Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176 This Is Called. Retribution 2

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This meant that Huang Yueli’s ability…. Compared to when she was in Celestial Light Academy, she had improved yet again!

Such a perfected technique of using the concealed weapon…..

What level was her current cultivation and ability right now?

The two of them were unable to guess the answer, and in their hearts the reverence towards this sweet looking Third Miss had increased. Don’t think that her outer appearance was so gentle, but only those who understood her would know… that her gentle appearance laid hidden, an extremely powerful peerless expert!

Fatty Wang tightened his hands round dagger as his hand started to tremble.

He had been fooling around in Celestial Light Sect for his entire time, and he knew good stuff when he saw it. The dagger right before his eyes was obviously a fifth grade and above Profound Artifact. Even among those inner disciples in Celestial Light Sect, not everyone were able to afford this.

Could it be that… the one who saved Yuan Zeyu…. Was actually an inner disciple, or perhaps even…. a direct disciple?

How was that possible? These people had just arrived, so how was it possible for them to know any upper management people within the Sect?

But, if that was not the case, why would the other part be willing to casually throw out such an expensive fifth grade Profound Artifact, further the speed of the strike was so fast that it was never heard of, and it could even matched the silver wolf’s moving speed, pinpointing the attack accurately on its rear leg’s meridian!

Such powerful potential, how could it possibly be anyone ordinary?

The more Fatty Wang thought, the more frightened he was!

Don’t think that he was usually so arrogant, but he could only relied on his status as Elder Wang’s distant relative to swindle people only.

There was no one among the outer disciples who knew his background, in actual fact, he had not even met Elder Wang before and Elder Wang probably don’t even knew who he was, so how would he possible gave him preferential treatment?

If today, there really was a direct disciple who couldn’t stand his ways, and even made a move to teach his silver wolf a lesson, then he really had no possibility of resistance at all!

Fatty Wang’s legs softened into a heap as he knelt onto the ground and furiously kowtowed, his mouth started spurting out repentance on all the evil deeds that he had done.

“May…. May I know which Senior Brother or Senior Uncle had made the move? This disciple knows I’m done wrong, please do not punish me, I will not bully any freshmen in future and will absolutely change my evil ways for the better, please…. Will Senior please let me off!”

The action of Fatty Wang suddenly kowtowing in mid-air, made the surrounding crowd went into a daze.

But, Fatty Wang’s lackeys immediately reacted and started kowtowing behind him!

As for the new disciples, their reactions were slightly retarded, and it took some time for them to realise that it should be some powerful existence within Celestial Light Sect who lent a helping hand in secret, thus saving Yuan Zeyu.

As for Fatty Wang who only knew how to bully the weak and feared the strong, even though that mysterious expert hadn’t revealed himself, but this had already scared him out of his wits!

“Haha, isn’t Fatty Wang a little too laughable? Earlier isn’t he still trying to force Senior Brother Yuan to kowtow, and now? Why is he kneeling on the ground himself, kowtowing non-stop?”

“Isn’t that so? Looks like, you can anyhow eat, but you can’t talk anyhow. Earlier he said to kowtow, and now he’s kowtowing himself, this is called…. retribution!”

Everyone was rejoicing over his misfortune.

Fatty Wang was so angry that he was going insane, but unfortunately he was apprehensive about the “Senior top expert” who had not revealed himself, so he didn’t dare to act up immediately.

But in his heart, he kept cursing non-stop: Just you all wait, today the top expert happened to pass by, so I’ll just let you all off for the moment, but after today… I will definitely made you repay this back double fold!

Fatty Wang’s malicious expression, naturally had not escaped Huang Yueli’s eyes.

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