pretense in front of those newly joined outer disciples.

In the end, just as he was gleeful, he had been struck with a pole, and viciously slapped on the face?

Fatty Wang’s embarrassment turned into anger, as his face flushed red and pointing at Yuan Zeyu, he said maliciously, “You fellow… don’t be too delightful, things are not done yet! Sir Fatty I haven’t displayed all of my power! I advise you to kneel down on the ground and kowtow to me to apologise, otherwise….. I’ll show you some colours later!”

Obviously Yuan Zeyu didn’t bother about his nonsensical words, as he used a neither servile nor overbearing tone to reply, “I have obviously won, why do I need to kowtow and apologize? Senior Brother Wang better leave here quickly, in case we really get into a real fight later on, then both of us will incur losses.”

“You dare to treat this Sir Fatty words like air?”

Fatty Wang’s anger arose, and he was unable to tolerate the raging fire in his chest as he simply lashed out.

His right hand rose up, and a gold light flashed past. Following that, a large Iron Claw Silver Wolf appeared in front of everyone!

The Iron Claw Silver Wolf was a fourth tier magical beast, and furthermore it was famous for its powerful attack and speed. This kind of magical beast, although wasn’t rare, but was extremely difficult to capture alive, so there were few people who were able to contact an Iron Claw Silver Wolf.

This Fatty Wang was merely a third stage realm peak practitioner, but managed to successfully contract an Iron Claw Silver Wolf? Furthermore, this Wilver Wolf’s fur was silvery bright, it’s physique was healthy and beautiful, so it should be an extremely well built matured silver wolf!

The minute this silver wolf appeared, all the newcomers present shut their mouths up, not daring to say a single word.

Even Yuan Zeyu’s expression turned pale!

If it was merely Fatty’s own power, he naturally didn’t thought that he would lose to him, but if including this silver wolf, Yuan Zeyu practically had no chances of victory!

Because this silver wolf itself was already fourth tier, its level had already surpassed his, plus magical beasts’ battle power were usually higher than practitioner’s by an entire realm, so this silver wolf was equivalent to a fifth stage realm top expert. Yuan Zeyu wasn’t a heaven grade genius like Huang Yueli, so how would he get the ability to stride over two large realms to battle?

This kind of matter, he didn’t even dared to think about it!

Seeing Yuan Zeyu’s terror stricken expression, Fatty Wang finally felt that he got his face back, so that complacency was written on his face, which didn’t required any telling at all!

Especially when those lackeys by Fatty Wang’s side, who kept fawning on him.

“Hmpf, you bunch of penniless imbeciles from the academy, haven’t seen any high levelled magical beasts?”

“Only our brilliant and awesome Senior Brother Wang here, has the ability to get the Sect’s top experts, to contract a fourth tier magical beast to become his spiritual pet!”

“Isn’t that so? People just cannot be compared, those originally lower class people, dare to not give Senior Brother Wang face?”

“Still not going to kneel and kowtow? Otherwise…. the Iron Claw Silver Wolf won’t know how to give anyone face, if it accidentally bit you to death alive, then it’s just your bad luck!”

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