Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 Borrowing Someones Knife To Kill Another 2

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This uncle of his had always doted on him.

If it hadn’t been for Administrator Chen’s protection, a scum like Fatty Wang would had long been killed by those seeking revenge on him, so how would he be able to stay so lively until today?

But this time, Administrator Chen didn’t nod in agreement immediately, but revealed a difficult expression.

“This… if you only need to give her a light punishment, that’s no problem but if you want that lass’ life or come out with any large actions, then this probably would be tough!”

Fatty Wang was injury-ridden, was in extreme pain, but he still endured all of that to fawn on Administrator Chen. All that was just because he wanted him to help get back at her, even in his dreams, he wanted Huang Yueli to die immediately!

In the end, Administrator Chen only gave him this reply and that made Fatty Wang so infuriated that he almost jumped up!

“Why? Uncle? Aren’t you my biological uncle? That wretched lass killed my silver wolf! How much money my family had spent in order to get me that wolf, you know that best! Even I almost died in her hands? And you’re not going to help me at all??”

He wailed and as he cried, he acted shamelessly, almost to the point of dropping to the ground and rolled about.

Administrator Chen was helpless as he hurriedly replied, “Sigh, this child, why are you so anxious? Have I said that I won’t help? But I have my own difficulty as well!”

“What difficulty?”

“Why don’t you rack your brains and think? Today if you’re the one who injured Ye Xiao, I can help you torture her to death, but now she killed your silver wolf and it was right in front of so many people’s eyes, killing it with one strike! What did that mean? It means that her actual combat ability is at least fifth stage realm and above! She’s only sixteen and with such ability, it already spelt clearly that she’s an exceptional talent!”

When Fatty Wang heard that, he suddenly thought of other crucial points and instantly as though struck by lightning, his entire body turned icy cold.

Administrator Chen continued, “So with her innate talent, to become an inner disciple, or even a direct disciple, it would be a matter of fact thing. Furthermore, your battle was done openly, so many people had seen it. It would probably not take a few days’ time before this reaches the Sect Master or Elders’ ears. Now that our Sect and West Sky Region’s Sect is on bad terms, we are now eagerly seeking after men of worth and ability, and hearing about such a mouldable character, would they not immediately come and take them under their wing?”

“But… but, what should we do then? Don’t tell me we really can’t do anything to her?”

Administrator Chen sighed and said, “Not that there’s no other way, but we need to plan a strategy in advance. You should have heard about this too, Young Sect Master will be returning to the Sect on the day after, and all of us administrators will need to go and receive him. Right now, Young Sect Master is the most important person in the Sect, and moreover hadn’t he been staying in Celestial Light Sect for a period of time earlier? Perhaps by then he might want to meet up with those people whom he knows, so if we intend to deal with that lass, we must at least wait till Young Sect Master leaves.”

Fatty Wang was so anxious that he stomp his feet, “Wait, wait, wait! When must we wait until? Just like what Uncle you said, if the time drags on any longer and that wretched lass is being discovered by some Elder and becomes a direct disciple, then we will have no way of dealing with her! We can’t even harm one hair of hers by then!”

“That’s true too…..”

Administrator Chen felt that he had some logic to his saying, and started to feel perplexed, as he frowned and entered into deep toughts.

After some time, his eyes lit up and he straightened his spine.

“I’ve got it!”

Fatty Wang hurriedly asked, “Got what? Uncle, what idea have you thought of?”

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