Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Borrowing Someones Knife To Kill Another 3

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Administrator Chen revealed a smile as he continued, “I’ve thought of an idea, that is to— borrow someone’s knife to kill another!”

“Borrow someone’s knife to kill another? Borrow whose knife?” Fatty Wang was still puzzled.

Administrator Chen replied, “Of course it’s to borrow Young Sect Master’s knife!”

Fatty Wang curiously said, “Young Sect Master? But, we don’t know Young Sect Master? How would he possibly help us? Will he even help us kill someone?”

Administrator Chen frowned, as he stared at Fatty Wang in a resentful look which meant that he failed to live up to his expectations, “You! Since young you’ve been brainless and even though you’re so old now, why aren’t you using your brains to think! Young Sect Master naturally won’t help us for no reason, so we must create a reason for him to kill Ye Xiao!”

Fatty Wang was being scolded but he wasn’t angry at all. He only needed to think of sending that wretched lass who killed his silver wolf, his entire body’s blood started to boil!

“Yes, yes, yes, Uncle please continue, I’m listening!”

He hurriedly poured a cup of tea for Administrator Chen as he delivered it respectfully into his hands.

Administrator Chen was satisfied with that as he continued, “The matter is very simple. Young Sect Master had been outside dealing with some matters recently and I heard that it was not smooth sailing, so he’s been throwing his temper every day. No one dared to get into his bad books as their consequences would be miserable. I heard that even his closest protector Mo Yi, had been locked up in the water jail!”

Fatty Wang screamed in astonishment, “Even Protector Mo had been locked into the water jail? Why is that so? What trouble have Young Sect Master met with outside?”

Administrator Chen glowered at him, “Who knows? Anyway it is none of our concern! What’s important mpw is that Young Sect Master’s temper is very bad now, and it just needs one ignition for it to light up! So, as long as that Ye lass clashes on to him, that wretched lass would definitely die a horrendous death! Furthermore, she died in Young Sect Master’s hands, which is entirely justified, so no matter how outstanding of a talent she is, no one would pursue Young Sect Master’s responsibility right? This way, they also won’t find out that we’re the ones masterminding this concert too!”

“Right, right, right! Uncle you’re absolutely right! But, what should we do… to ensure that the Ye girl will definitely ruffle up Young Sect Master?”

Administrator Chen replied, “We only need to make some slight arrangements will do… you also know that all newly advanced outer disciples will be arrange to do some kind of factotum, moreover this matter is entirely handled by me. If they won’t accept it, then they would not be able to obtain contribution points, and cannot cultivate! So, tomorrow, I just need to…. Arrange Ye Xiao to be responsible for tidying up Young Sect Master’s courtyard…..”

“Ah??” Fatty Wang jumped up when he heard that.

“Uncle, have you gone silly? What kind of scheme is that? Isn’t this a beautiful job? Young Sect Master’s courtyard seldom has anyone living in it, so it’s especially clean and doesn’t require much effort in cleaning. Furthermore, I heard that those outer disciples who were responsible for cleaning in the past, would receive pointers from the Shadow Guards and later on some of them became inner disciples! Such beautiful task, outer disciples are all fighting for it, even I am not in turn for it!”

Administrator Chen gave another disapproving look which berated him for not living up to his expectations, as he pointed out a finger and poked Fatty Wang’s head.

“Ugh…You… can you stop being so short sighted? You also said that was in the past! Now Young Sect Master’s temper is really irritable! Furthermore I heard others say that Young Sect Master had a room in his courtyard that absolutely was out of bounds to anyone! Whoever accidentally intruded in that room will be executed on the spot! We don’t need to tell that to the wretched lass will do!”

“Young Sect Master will be back on the day after, so if he sees his secret room being touched…”

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