Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 This Is Called. Retribution 5

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But even so, Fatty Wang cut an extremely sorry state right now.

Most of his skin were burnt, revealing a charred black colour and some places even exposed his bones, blood and flesh.

Huang Yueli was the last to arrive and on seeing this, she was extremely speechless as well..

To tell the truth, she only wanted to teach Fatty Wang a small lesson, just breaking a few of his bones would do.

She had not expected Fatty Wang to be so fat, once he was burnt, his oil kept dripping, and subsequently the fire could not be stopped…..

It was such a tragedy…..

But, she wasn’t a saint so no matter how miserable Fatty Wang was, it was something which he deserved!

So, Huang Yueli merely expressed her sympathy emblematically and was preparing to leave.

But at this moment, Fatty Wang finally regained consciousness. The minute he opened his eyes, he felt his entire body in extreme pain, and when he lowered his head to take a look, he almost lost his consciousness again!

He turned his head and saw Huang Yueli who stood in the corner who was preparing to leave.

Immediately, a burst of anger lifted to his chest and he couldn’t swallow it at all.

Fatty Wang expended all the energy in his body, before he managed to lift out his finger, as he pointed his trembling finger towards Huang Yueli.

“You….. just…. wait….. Sir…. Fatty I…. is not….. finished with….. you!”

Huang Yueli blinked as she laughed out uncontrollably and said with ridicule: “I say, stupid fatty, are you a joker? Just based on you, how are you going to show me any colours? You’d better control yourself properly!”

Fatty Wang’s lackeys had already hurried over and stayed by his side, as they started standing up retorting in anger, helping Fatty Wang accused her, “You… you still have the cheek to laugh! How could there be such a malicious woman like you in this world, to use such a cruel way to hurt your own people from the same master? If this was heard by Elder Wang, just wait to be torn into pieces!”

Huang Yueli’s smile totally could not be stopped, “Alright, stop creating a comedy, let’s not talk about… whether this Mister Wang has the ability to contact Elder Wang, even if you had the ability, what can you do to me? I was purely defending myself!”

“Everyone present had seen that it was your Iron Claw Silver Wolf which pounced over to bite me first, so I’m acting in self defence by stabbing it once. In the end your embarrassment turned into anger and tried to kill so, so surely I cannot just sit there and wait to die right? How would I know that I merely struck out in defence lightly, and caused you to be injured to such a state? This fat Senior Brother, I’m really sorry for that!”

Although she said “Sorry for that” but anyone could tell that her apology wasn’t sincere at all, but was merely fleeting words of ridicule.

Moreover, the more infuriating part was, she kept emphasizing that she was acting in “self-defence”!

This was simply slapping Fatty Wang on his face alive!

Earlier when Fatty Wang hit the freshman, he kept emphasizing that it was the freshman who struck against him first, so he was only defending himself!

Now Huang Yueli took the same words and threw it back onto his face!

Furthermore, what Huang Yueli said was absolutely correct! Earlier she indeed was only acting in self-defence!

No matter if it was stabbing the Iron Claw Silver Wolf with just one pierce, or burning Fatty Wang with just one move, she wasn’t the one who took action first. She was only defending herself, and “lightly” making one move only! Just only one move!

But why was there such a dire consequence later on?

Anyone just needed to think through it, that was because Fatty Wang was just too weak!

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