Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 This Is Called. Retribution 1

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As the lackeys started to add in their opinions by adding bits and pieces, the expression on Fatty Wang’s face was super undulated.

Whereas Yuan Zeyu’s expression grew uglier by the minute!

Of course he didn’t want to kowtow to a scum like Fatty Wang, but…. facing such a huge ferocious magical beast, there was no possibility of resistance completely!

As magical beasts were not like humans, the minute their rage arose, it was possible it would cause him to be crippled for life, and that to practitioners, was a serious damage which would affect their cultivation!

“How? Still not going to kneel down?” Fatty Wang sneered, as he waved his hand.

Iron Claw Silver Wolf slowly inched in towards Yuan Zeyu, as though it only required a command from Fatty Wang, for it to pounce upwards to tear him apart.

Those freshmen present were all shocked out of their souls, and didn’t dared to stand too near Yuan Zeyu, some of them had even started to slip secretly back into their rooms to pack their luggage, preparing to scram from this courtyard, in case they suffered more humiliation from Fatty Wang.

Yuan Zeyu’s jaw locked tightly, as he clenched his teeth, not saying a single word.

Although his feet were starting to tremble, but the thought of having to kneel in front of such a scum like Fatty Wang made him unable to do so at all!

Fatty Wang gave a sardonic smile as he said, “Looks like…. You’ve hardened your heart, and planning on having a taste of being bitten by the silver wolf! This Sir Fatty shall grant your wish!”

The minute his words ended, he swiftly waved his hand and the Iron Claw Silver Wolf leapt up instantaneously, leaping high up into the sky, charging towards Yuan Zeyu’s face!

Yuan Zeyu withdrew himself and tried to hide, but the Iron Claw Silver Wolf’s speed was extremely fast, the silvery shadow was like a bolt of lightning, he totally had no way to evade it and could only shut his eyes tightly, waiting for the pain of being torn to shreds…..

But, the pain which he was expecting did not descended on him.

He only heard a soft “zi” noise when the Iron Claw Silver Wold suddenly gave a bitter howl as it fell from the sky, and rolled about on the ground.

Yuan Zeyu could tell that something was not right as he blankly opened his eyes. The scene which entered his wide eyes, had him thought that he was still dreaming!

All the others present were also shocked, and it took quite a while for them to regain their senses.

“Heavens, what happened earlier? Why did that silver wolf suddenly fall down? Did Senior Brother Yuan injure it?”

“Not right, I feel it’s impossible! Earlier Senior Brother Yuan had already shut his eyes waiting for his death, how could he suddenly turn defeat into victory?”

“What is this situation? Could it be that someone saved Senior Brother Yuan?”

“This… this isn’t possible? The few of us, our potential just cannot be compared to Senior Brother Yuan, so where would the expert come from, and how can we even possibly save him?”

Amidst the crowd’s discussions, Fatty Wang pounced towards the Iron Claw Silver Wolf’s side and spent quite an amount of effort to make its’ struggles become less intense, before flipping its rear leg’s fur, to discover a sharp dagger stabbed onto its right rear leg.

That dagger was extremely thin, but exceptional sharp, when placed against the sunlight, it was almost transparent, so that was why no one had noticed this dagger, and could only see the silver wolf falling down.

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang looked towards Huang Yueli at the same time, with a shocked and revered look.

Huang Yueli had constructed plenty of such daggers, and he had seen them several times.

Needless to say, the person who struck earlier was definitely her.

Only, the two of them had been standing beside her, and had not noticed, when and how had she actually made the move!

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