Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 This Is Called. Retribution 4

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Fatty Wang was determined not to believe that his Iron claw Silver Wolf had died, and tried his hardest to shake its body, thinking that it was faking its death.

He simply cannot accept this truth!

As he usually rode roughshod over the outer disciples, other than relying on Elder Wang’s reputation, he still required a little bit of real ability.

But as his own cultivation couldn’t made it, just based on his own ability, sometimes he wasn’t even able to match up against those freshmen, like Yuan Zeyu, who had just joined the Sect, so in order to be able to hold up the situation, he could only rely on this Iron Claw Silver Wolf!

If he didn’t have this wolf, then in future how was he going to maintain his prestige? How could he made those outer disciples who he had bullied into listening to his commands obediently, and not sought revenge?

The more Fatty Wang thought, the more his heart was incinerating!

But, no matter how much he shook, silver wolf just didn’t budge an inch. In fact its body temperature was gradually turning colder.

Fatty Wang then screeched out, “Impossible! You… you wretched lass, you slut, you actually killed my silver wolf! I’m going to fight it out with you—–!!”

He turned around and saw Huang Yueli with her arms crossed, as she stood behind him, and abruptly pounced towards her!

“Ah…. Be careful!”

“Junior Sister Ye, be careful!”

Amidst the crowd’s shrilling voices, Huang Yueli was calm and unhurried.

Just based on Fatty Wang’s bit of ability, if it was before she had entered the inheritance tower, she still had to deal with him carefully, but now in her eyes, he seemed to be like a young boy dancing around, totally not posing any threats to her.

She waved casually and a burst of fire attributed Profound Energy was unleashed, as it crashed onto Fatty Wang’s tummy in mid-air.

Fatty Wang was originally rushing forward wildly, but had been dismissed by a simple move, as he instantly flew the opposite direction! He totally seemed to be like a broken kite!

Fatty Wang flew in the air for a while before crashing onto the courtyard’s other end of the wall, smashing the entire wall to smithereens.

When the wall crashed, it gave out a loud “Boom” sound.

All the birds which built their nests on those surrounding big trees all flew away in shock, chirping as they started to fly round in circles above Fatty Wang’s head.

Everyone were dumbfounded, and by the time they regained their senses, they dashed towards the rear courtyard, to see Fatty Wang’s miserable condition.

Before they could closed in, from far, a strange fragrance entered their nostrils.

“This… what smell is that?”

“Strange… why does it smell like barbecued meat?”

Everyone looked at one another in dismay.

By the time they reach Fatty Wang, everyone discovered that the ball of fire which Huang Yueli casually tossed, had lit up Fatty Wang’s body. Furthermore probably because he was too fat, and the amount of oil on his body was a lot, that bundle of fire grew larger and larger, totally unstoppable, as it emitted wafts of tempting barbecued smell.

Some others even made a “gulping” sound, as they swallowed their saliva.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the situation was too strange, probably a lot of them were already rolling themselves on the ground from laughter!

Although Fatty Wang was in this state, which was very satisfying to appease their anger, but this place was after all still within the Sect and if anyone was found murdering another in the Sect, the situation would become severe. Those present would be driven out of the Sect, and possibly even sent to the water prison.

So after everyone surrounded Fatty Wang to take a look, they started to put out the fire on him.

Some water attributed practitioners surrounded Fatty Wang and utilised their powers before they finally managed to extinguish the fire on him. This attributed to Huang Yueli being merciful as well, that she didn’t used her deviant flames, otherwise…. Fatty Wang would really be turned into barbecued meat, just sprinkle some salt over him and he could be served right on the dining table.

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