Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 This Is Called. Retribution 6

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Fatty Wang was humiliated completely and he couldn’t hang on much further as his vision turned black and he fell onto the ground, fainting once again!

That bunch of lackeys hurriedly ran over and holding his fat figure up, they turned around and left, not daring to say another word more!

What joke was that? Such a terrifying fourth tier magical beast Iron Claw Silver Wolf and it had been killed with just a single strike from the weak lady’s sword, the cultivation levels from the few of them couldn’t even match up Fatty Wang, and now they’re jumping out to challenger her, wasn’t that equivalent to looking for their own deaths?

They remembered to carry Fatty Wang away and that was already considered sentimental enough!

After Fatty Wang left, everyone’s gazes towards Huang Yueli were filled with terror, astonishment and reverence!

As she was playing Ye Xiao’s identity, Ye Xiao’s character was usually very introvert, she belonged to those kind who’s face would flushed red when talking.

Although Ye Xiao’s innate talent wasn’t bad, and her cultivation level wasn’t too low, but due to her character, it caused her actual combat side to be lacking.

But today, she had actually shown such resoluteness when she struck, not leaving any room to manoeuvre, using just one move to defeat the opponent!

This kind of thing had never happened on Ye Xiao before!

Huang Yueli saw the crowd closing in, and silently felt a little vexed. It was all that damn fatty’s fault, and his overly sensitive smelling silver wolf!

The reason why that silver wolf suddenly pounced over to bite her, was obviously because it had smelt the remnant smell from that dagger, realising that she was the main culprit who attacked it, so it came over to exact revenge.

Whereas Huang Yueli had reacted naturally under a critical situation, as she subconsciously did her killer move which claimed its life!

In the end… her thoughts of continuing to become an invisible woman in the Sect, after bearing for an entire morning, was exposed just like that!

She hadn’t even lasted for an entire day! And now she became yet another legendary figure…..

Looked like In her life, the two phrases “ordinary” and “low key” were not in her dictionary…..

But even though she had bahaved so strangely, Huang Yueli still didn’t want to say out her own identity, so she could only take the strategy of not admitting!

A bunch of freshmen disciples crowded around her, asking her various questions.

“Junior Sister Ye, when did you become so powerful? You actually managed to defeat the fourth tier magical beast in just one move!”

“That’s right, the last time you had a battle with me, you were still very nervous and could not even hold up your sword stability. How many months has it been since, and you suddenly made such a huge improvement from then!”

“Junior Sister Ye, have you been taking in as disciple by some hidden expert? Quick point me a clear route?”

Facing everyone’s enquiries, Huang Yueli only gave a false smile.

“My potential have been raised? That’s right, the last time I was in a hurry to cultivate so I went into Qi Deviation. When my internal injury recuperated, my cultivation suddenly increased, so I didn’t thought much of it! How did I defeat the magical beast? This… I was too shocked then and totally don’t know what I was doing. There was a thought that flashed across my mind, and that was I couldn’t die. By the time I regained my consciousness, that silver wolf was already dead! Ah! quickly tell me, what on earth have I done?”

Everyone had on a dull expression when she countered them with the questions.

On seeing everyone in a daze, Huang Yueli took the opportunity to put oil on her feet as she slipped away!

That speed was so fast that… no one had any way to stop her!

The new disciples were not familiar with Ye Xiao and because Huang Yueli’s disguise was extremely well done, her imitation was perfect.

So most of them had not thought that anyone would assume her identity.

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