Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 Borrowing Someones Knife To Kill Another 1

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On the contrary, it was Yuan Zeyu who’s gaze deepened as he looked thoughtfully at Huang Yueli’s departing figure.

Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to care about what others thought. Anyway, Li Moying was going to go back soon, so as long as she could last till then, that would do.

So, her main energy was left on researching on how to meet Li Moying as she specially formulated several plans.

Su Qingyue appeared rather worried, “Although that Fatty Wang doesn’t seem like he knows Elder Wang, but I heard that he was Administrator Chen’s nephew! Now that we’re under Administrator Chen’s charge, I wonder if this matter was spread to his ears, would he find trouble with you on behalf of Fatty Wang?”

Yu Xinyang however seemed very excited, “What’s there to be afraid of? Third Miss has such strong ability, even if that Administrator Chen dared to, she could send him flying with one slap!”

Huang Yueli merely smiled when she heard what he said, as she didn’t reply nor placed any concern on this matter.


That night, in Administrator Chen’s courtyard.

Fatty Wang was hugging his thigh, as he sobbed a pool of tears and mucus dripping, looking extremely miserable!

“Uncle…. I’m ruined this time round! My silver wolf was killed and I’ve been burnt into this state, you must help me get back at her!”

Administrator Chen looked at his charred face and had a huge fright.

“You… what happened to you? Who injured you to this state? Have you offended any Elder’s direct disciples? Haven’t I told you this many times, just that little bit of ability, you can only mingle around among the outer disciples. Don’t go around ruffling up the inner and direct disciples, they would not even be the least bit scared of me, neither would they believe that you are Elder Wang’s relative!”

Fatty Wang hurriedly explained, “Uncle, I’ve really listened to you and not go around creating trouble! The person who beat me up this time, is an outer disciple!”

“What? How is that possible? Didn’t you said that your Iron Claw Silver Wolf has been killed? For outer disciples to injure you, that’s possible but to kill your fourth tier Iron Claw Silver Wolf? How could that be possible?” Administrator Chen said in astonishment.

Fatty Wang raised his hands up to vouch, as he explained further, “Uncle, I really am not lying to you! The person who injured me, if the newly advanced outer disciple who just reported two days ago, I heard she’s one of them who passed Celestial Light Academy’s ranking examinations to join the Sect.”

“What? Celestial Light Academy?” Administrator Chen frowned as he tried to recall, but still felt incredulous, “Not possible right? I’ve taken a look at the name list of those who came from Celestial Light Academy and among them, only Yuan Zeyu is slightly more powerful, is he the one who injured you? Then that would be difficult to settle! I heard that the Yuan family had an Elder in the Sect too!”

Fatty Wang shook his head, “No, not him! It’s… it’s a sixteen or seventeen year old lady. I’ve specially sent someone over to check on her, she’s called Ye Xiao and her family background is very ordinary, but she’s a sixth grade talent!”

Administrator Chen responded, “Ye Xiao? The one who was late because she went into Qi Deviation? Seems to have some impression of her.”

Fatty Wang immediately replied, “Uncle, you must help me. I cannot be beaten up by someone for nothing and my silver wolf cannot die for nothing! Otherwise other people would think that Uncle your words are not of use at all! I’ve checked very clearly, that Ye Xiao’s family has no background, so dealing with her…. would definitely not cause any problems!”

He was sure that he only needed to open his mouth to ask and Administrator Chen would immediately agree to it.

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