Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177 This Is Called. Retribution 3

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If it was usual times, she would definitely have stood out to teach him an unforgettable lesson!

If he wasn’t convinced she would continue beating him! All the way until he’s convinced!

If he still wasn’t, then just send him off the heavens!

But, today her heart was filled with Li Moying’s matters, so considering the benefits and losses, she chose not to reveal herself.

Anyway this Fatty Wang would not dare to take any action for the next few days, and she didn’t need to reveal her own identity, this was the best outcome of having the best of both worlds. If there was anything else, wait till she had settled with Li Moying first.

Huang Yueli was thinking in this way and she silently retreated a few steps, as she prepared to leave.

This farce was already at the ending point and she no longer had any interest to continue watching.

But just at the instance when she turned around, the Iron Claw Silver Wolf which was continuously howling on the ground, suddenly leapt upwards.

“Little Silver?” Even Fatty Wang had a shock from its reaction.

The Iron Claw Silver Wold’s sharp like iron claws dug onto the ground for a few times before it rose its neck and gave a horrendous wolf howl. After which it swiftly leapt up and charged towards Huang Yueli’s back!

“Heavens! Be careful!”


Waves of shocking shrieks and air being sucked in was heard.

When Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang saw that, they wanted to pull Huang Yueli aside.

But their reactions were not quick enough. On the other hand the silver wolf’s speed was shockingly fast, it only took a blink of an eye as it had already pounced towards the front, it’s sharp large claws stretched outwards, as it started to claw towards Huang Yueli’s back!

All of them held their breathes, they were so anxious as their entire bodies started trembling!

There was nothing to obstruct the silver wolf’s claw, as it ferociously clawed downwards.

“Sister Li!” Su Qingyue covered her eyes, not daring to take a further look!

But immediately following that, Yu Xinyang who was standing beside her gave an astonished gasp, “Huh??”

Su Qingyue opened her eyes, and saw a silver light flashed in front of her eye, the silver wolf’s claw actually struck nothing whereas Huang Yueli’s original position had already been left empty, without a trace of anyone at all.

Before anyone could react, Huang Yueli’s figure had already appeared behind the silver wolf’s back.

Her right hand struck out lightly, and a sword pierced right into the middle of the wolf’s back!

A loud “Bam” was heard and before the silver wolf could even howled out, it crashed heavily onto the ground, as it was killed in just one strike!

For a moment, no one made any sound in the entire courtyard. Everyone just stared blankly at the spot which Huang Yueli was standing at, and the silver wolf’s carcass which was laid beside her feet, as they all bore a dumbstruck expression on their faces.

Everyone felt that they must have developed hallucination…..

What was this situation? How was it possible for such a thing to happen?

This was a powerful matured Iron Claw Silver Wolf, a fourth tier magical beast, which was equivalent to a fifth stage realm practitioner!

Earlier, even Celestial Light Academy’s number one expert, Yuan Zeyu was totally immovable under the threat of the Iron Claw Silver Wolf, as he obediently waited to become the sacrificial victim for the wolf!

But, now?

That powerful, mighty and undefeatable Iron Claw Silver Wolf, actually was killed in just one strike from an extremely normal looking lady?? Did it need to be that ridiculous?

But the truth laid in front of their eyes!

After a while, Fatty Wang was the first to regain his senses, as he immediately started screeching loudly, “My silver wolf, my silver wolffff~~~~~!! This is my Iron Claw Silver Wolf which I’ve thought of many ways, spent so much money and even begged so many Elders in the family before I managed to successfully contract it~~~~!!”

He raced over and plopped right onto his silver wolf’s body.

“Get up, don’t keep lying down, quickly get up! Don’t pretend to be dead!”

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